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January 1955 / The day before the President of the Patent Office, Mr. Satoshi Saito 1, the title of
the invention [Fa] Japan Patent Office ■ JP 50-151,500 published Japan 50. (1975) 9.9
examination request unclaimed (all four pages) name of program sound model signal generator
of the present invention name of program sound model signal generator of the present invention
program sound model signal generator
3, patent applicant
(3) Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention uses a model signal of writing
straight sound to test a blue sound generator 1 as a Tori or 1 incense capital modeling
compensation symbol as a 7 U distribution signal (薯 聯)-)). It is O regarding the device made to
generate. In the past, a test S for an acoustic unit, for example a destructive test in a speaker,
used a special periodic signal or pink noise (normally distributed noise of a spectrum attenuated
by Jallloat) as an input signal, but recently it is tested using an actual music signal. A bribe is
done. However, it is considered that it is practical to use a model signal which is difficult to
standardize in this way, and that the theoretical properties are clear and the statistical properties
before programming are well illustrated. Thus, in order to standardize a practical test method for
audio equipment, it is necessary to first generate one reference signal as well as the following
characteristics. (1) To be very similar to a real program sound signal (meaning all sound signals
passing through sound equipment). (It is necessary to specify the statistical properties clearly by
the parameter. EndEndPage: 1 large, 1 company as a model signal generator for such test O, (3)
being simple and inexpensive. (4) It is required to be able to easily specify statistical parameters.
Conventional #i, since the program sound O systematic nature is not clear 1 standardization
method of 1 signal 1 practical method which uses such a signal is also present and large. Here,
the program sound signal is roughly divided into a music signal and a speech signal. The sound
pressure of Ws of the speech is 1. Exponential distribution, but the music signal is "the stochastic
process model of the orchestral performance sound" (Ehara historical section 1 Japan Acoustics
Gold Lecture Paper Ko J-4, p Ko Jl, Showa) It is clear that it follows K) f (1) K, f 1%) distribution
(hereinafter referred to as “υ distribution”). This OU distribution signal is a normally
distributed signal (with a speculative "〈" shape and harmonic structure) that models an audible
signal with 'Lubel' variation (a spectrum of harmonics in the form of '<') and an extension OM
representing a 'T' Luber variation. Distribution signal) can be generated by transforming into a
product O form Jo. The summer distribution signal 翫) is squeezed into a signal showing a seminormal distribution, a Rayle igh distribution and a normal distribution by training the distribution
parameter O with O, S, / −0, #. . Correspondingly to this, the U distribution signal is m == O, j- /
according to the value of the parameter of the こ れ distribution that constitutes it, and when it is
0 it is an orchestral signal and when it is% ml * / it is a speech signal , II = / ∼lo and kura
correspond to other music signals respectively in the sense of statistical distribution.
It is an object of the present invention to satisfy the above-mentioned requirements and easily
generate a signal approximating the specified hand-wandering distribution signal and modulate
the audio signal with the OM distribution signal to simulate the program sound signal well. An
apparatus tt is provided which can generate a U-distributed signal as a standard test signal. In the
present invention, a signal from a normal distribution noise generator is low-pass filtered and
then half-wave rectified to form a 1υ 儒 1 () [distribution rule t] representing level fluctuation
through a smoothing circuit. The value of the required distribution constant 1 of one equal-part
blind signal is continuously changed over a range from 0.2 to about 100 by continuously
changing the value of the time travel number of the first circuit and the smoothing circuit
continuously. A means for forming a film room and a signal from the ground noise generator are
also converted into a comb filter having a characteristic similar to the harmonic structure before
the program to form a normal signal which models an audio signal without level fluctuation. And
a first circuit for generating an odor signal by performing multiplication of the decoy signal and
the-) signal. The invention will now be described with reference to the Wi plane. First, the basic
configuration of the summer distribution signal generation circuit will be described. The wedge
distribution signal becomes a signal of typical distribution at the following 1 value and 11
respectively. (1) The summer distribution signal has a seminormal distribution in 半 -O, S.
Therefore, the tomb distribution signal can be obtained by half-wave rectifying normal noise in
this house. (Take the company lid distribution signal company Lele distribution at grade muxi, o.
