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Hess coil Bobon H who certified non-hypocracy Tobin VC ? in the title of the invention ? t ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 8 ? ? ? ? Mk 'is old 'Button. 3, 1% width C width C I 31. The movement of
the baby's pregnancy penis [Speaking f f L 7 ? C r C exuding, and to return to the manual
rotation of the power ruler to drive this electric disarmament t speaker ? MF k 3 (Mtiouall I
@AdBack) It has been made so that it is possible to carry out the detection with the upper axis by
the (m, m, m, m, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s, s) system. Conventionally, the vt L 9 yi F
b circuit is known to control the speaker's ladder using the 11th, M ? circuit such as ?. That is,
in FIG. 1 rC, the input terminal IVC-applied mth 16 valve is supplied to the electric power
increaser 11111 by switching the differential station 2, and after it is increased, it is printed on
the speaker 4 here. The sword 118n. Then, the vibration of the speaker 4 is detected by the
vibration 66 of the vibration 1gJMi and detected by the sensor 66, and it is squeezed and
squeezed by the Le ? issue 7 'c, and is retraced to the software 02 via the feedback circuit 6. In
the ratio [452, the human power signal and the feedback No. 1b are restored to the relative
softness fL, the running portion thereof and the power amplifier 3. Heretofore, the detection part
of this individual MFk5 circuit has been $$-swept to ? 2-. The 2nd bad smell 1.7 voice coil
bobbin, 8L Heus coil Bohin 7 mouth attached to the mouth "electrokinetic failure, 9 center ball,
10 center hole 9 soil hole 1AI Jian Bt fatten goods, 11 EndPage: 1 to cut into the above brows 18 on the bale 110: Fixed bale that is brazed to a position, and 12 is a trespasser. Thus, in the case
of the 11 configuration, a single-force code V (accordingly, the voice coil 77 is turned to the left
and right in the figure, and the diaphragm 12 is vibrated accordingly. Of the Heuss coil bobbin 7
and the h 1 ?h of the hinging 8 and the fixed 1 [11 of the 11 opposite of the b 11, these
collectors 9 + 2 m to form It will change. The change 5+ of each charge 1 corresponds to the
change of the shake 12 (which means that it is necessary for the side of this to be an input to the
repulsion amplifier [1. However, in this stable (-a voice coil bobbin 7c, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,-if-Iffj movement
8 is not spared, or a Since it is not possible to attach the ball 9 with the gift 1 ot and attach it on
the surface with a foot * m11 kl, the speaker becomes a sword and becomes one wheel, and the
6F rate also deteriorates.
In addition, if it passes Sukaka and tweeter, the layer weight becomes unpleasant <411! There is
a disadvantage that the spigot turns into an obstacle of sound. The present paper is to present a
jiai 'B circuit designed to break up such a common-law cousin. The following is an example of the
one-to-one embodiment of the present invention shown in FIG. Bulk 3 Figure a shows the
trueness bIg1w6 according to the present investigation, with a scale, with streaks 1- and 1 townrow no junction Q-function. The detection number 13 is a detection unit 13 that is driven by the
center ball 28 and the Heus coil bobbin 3Q of the speaker 4 to be followed up, the inductance
14, the pre-swing coil 16, the law coil 16 and the O ~ And a pass filter 17. -The involuntary
pivoting 6 is carried by the division number 16, 1'j, Pubfa Nufu 20 to 22, the volume 23 to 26
and the counting 26. The specific failure of the drawing out unit 13 that has suffered the third
defeat in the 4th district H.% f 7. Is the 4th defeat vC, 27 yoke, 281 d y? -*-Le, 29a & stone, 30
Heus coil Boh 7, 31 B-Ko Heus coil hho 7 7 SQVC (b) voice coil hobin, 32 & steel plate, 33. 34 Ya
7 t Heus coil hohin 30. Center hole 2a Ks-soft 8 terminal. Note that the voice coil bobbin 30 is
numbered with an aluminum insulator jIli night, or an e-non-non-metallic bobbin may be made of
a non-stick anchor or a quick metal vapor deposited. If it is driven by voice coil bobbin 30 ton /
10,000 left and right according to one person's power 1 ton, it is driven by 1 fc. Byw ? 32 or ?
l l l port j when VC, voice coil Hobin 3 o and the average amount [11 & i) if of the center hole 28
is formed, and 1 p P ? ?? formed between these changes. Then, this change of electricity-each
movement becomes less than the displacement of 1IJJ ? S2. Furthermore, it acts as an e-body on
the key 2929, and the yoke 27 from the center ball 28 Because it is divided by one, it does not
mix. ? 61J Fig. 3 shows an example of a temporary probationary U ? 16? You can also enjoy q],
36 is the output of IAToti'l5, 36 is the coil with an inductance 1- Ld, 37 is a volume kll! T is an
output terminal to be connected to a field container, 38 to a puffer / f, 39 to a thousand, a &
diode, and a 40-line low-pass filter 17. In addition, as a method to tweak the change of each
electrostatic award to a single number, there are 3 islands and a figure other than the one in the
drawing. There is also a method of giving a contin vrC bias and receiving it with a high input
impedance amplifier-this is not preferable because the voice coil is largely blocked.
