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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The attached drawings show an embodiment of a
speaker breaker according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is an enlarged sectional view, and FIG.
2 is a circuit diagram showing an example of use. :-1 ... resistance wood, 2 ... resistance body, 3 ...
insulation material, 4 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The device of the present invention relates to a
speaker breaker 1--more specifically, a speaker [email protected] T which is passed through the
maintenance of a speaker unit. In the speaker unit, when the voice coil receives an excessive
current of 1 IXfIIL, the voice coil heats up red, and the bobbin which is the coil Vll or the vicinity
of two 7 or more of the two dwar There is a danger of one-to-one failure when an excessive
current flows, and until then Atokichi-3 et al. Q'f-(1) cause a fire or ↑ There is. Therefore, this
invention is intended to eliminate such dangers, so (2) a resistor body which is formed of an
insulator and which is destroyed by its own heat generation is incorporated, In order to ensure
that one or two signals are destroyed due to an excessive signal, wrap this inside of the resistor
body with a heat insulating material, and lead it out of the resistor body of the resistor O]
terminal v-t; When two people go out. With self-heating T-the resistor is heated to a higher
temperature without being dissipated, and the resistor is destroyed and retreated. The following
is a detailed diagram of this invention, as shown in FIG. First, in Fig. 1; in Fig. 1, reference
numeral 1 denotes a resistor main body formed of an insulating material, inside C: current
generation Y by self heat generation [in which broken carrier is contained, 2 # of resistors- The
heat insulator J ′ ′ c is graded so that the heat of the resistor will not be broken. The inner
ladder of this resistor core is drawn out with the outer lead of the resistor body l. It consists of a
framer BY, and it is 4: 4 so that it can be connected in the manual signal-path of the Ns beka unit.
The speaker breaker according to the present invention has a construction as described in the
first aspect. If this is incorporated into an input signal circuit I which constitutes a speaker
system, the circuit 4 will generate Joule heat if an excessive current flows. Because the resistor
core is sloppy and the resistor core 3 is covered with the resistor core. The heat is increased
without increasing the temperature of the resistor, and the temperature of the resistor is
increased, and the antibody 7 is destroyed by self-heating. From this number, the voice coil or the
attenuator of the speaker unit or the network 6 causes an excessive current to flow to prevent
the bobbin or the damper from breaking or breaking. In the example of use of the speaker
breaker B leading to the invention of C in FIG. From the above description: 1: The speaker
breaker of this invention is constructed by covering with a heat insulating material in a resistor
main body molded with a resistor ve rim broken by self heat generation, and 9 The junction 1
incorporating cn: When an excessive current flows, the heat generation state of the resistor is
promoted by the heat insulating material and becomes high temperature while keeping the
external temperature low, and the resistor self-heats and breaks down. Can you shut off the
speaker system in an instant?
A-You can keep it.
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