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It is a subtractor that subtracts the output of FirstPage not 3'-jib 3,3 '. In FIG. 1, the X direction is
the main axis direction (front direction) of the microphone, and the directivity of the
unidirectional unit is generally -t-1-acos9- (where a = 1). . Here, θ is the direction of the sound
source as viewed from the X axis. On the other hand, the directivity of the bi-directional unit 20
is generally represented by sin θ. The directivity of the output of the adder 4 and the output of
the subtracter 6 in FIG. Naori is the level ratio at the time of addition and subtraction. FIGS. 2B,
2B, 2C, and 2D respectively show directivity patterns of signals at points A, B, 0, and D in FIG. 1
(in the xy plane). In FIG. 2C and D, '1 + ψ2 is shown as the angle at which the sensitivity of the R
channel and L channel is maximized, respectively. +, 3P2 is 9 '1-tan-what "8 to 11 by 2 =-' / +", a,
b by the a, b of the directional axis angle "!" '1. r2 is to be determined. FIG. 3 shows an electrical
circuit of a stereo zoom microphone in one embodiment of the present invention. The main axis
of the microphone of this embodiment is in the Z direction. In FIG. 3, 2 is a bi-directional microbon unit, and the axis of the bi-directional unit 2 differs by 900 with respect to the main axis.
Reference numeral 1 denotes a unidirectional microphone unit, and the axis of the unidirectional
unit 1 coincides with the main axis. The unit 1.2 is disposed at an interval d1. The interval d1 is
an interval of about dl <3cIrL because peaks and valleys occur in the frequency characteristic at
a high frequency at which an integral multiple of a half wavelength of a sound wave becomes dl.
A directional microphone unit 6 is a uni-directional or superdirective microphone unit, and this
unit 6 is disposed at an interval d3 from the center point of the units 1 and 2. In addition, since
peaks and valleys occur on the frequency characteristics at a high frequency at which an integral
multiple of half wavelengths of sound waves becomes ds, the distance d5 is preferably ds (about
3 crfl). "+7 ', 7" 1d amplifier 2 amp amplifies the output of 1.6, 4 is an adder adding the output of
amplifier 7 7', 5 is a subtractor subtracting the output of amplifier 7.7 ' is there. 8, 9 and 10 are
variable resistors for changing the level of the output of the adder 4, the output of the subtracter
5 and the output of the amplifier 7 ′ ′, respectively. The resistance values of the variable
resistors 8 and 9 change in the same manner, and the output level changes as shown in FIG.
It is inversely proportional to -9. An adder 11 adds the output of the adder 4 and the output of
the amplifier 7 ". An adder 12 adds the output of the subtracter 5 and the output of the amplifier
7". The output of the adder 11.12 is It becomes an R channel output and an L channel output
through the variable resistor 13.14 for volume adjustment. The variable resistor 14
interlocks with the variable resistors 8, 9 and 10 and is 6.2. The output level is similarly adjusted
as shown in FIG. 4B. 5A to 5E show A and B of the embodiment shown in FIG. The directivity
pattern of the signal in C, D, IC point is shown. Figures 6, 7 and 8 show the directivity patterns of
the signals at points F and G when adjusting the variable resistors 8 to 10 and 13.14,
respectively. When 8 to 10 and 13.14 are adjusted to the wide side, as shown in FIGS. 6A and 6B,
the directivity pattern becomes wider, while the variable resistors 8 to 10 and 13.14 are on the
telephoto side. If you adjust the hair indwelling, as shown in B, it becomes narrow. FIG. 8 shows
the state at the time of sound collection of the stereo zoom microphone of the present invention.
x, y, z are sound sources, V is a stereo zoom microphone of the present invention, and directivity
is continuously changed from "wide" to "telephoto" by adjusting the variable resistors as
described above The sound is picked up in "Wide", and Spy # S + on the left and right as shown in
Fig. 9 person. EndPage: 2 Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig. 7 (A) (B) Fig. 8 Fig. 9 End Page: 4 Warning:
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