The input signal applied to the input terminal 1 of the third arm in the crane & the above is
applied to the turtle power increaser 3 r C rt rt through the ratio collector 2 ?, where it is ?It is
an endorsement. In the speaker 4, the voice coil bobbin 30 is driven in response to the input No.
18 as shown in the upper row, and is excited by the threshold between the voice coil bobbin 30
and the center hole 28 with ?t. Also become an elephant. In this case, the change in the volume
of the customer's 11 IL customer volume and the voice of the voice coil hovin 30 are in direct
proportion. That is, each prize fCo when the voice coil bobbin 3Q is stationary. The change in
capacity t?C when the voice coil Hovin 30 is at ?xf9 is defined as the proportion of ?X to ?C:
?tF [previous to ?k = ?k = ???a = ?K ???????? es)]. Tani Den C at this time and
Din nn. (: = Co + ?CEndPage: 2 = Co + k?x ????????????????? R 1), the
inductance 14 combined with the capacitance C! L, kL and exactly, resonant same wave number f
is f = 17 (2? ?),-,-,-,-,-,-,-,---0) 0 V, The resonant non-mantissa J ░ is proportional to the 1 1/2
power of each IC. Therefore, if the resonance frequency f1 is detected as it is, a voltage which is
directly proportional to the valley-COi formation can not be obtained, and a lever as shown in
FIG. 6 is used. That is, the -ratio t @ 1. Assuming that Ig +]-voltage ep of the capacitor 3T, @ =,--------------1p1 + (boosted) LdCd ?------- '----------(') (-) Cjm) LdCd (where 1 <(j?) 2LdCd). This is a
Vavfa amp 38 with a diode for 39 mm! ! : N, L, and also Rono (sifter 17), and the output voltage
Ld of seven is Ed = 1 @ p I = E o / C ? 2 L d (support)---------- (7t7C then Ko = l * t1), thus E), (A,
according to the equation (6), A = A + to -?x----(7) C. In proportion to the displacement ? ? ?
? of the voice coil bobbin 30, a voltage 7 is generated. E) Hard air No. 1B (ie, voltage hd) which
has been beaten as described above is first supplied as an amplitude No. 18 to the Vavfaan 720
as a 9G supplied fL, and the adder 26 as a sword 0 through a volume 23 pieces. In addition, the
value is divided by the copying machine 1b, and the speed gI is transferred to the 1st 9th fan
anop 21 n, 1st 2nd z-A 24kW added X!
261 fC force 0 is obtained. Further, the output of 18 is divided by 619. Debuted to Bav 7 Aang
22 as an accelerated number. Volume 25i valve is added to Sword II nosepiece 26. These signals
are then applied from the adder 26 to the comparator 2 and MFB is applied. As described above,
VC, the voice coil bobbin of the speaker according to the present invention is substantially
constituted by the foil M, and the variation t of ? ? formed by the darkness of this and the
center pole t-tested and applied M or bk Because it is the next one, it is possible to obtain the
following wonderful effects. (A) Speaker II (p1 as a cutting tool made of ru1g1tJ @ foil and it is
sufficient to draw two leads @lk from the next voice coil bobbin and center ball, so processing is
extremely easy. In particular, in recent years, the voice coil bobbin t has a heat radiation effect
11-to make the voice coil bobbin t aluminum foil to use sim wire strength or to use a speaker
such as a speaker or the like according to the present invention. Easily. And it can be cheaply
made. (% Can be abused by 21 и ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? t t t t t t 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21
21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 t (C) The
circuit is simple, and special components can be used, since it is not necessary to use it. ) Since
the voice coil is ? @, the speaker's manual power makes it possible to apply a deep MFB at the
phase (9) transportation to the output of the x et al. (F) Since the fi 1 lap and several bones in the
detection unit, dynami vucre c y b / b 4 and so on are also very good, the combination of sex
improvement of the Mk'kl monkey is also large.
Ne, brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram for explaining the principle of the
M or 8 circuit, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional (14MFk3 circuit ridge
portion, FIG. Fig. 6 is a circuit diagram showing a schematic drawing circuit used in the abovedescribed embodiment and example in Fig. 6. 1 и и и 9 и manual power terminal, 2 @ и и и ratio! ! 2
people, 13 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 11-speaker, 6e, и fist и detection # ,. 6 и и и IIII addition ff 11 g 1 path,
13-и fist и fist comfort portion, и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и EndPage: 3 и и и и detection Igl Path,
17 ииииииии Low pass filter, 18.19
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Volume, 26 ? Heater, 27 ?
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и? l l I, 33. 34 ? ? ? ? ? Output terminal. The name
of the representative ? ? ? ? 1 person Figure 4 Figure 5 EndPage: ?
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