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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing a conventional
speaker protection and muting circuit, and FIG. 2 is a view showing a speaker protection and
muting circuit of the present invention. Ql, Q2, Qt ', Q2 "" "· 00L circuit, SI. Sr · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · Speiga, R · · · · · · · · · relay, S, S2 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · C1 · · · ·
capacitor, R1 ° R2 · · ·・ Impedance, Q4 ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ Control transistor, Q5 ..... Relay switch 1
drive transistor, Qa ..... Switching transistor, C3, R14 ..... Time constant circuit, RP ..... Positive
temperature coefficient resistance element.
[Detailed description of the invention] This Arashi is a t -'- sword, a direct current-flow, a
speaker's voice-fill or a damage, which is different from the different riches work in the 2
dragons system OCL (outPu "+ CapacitorLess) circuit. In addition to preventing all of them, 1 :,
Muteininogu how on 077, rl-line: 5) ""-power protection and muting circuit? mぜんと「るもので
める。 If ZVC is explained in detail, it is intended to further improve the technology described in
Section 1 to the real saponin 52-112602 bow in which a human is in the light of a group of 4
'and 1 to 1 . That is, the previous circuit is a straight line configuration shown in FIG. 1, and when
the power switch (SO) is opened, the load of the capacitor 3 (f2) is the diode (Ds) 2 and the
resistor (Rh4). Because the power switch (S R ((R 培 リ レ ー リ レ ー が apr 少 し apr 少 し pr U
pr apr 元 U 元 元 元 元 14 − U シ リ 、 、 1− 1− ポ ポ ポ・ We can not stop noise and
distortion day nine minutes. The present system is intended to be a speaker recording-fish
muting circuit which can completely eliminate the pump noise and distortion H generated at the
time of 5 'LIF k'. The second factor and arrow of the present invention-C will be described. トラン
ジスタ(Q=)(Q=)′s? (Ql) (Q) is for stereo C, left channel i, right channel, L-shell 2
modified i, formula QCL = 7-twice. The output of the seven-via the race isote (81) (Ss) r
[connected to the (SI) (S1) (Sr), and also through the resistor (R1) (R), the capacitor CC1,1 for
bypass of the same or other bypass Connected to one side of (Ra) is a filter river resistance, (93)
is a transistor for signal inversion, (Q *) i-j braking transistor, (Qb) is a throttling drive transistor,
(84) (II) is a 4-pace bouder resistance, (R・) Is collector load resistance, (R7) is resistance for
current supply to positive temperature characteristic resistance (lp)% (R8) (R is paced putter
resistance, (q6) is switching transistor, (1) is commercial power supply 12) is a power source
transformer, (D), (11M) is a positive 11L2 dragon source / rectifier, and (D ·) is an adjustable fI #
unit provided separately. Next, the operation will be described. 11> Normal operation When the
power supply switch (80) is turned on, the resistors (R) to (R9) are preset so that the transistor
(q3) is in the O shoulder and (q4) # 1ory state at normal temperature. That is, when the power
supply switch (SO) is turned on, the filling voltage of the capacitor (C3) increases and a current
flows to the base of the switching transistor (q6) through the base resistance (Rzs), and (Q8)
becomes OI state. One end of the temperature coefficient resistance element (Rp) is grounded via
(q6), and the control transistor (q4) maintains the OFF state.
On the other hand, the operation of the transistor CQ% ') is as follows. That is, when the power
supply voltage is added 5, the capacitor (C2) is gradually charged through the resistor (RIO), and
the base current starts to flow slightly through the resistor (all), but the charging voltage of K
(C2) is higher. And the pace current of (Q5) also increases. When the collector current of (Q5)
exceeds the sensitivity current value of the ヲ relay (R1), the barrier operates and the relay
terminal (+11) (+3 忌) K and the OCL output end (ム) 傳 and the speaker (81) (Sr) ) Is connected.
Thus, the muting operation is performed when the power is turned on. Next, if the power supply
voltage (SO) is 0FFK, the charge of the capacitor (C3), which has been charged through the
separate power supply rectifier (D6), is discharged through the resistor (R14), so the voltage
across (Cs) decreases. The base current of the transistor (Q6) decreases, and (Q8) instantaneously
shifts from the am state to the OFF state. Therefore, the base current flows from (Q4) from OFF
to ON state through the resistor (R)) and diode (D4), and the charge of the capacitor (C2) is
discharged through (q4). , The base current of (Q5) decreases rapidly, the collector current of
(Q5) stops flowing, 6 te ,,! It becomes lv-swit y (sl) (St)-ovv, and LICL output and s and-jJ (Sl) (Sr)
il & are ldm. In this way 【4aO de Fit) ij muting T T17 ・ · 11 0 0. Up to 1k IS & capacitor (C '; (C;
S) size 525; Ca (Csv)-Combined vct, 4 edge switch (Wu) OFF increase from 1x Siray (R) is 1 inch!
