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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of a
speaker protection circuit according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a specific circuit
diagram of FIG. In the figure, 1 ... drift detection circuit, 2 ... Schmitt trigger circuit, 3 ... relay
drive circuit, 4 ... multivibrator, D1s D2 ... light emitting diode, RY ... relay. Fig. 1 ? 12 'j 4-51-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker
protection circuit used for an audio amplifier or the like. Conventionally, a speaker protection
circuit of an audio amplifier generally has a 1 ::, 11 circuit for detecting a mid point drift of the
amplifier, and the "lift" is relatively large when the power is turned on. Keep the speaker open for
a while, cut off the connection between the speaker and the amplifier, and after several seconds,
connect the speaker and the amplifier in a stable state, with a mid-point drift of less than 1
second. ing. Also, in such a state, an abnormality occurs in the amplification 11, and a drift
occurs in the middle point of the amplification, and the metal is connected to the speaker and the
increase, and the relay is turned off to see the speed q. 7L1 In the circuit as described above, (K,
several seconds after power on with relatively large drift, or amplification after a short period) or
the like, and so on during the mid-point drift occurrence period. t) The user is alerted to the user
that ?Subi * and amplification? are in the ?#l connection state? so that the receiver can hear
the job in a stable state. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. 1111 Fig. 11 is a plotter diagram of a speaker sII circuit according to an embodiment
of the present invention, in which the weight is an OWk output circuit for detecting a drift in an
amplifier, snow is a light y)) lJ * @ L8ti System zig trigger ag. -Inverted output: It is a universal
vibrator which has a relay drive circuit and a four company point trial light emitting diode which
is driven. 2nd! It is a concrete circuit composition wR figure of a 1st WU. In the figure, when the
power supply switch 8WIN is turned on, it is composed of F transistor q6, Q1, resistor R11 to uis,
capacitor 04, and relay RY. The charging is started, and the power supply is turned on until the
charging voltage of the capacitor 04 reaches a predetermined value). The transistor Q и is turned
on and the transistor q is turned off. Therefore, the collector current of the transistor Q @ is
supplied to the resistor R13, the potential O of both ends of the resistor R1s rises, and this
potential is applied to the base of the control transistor Qs of the multivibrator 4 through the
resistor R и R1. Rounding transistor q3 turns on and '&>, the multivibrator 4 starts oscillation, the
light emitting diodes D1 and Dl provided in the multipipe rake repeat blinking and the user's soft
beaker amplifier is not connected Ntl: We can know the illusionist *-Because it becomes high due
to the rise of the voltage applied to the oscillating vibrator of the multivibrator), the above
Conden-j04m predetermined value is charged in this case as well. As the frequency is increased,
the oscillation frequency becomes high, and the oscillation period continues.
Therefore, the oscillation period is fast and the power of the light emitting diode is also fast. In
the state 1 where the final state lma b drift is stable, it looks as if it is always lit, so that the center
drift is stable with passing of time from the time of power on. You can sg. Conden? 04 is charged
to a predetermined value j + i: ? i ? document j-Schmitt circuit 202 Two transistors QLQy invert
the operating state, and on the contrary, transistor q и is off and transistor Qv is on 'And the
potential of both sides of the resistance Rts is turned on and light F rang l Q 713 <-' current 0 is
compensated 1 'through resistance 1 иии The oscillation of the oscillator 4 stops. Rima MultiPiggregator 4 transistor am (F F is off, F transistor Q 1 is on ? Power on ? indicates only the
light emitting diode D1 is lit, there is a drift ? Alarm for alarm The light emitting diode Dfi is
turned off. Next, the operation in the case where a large drift occurs at the middle point of
amplification after several seconds have passed since the power was turned on will be described.
In this case, when a drift signal is input to the terminal of FIG. 2, the O drift signal is detected by
the detection circuit 1, and this drift signal is detected by the resistor R1 and the pace of the
transistor Q4 and the transistor Q Applied to the emitter, the transistor q4 (i is turned on, and a
collector current flows in each transistor. However, since the collector current of the drain flows
through the resistor Flto connected to the pace of the transistor q- of the switching trigger circuit
2, the voltage drop of the resistor R1 is large, and due to this voltage drop) the pace of the
transistor q @ The electric potential is low, but the transistor 1 * is turned on, and the oscillation
of the multivibrator is started in the same manner as described above, and the abnormality of the
amplifier is detected by the light emitting diode D1. I) Make a general report by means of bribery.
In the above, when the multivibrator 4 is operating, the transistor Q1 of the emitter trigger
circuit is off and the relay does not operate, so the speaker and the amplifier are connected and
dangerous. As described above, according to the configuration of the speaker protection circuit
of the present invention, the alarm display is performed by the multivibrator having a display
element such as a light emitting diode at all times when the amplification W is abnormal, and the
alarm display is promptly displayed when the abnormality disappears. It can be stopped and the
amplifier and the speaker can be connected by a relay.
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