Rele distributed signal is band side @ 4 of normal noise! The envelope distribution of bandnormal noise is detected by O which is L-loop O (in the case of plexus →-the summer distribution
signal becomes dispersion → O9 average value → l, so it becomes direct current. E) The circuit
configuration for generating the vn @ ON distribution compensation code with the common
device is the 11th! Shown in. In FIG. 1, S / is a normal noise generator,-is a deliberate low pass
filter J that determines the shape of the tomb distribution signal spectrum is a rectifier, and 亭 is
a smoothing circuit, and the skew distribution signal generating circuit is Each of the circuits 7 to
7 can be serially connected in series. The time constant of this smooth surface lI is set to a
desired value as follows. This time constant needs to satisfy the following conditions. (1) m 寥 i
17. In the case of j, the time constant = 0 ′ ′ (m = 1.0 and the upper limit of its own low pass
filter 2). (3) 11 m = os () and snow are time constant atmospheres-From these, it is understood
that there is a continuous monotonous relation between the weir and the required time constant.
Therefore, the required time constant for 0-2 <EndPage: 2 · Im </, 0 or '-o <*, m can be given by
an appropriate value between the upper and lower values of 曽 IIK: when 歇. A large variation of
the smoothing circuit to obtain this time constant is shown in FIG. Here, a parallel circuit of a
resistor R and a capacitor '0 is connected in series with the resistor R1, one end of the resistor R1
is connected to the input side, and the connection point between the 1 resistor Ill and the parallel
circuit is taken out Make it The time constant can be continuously changed by setting the
capacitor 0 as a variable capacitance as shown in the drawing, or by setting the general
resistances R1 and R as variable resistances. In place of the rectifier 31 smoothing circuit SO
shown in FIG. 1, it is possible to use an instantaneous non-linear circuit which converts a normal
distribution signal into a skew distribution signal. Next, since the soot distribution signal is
generated according to 0 ft) − ′ ′ (t) · −), the audio signal component 1 is a signal to be
digitized. It is possible to generate by multiplying the page distribution level fluctuation signal W
(t) output from the circuit of FIG. Therefore, the configuration of the distributed distribution
signal generation apparatus becomes as shown by J @ IK at one train #i. In the JJriA, it is an ItiV
(t) signal generator, this generator is a white noise (spectrum flat normal noise) generator, and
this comb noise 7 is an output fundamental wave and A comb of such a configuration that the
harmonics and o) +1 wave ratio give a near-harmonic structure to an integer ratio, and
independently of that their envelopes can be defined in the same way as the envelope before the
program It is a filter. From the above “(t) signal generator j,... (1) The cover I.K. right signal
.about. Is supplied to the multiplier IK and the multiplication output of both signals V (t) and .xi.)
Is taken out and this is used as the .zeta. Distribution signal U (t). It is to be noted that this
multiplier t is preferably configured by using, for example, a Hall element. According to the
present invention, the following advantages of mk can be exhibited. (1) It is possible to generate
毫 -del signal according to the statistical structure of I bitumen. Naka) A large number of
statistical parameters representing the IR needle structure before the program can be taken. That
is, · · · (Side) 数 shoulder wave number component O harmonic structure and Speta> AT owning 1
岸 独立 independently by designation. (B) It is good to arbitrarily give a level fluctuation
component O spectral). I) take as output! The distribution form of the U separation signal to be
output can be changed by changing the time constant of the smoothing circuit continuously
corresponding to the diverse distribution y # of the first document. Ru.
(3) The device is simple. Therefore, according to the present invention, it is possible to make the
input signal in style with a practical test of the audio device, and to standardize tIc 訃. Since it is
possible to take a large number of pateometers, it is possible to perform precise standardizationand to make the apparatus inexpensive and easy to operate. It is easy to strike out the
popularization test “O” establishment “&”. Righteousness W Jitiom mono & I! 1st II is a
device according to the present invention プ a stomach diagram showing an example of the
partial distribution signal generation circuit otm * which is a part of the present invention, 1 is a
circuit diagram of the example of the O smooth-5 ex body, FIG. It is Puda-ku sai which shows an
example of an invention apparatus e @@. ll-Normal distribution noise signal generator, J: Low
pass filter sJ = Reference to rectifier 1 ... Smoothing circuit 1 S---) Signal generator, 4--Umbrella)
Noise generator 17 ... Comb l! ! Filter sI-· multiplier 1111, 1! ... Resistor 10 capacitor. Patent
applicant Japan Hospitality Cooperative ★ EndPage: 3 Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 5, list of attached
documents (1) 1 description (2) 1 drawing (3) application copy 1 (4) power of attorney 1, 6
Inventors, patent applicants or agents other than the above (1) inventor (2) agent EndPage: 4
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