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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram of an output display circuit
according to the present invention. 1.1 '... output transistor, 3 ... transistor screw, 4 ... thyristor, 5
... relay 1.7 ... indicator light.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an output display
circuit which lights up an indicator light to notify the user of the limit value when the output of
the power amplification circuit is different from a predetermined setting level. In the case of a
power amplifier with a large output, it is necessary to use a storage path to operate within the
safe operating area to prevent the destruction of the emission cluster due to excessive input
(such as pickup drop) and output terminal sheet etc. It is already done. This circuit protects the
transistor by blocking the input and output in the case of an input or an output that exceeds the
entire operation area of the transistor (1: ", ';---2'-イ). There is. In general, in the case of an input
that exceeds the safe operation area, clipping distortion becomes large and it becomes difficult to
identify, but it becomes practical. When this rounding and input are further raised, the storage
path SIa operates to cut off the stationary type a 'and to reenter. The present invention operates
the lighting circuit for displaying the operation of the protection circuit when the protection
circuit is in the operating range and operates the lighting circuit to light (flicker) the display lamp
tube to start the protection circuit starting operation. It is an object of the present invention to
obtain an output display circuit to be notified. The output display circuit according to the present
invention will be described below by way of a practical example shown in the drawings. In the
figure, 1 is one side of the output transistor of the power amplifier circuit @ 2 is the emitter
resistance of the output capacitor, 3 is the transistor 1 side, 4 is the thyristor that emits the
control voltage that shuts off the relay at the same time as the input is cut off. The relay which
turns off the speaker in the next operation when the direct current is generated in the operation
of 4 or the output of the speaker, 6 is a transistor switch to turn on the indicator lamp to display
01110FFt-relay 5 and 7 is the indicator lamp to turn on t-display. 8 is a level setting resistor, 9 is
a drive transistor for driving the relay 51, 10, 11.12 are transistors! 13. Control transistors to be
totally controlled, 13.14: first stage amplification transistors constituting differential amplifier,
1516: constant current transistors, 17: drive transistors for driving output transistors 1 and 1 ',
18: speaker, 19: relay 5 The switch is a resistance capacitor for a 25124 Fi low pass filter. 0
When the input here exceeds the large AsO in the output capacitor, a large current flows in the
transistor 1. Therefore, a voltage is generated in the emitter resistor 2 and divided by the resistor
20.21 to supply the transistor sK. With this voltage, the transistor 3 conducts 011 L, and the
thyristor 4 conducts. As a result, the transistor 15 is cut off and the input is cut off.
Also, when the thyristor 5 conducts, the voltage at its 7 node drops, the diode 22 conducts, and
the transistor 1.12 conducts, thereby causing the transistor! 會 OFF Toshiri, 3? Relay 5t-restore,
switch 1? Let t-111 break. At the same time as the relay is rapidly disconnected, the transistor 6
OII turns on the 1 indicator light 7. In the case of a friend who is making a noise, it is interrupted
and takes time to restore. Therefore, when the output exceeding ASOl is output, the output is
already clipped, and it is not a good sound. Therefore, when the input level becomes enough to
be clipped, the level setting resistance 8't-through the transistor-'of In addition to the output tube
transistor 6, the indicator lamp 7'ft is turned on. In this case, it is possible to prevent the relay 5
from operating by setting the level immediately before the relay 5 operates and pressing an
excessive input t. If a zener diode tube is inserted instead of the level setting resistor 8, it is
possible to turn on the indicator light 7 if the voltage determined by the zener diode is exceeded.
According to the output display circuit according to the present invention. Since the state IIi
immediately before the operation of the protection circuit for protecting the output transistor
tube can be displayed, it is possible to prevent an excessive input from being supplied to the
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