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パ Pa · J9il 4r + 51 + 1‒1, the Office of the Patent Office, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-5th No.
1 residence + 1i, Tokyo-Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi-5th No. 1 0 Japanese Patent Application LaidOpen No. 50-1317440 Japanese Patent Application No. 50. (1975) 10.18 Internal Office Serial
Number No. 6111653 Description of the Invention 2 Power Supply Layer Width Circuitry Load
Protection Circuits In Two Amplifying Circuits Using Two Different Power Sources With Different
Polarity, Two DC Power Source Supplied to the Amplifying Circuit respectively A load protection
circuit of a two-power-supply spreader characterized in that the balance of current components
is monitored by a two-wire relay, and the relay O open contact is connected in series to the
output current path of the amplification circuit.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a load protection
circuit of a two-power-supply width band filter, and is mainly directed to a two-power j [OOL (0
utpu-t0 on lenser I + @ lla) 1 speaker protection circuit used in an acoustic device.
Conventionally, various circuits are provided as a power amplification circuit for sound. In the
high-end model 41, a 2-power 00I + amplifier circuit is generally employed. In this oar circuit,
when the output transistor is destroyed etc., an excessive DC current flows in the speaker and the
speaker coil may be burnt out, so the speaker protection circuit is separate from the protection
circuit for the amplification circuit. You need a book. As a conventional speaker protection
circuit, a transistor circuit detects an abnormality in the system amplifier circuit, and via this
detection / output output via a relay, the turtle detects a current supply path to the speaker at
the time of the abnormality detection. there were. This circuit is shown, for example, in the
"Radio Technology" 8 (also described in + pt 19731 p 200) in the circuit diagram of the on-chip
ingram A-722. In the above circuit, as shown in the circuit diagram, the test tI! One circuit is
required, and the cost increase and the decrease in reliability can not be avoided by the increase
in the number of parts. The present invention has been made to solve the above-mentioned
interlayer, and its object is to provide a load protection circuit of a simple circuit configuration.
The basic configuration of the present invention for achieving the above object is to balance the
DC current component supplied from the two power supplies to the amplifier circuit from the
two power supplies in End Boost: 1 in the booster 11 circuit using two power supplies with high
polarity. Winding relay) is characterized in that the open contact of the relay is connected in
series to the 'output current path of the amplifier circuit. Hereinafter, the present invention will
be specifically described with reference to the drawings according to the embodiments. The
drawings show an example in which the present invention is applied to a speaker protection
circuit of 001 circuit. The above circuit has the following configuration] + plus power supply V. .
Between the positive side power supply terminals of the amplifier 1 and the above positive power
supply V. In order to detect an average direct current component supplied to the amplifier 1
from 0, the 10,000 coils L of the 2-winding relay 2 are connected in series. . In the same manner
as described above, the other coil I + 2 of the relay 2 is connected between the minus power
supply -v, 1m and the minus-valued power supply terminal of the amplifier 1. The direction of
the magnetic field due to the current flowing through the coil 2 is such that the direction by the
coil coil cancels each other out, the coil L.
Is connected. AC passing in parallel with the respective coils L, It, and capacitors 0. . Connect 0,
respectively. Further, the open contact of the spring 2 relay 2 is connected in series between the
output of the amplifier 1 and the speaker 3 in order to shut off the current supplied to the bird
speaker 3 when the relay 2 is operated. The closed contact of the relay 2 is a resistor R between
one power supply, for example -V and the other side of the coil L, so as to form a self-holding
circuit when the relay 2 is operated 9. And a series circuit with It will be appreciated that in
accordance with the invention as set forth above, that purpose is achieved by the following
operational description. (1) Positive power supply V when amplification I11 is operating
normally. The average direct current 1+ supplied from the amplifier 0 through the coil 1 to the
amplifier IK is equal to the average direct current 1- flowing from the amplifier all through the
coil 2 to the negative power supply-v, l. And L2 cancel each other out, and the relay 2 does not
operate. Therefore, the open contact of the relay 2 is not opened, and the speaker 3 which is a
load is driven by the amplifier 11. (2) When an abnormality occurs in the amplifier path, the
balance between the currents 1+ and 1− in the above-mentioned case is broken, and one of the
currents becomes large. Because of this, the balance of the electromagnetic force is broken, and
the relay 2 operates. By the operation of the relay 20, the open contact is opened, the current
supply path to the speaker 3 is cut off, and the speaker 3 is protected from burnout and the like
by the direct current. On the other hand, the self-protection circuit of the relay 2 is formed when
the relay 20 closing contact is formed, and the relay 2 is self-held. According to the present
invention as described above (not shown), the above-mentioned self-holding circuit or the like
may be used to restore the above protection circuit by turning off the power supply once or by
using a reset key or the like. The speaker protection circuit can be constituted by only the twovolume relay 2, the number of parts is small, and the circuit is extremely simplified. The present
invention is not limited to the embodiment KIN described above. For example, it is not necessary
to have 1 ItL or * wc if there is a self-holding circuit, this self-holding circuit may have another
circuit configuration. Furthermore, one load may be any load other than the above-mentioned
speaker as long as it burns out by a direct current. The present invention can be widely used as a
load protection circuit of an amplifier using two power supplies of different polarities.
Brief Description of the Drawings The drawing is a circuit diagram showing an example of the
present invention. l · · · amplifier, 2 · · 2 volume relay, 3 · · speaker. Agent Patent Attorneys 1)
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