L4) At the time of salmon,-is% algae 1. g, /) 4 The pop noise generated at C well 4 by 4-/-from 4
to 0 / F each can be completely suppressed -j. t2) Body of -4 by i 處 button 1 −-QCL 111! The
output of υ C-from (省)-+ Fr ζ of the side cover of Ii-(M)-) VC positive or Al 71 + ji A-pressure is
supplied, The speaker (Mri (Sr)) is directly connected by this 鴫-1 , Or the strength of the 4-is coil
is-or 7-4 L to encourage 1 'li 4 C (student). Minutes, if you adjust the output-(尋 one shellfish =-,!
When the pressure is a king, this 1iE is a partial resistance (RL) t r I [in the capacitor (C 1)! l-11,
(C-1-1 yields a good 4 ratio. J) Therefore, current (or current) flows from the C (+ 'l) 7 power
source through the diode (D2) to the resistance (Rs)-, (D Lee (R3), and the pace position of (Q3)
decreases. q5) From Fiow to DFF, (Q ·): The soil rises to the shifter '.
Current flows from the (7) 果 d fruit, from (+8) to (R6)-(L13)-(Ms) to the base of the ^ J transistor
(i), and (q) is OFF next state 1 Is turned on. Therefore, the collector 4i & of (Q4) drops, and the
pace charge Cπ of the drive transistor (+ ts) does not flow, and the collector "U-It: (5) of (Q5)"
becomes. OCL output 4 (A> and speaker (Sl)) is released, and the voice coil of the speaker (Sl) is
turned off. In the case of an output-(A)-positive Li1Tit 屯 (1) 7 ノ; if it occurs, the resistance (R1)
is positive (C1), so the diode (Dl) is 011 Then, (R3)-(Dl)-(R8) is added to cause the current to flow
to the pace of (Q4), and (-is turned ONK from the OFF state). Protect the speaker (St) in a solid
state. Incidentally, in the case of normal condition, the output of OCL-(A) 戚 8 is-) Kll is the output
which is only the ac fIL signal, therefore the both ends Ka output end of (C1)-A) or (1 No direct
current voltage is applied from the side), and thus no cross switch C 81) C 8 is included. In
addition, if a DC voltage appears at only one of the output terminals (A) and (1) as described
above, both of the wedges 81 (as) are designed to operate, but the transistors ( qs) (Q4) (Qs) K If
one more path is provided, the left and right dannels can be separately controlled. (3) Keeping
from excessive current due to high temperature-The resistance value of the positive temperature
coefficient resistance son (Rp) is very low at room temperature but reaches several kilohms at
temperature. Once at room temperature, the voltage applied to the anode of the diode (D4) is
very low rounding, the base current of (Q4) does not flow, and (Q4) remains in the OFF state. In
addition, since this resistance element (Rp) is mounted in the vicinity of the plate of the output
transistor (QL) (qffi) (Ql) (Ql) of the main amplifier, the heat dissipation plate is used when the
output of the output transistor is small. Temperature rise is low, and the resistance value of the
resistance element (Rp) is small (q4) remains OFF to increase the output, but if the jiktIk effect of
the transistor is poor, the heat sink The temperature also rises, that! When one degree reaches
the set temperature of the resistance element, this resistance value increases, (“R” and “D”,
“C (see 4) K current flows, (Q becomes 0 shoulder, and ヲ lay (RI) becomes Operate, the
connection between the output terminal (m) (ml) and the speaker (81) (Sr) is released, and the
picture of the output transistor (Q1) (Qffi) (Q'1) (Q'2) is released Therefore, the temperature rise
of the output transistor is suppressed.
As mentioned above, according to the circuit of this discussion thread, 2I & source universal
equation 0 CLI! ! It is possible to prevent damage to the voice coil of the speaker due to a positive
or negative DC voltage appearing at the output-due to abnormal operation in the circuit K>, and
suppress pop noise and the like generated at the time of power supply 0 sealing-0FF.
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