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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an example of an
amplification amplification apparatus according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a waveform
diagram for explaining the operation of the amplification device, and FIG. 3 is an amplification
device. FIG. 5 is a connection diagram showing an example of a power supply circuit for 4 and 5;
1 is a ski mosquito box, 2 is a bass ski, and 3 is a treble speaker. 4 is a class D amplifier and 5 is
a class A or B or class AB amplifier. Figure 1 de! / B. Good 2 (D-d24 Le) // one-one] // l1 / δllr
slope J: 7 Nd 9) 貌 7IO 64; ///-7-52-46604 (2) Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 8
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is an audio signal
amplification apparatus, and IIK improves its efficiency to reduce power loss, and in addition, it
compares the amplifier with the speaker in the speaker box. It is a round thing considering it as
possible. The amplifier 711 device according to the invention will be described with reference to
the drawings. That is, according to the present invention, when the bass speaker (2) and the
treble speaker (3) are housed in the speaker box (1), (1) JK bass amplification a (4) and treble
amplifier It accommodates (5) respectively. Note that 16) and 1 force are the low pass F wave
device and the Takatsuka pass F f device, respectively, and these are also supplied and shown in
a case where they are received. ・ 8) is a single signal child. In this case, it is 5 to 10 KH in the
bass amplifier a (4). The following frequencies can be increased: In this simple configuration, in
the present invention, it is a book using an amplifier which increases in class D as an amplifier
(4). The class D amplifier is already known, for example, as shown in FIG. 2. [Fig. 2] is a square
wave signal P of the duty 504 corresponding to the width of the human power signal S
corresponding to the width variation of the human power signal S. Forgive me, l! Is a 4 KL 9
amplifier internally supplied to the speaker through a low pass P wave device, and the
rectangular wave signal P (generally referred to as a carrier signal) # '1100 to 500 KHz
frequency VC shown in FIG. LlI can be determined. The signal S of the low frequency band in the
ringing frequency signal which is supplied to the first input, 8) is amplified by the class 90.sub.0
amplifier (4) and the speaker (2). And 12) i signals in other frequency bands, that is, signals in
the high frequency 1 1 II wave band are amplified by the amplifier (5) K and supplied to the
speaker 3). As the amplifier (5) in this case, all of the class A or class B i that can operate in class
AB can be used. In the example shown in FIG. 1, the fFl of the shield of the inner surface KW
magnetic shield of the speaker box (1) is a wire mesh (9) completely, this is a class 0 amplifier (4)
mentioned above In order to use a carrier signal (provided with an oscillator), it is intended to
prevent leakage of radiation (by means of external leakage). In the figure, 01 is a light leakage
signal drift, and (11) is a front tatami amplifier, which is used to adjust the volume, sound quality,
and other conditions at the amplifier 0 of the hem. Note that the WJ wave number of the carrier
signal P shown in FIG. 2 of the D @ amplifier 14) increases the low efficiency while decreasing
the frequency of the signal S transmitted to this, so For example, the carrier signal is allowed to
have a frequency of the number of wave numbers of the signal S to be transmitted.
According to the present invention, the low-pass signal is amplified to the class 0 amplifier (4) by
(3) -5 layer-1 and supplied to the speaker (2), and the power and efficiency are improved. There
is a feature residue that # I- can keep the heat generation from its amplifier (4) extremely low
regardless of the book 73 to be extremely improved 7, only 4 large power amplification. On the
other hand, it is a JiA class or Bq amplifier It is! 11. However, since this does not require a high
output, an amplifier with a small output is sufficient, and it is nine fingers that the heat
generation of the paper can be kept low enough to protect it. Therefore, according to the present
invention, the present invention has a great feature that makes it possible to increase the @ rate
as a whole. In addition, since the speaker and the associated amplifier are respectively housed in
the speaker box '1), it is possible to select the matching with the speaker to an appropriate value.
Also has a sweet potato. For example, as shown in FIG. 3, the circuit (b) shown in FIG. 3 can be
used as an alternating current power supply for supplying amplifiers (4) and: 5 to the history, so
in FIG. A trimmer, a gear, and a friend, a capacitor, 0 (to) is a semiconductor element for
switching, t + nh @ flowing wheel, f11 # 'i control circuit, 119 汀 amplifier (4) or (5) described
above Or power supply load of both. (4); · In the circuit shown in FIG. 3, an applied voltage
exceeding nobles a and 9 is detected by → # 1t2Cj8, and based on this output, the control @ @ j
@ o- The ON period of the palace W obtained from s is determined as one, and based on this, the
current flow angle to the load 61 side is' # 111 m, and thus the load a! The circuit is designed to
keep the voltage applied to the unit #, but this circuit is connected to the commercial power line
112, the signal increaser 5 ', and it is therefore amplified. The chassis of (4) is a so-called hot
chassis, and there is a possibility that heavy power will be generated. However, when the
speakers (4) and (5) are supplied to the speaker box jll at 4 shown in FIG. 41 (when the user
directly touches these amplifications 0 (4) and (5) Thus, the ink using the simple circuit as shown
in FIG. 3 as a power supply circuit has four images which serve as bats. Moreover, in this caseone circuit (a pulse W having a pulse width corresponding to the applied voltage to the negative
# a1 is obtained from the platform, so unnecessary unnecessary N (Mt is 20 Kl (z) is generated)
However, the shield (9) in the speaker box IJ described above can sufficiently prevent leakage to
the outside (5)-6- 'amplifier (4) and!
5) Avoid hot chassis as opposed to K. In Fig. 3, a transformer is provided on the load side of
switching electron + 161, and the output obtained from this transformer is accumulated
throughout the history to increase the amplifier. Although it is conceivable to use as a power
source for (4) and (5), this case is therefore expensive because it uses a KW pressure device etc.
and has the drawback of becoming heavy and heavy. .
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