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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram of a wireless microphone
device according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram of a
wireless microphone device before the device is developed. 1 ...... condenser microphone, 3 ......
external input Jakuku, 4 ...... battery, 12 ...... transmitting circuit, 15 ...... transmit antenna .
[Detailed description of the invention] The present plan is a wireless microphone. + G и purpose
place u-, + r ** H from the arc part H и skin light reduction issue 9 weeks ? 7 if two, upper P tube
1 '+-r Transmitted by the signal from the microphone))! There is a place where it does not mix
small four noodle noises in a bowl. Among the conventional wireless microphones * 7 among the
microphones of the Kfl condenser type, the external signal Kaja list i. ',')) There is a thing that has
? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??. In the situation that 2 ?
in the 2nd ? ? ? ? ? ? 1 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 0 ? 0 0 0 0 0 / ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. ? love + love and love 1. If it roars from the speaker, it will be
wearing one hoarse voice, and it will be umbrellad by doing one backstep. In addition, to '',
external signal input Katsu, Ri t Tetsu and ? is Telehi /-! / I can play a pair of Shinji sister from
the earphone jack of the receiver ? ? station F =-? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?Tf sandny, 'from the Telepigeono ?
image machine speed (ht: even 4ft ? f r ? ? ? ? 7 ?:: ? ? ? ? ? ? L L L L L ? I-nail Arc
part Nb5Sy only in one jack О О, Xp1. ='Re ? O, wireless micro ": The '2Z smell" is C' ? or
contains with large ? your down de to the microphone "1 phosphono, r, base now ?? dynamic
is sword Ot ten Seventy two microphones +-4 when you have a problem, there is a problem that
the transmission ? Lk 1 v squeak ? и mixed (one bit). If the signal of the signal signal evaluation
plug is checked with the outside person Kh to the outside ? ? Vh with a duty of 32 ? ?, the
inner saponing conde / ? micro small yft destination all inexorably (? ? ?) micro ho 7 It is
intended to make sure that there is no influence on ? idiots e even as a person who receives
incoming sound car power, and tries to actually dust this by simple constitution r. The following
is an explanation of the FK draft plan with an illustration of one case II VII. Figure Fi) & Figure
showing wireless microphone wearing, with 1 # i conodensa type microphone. Conodeno sauni
which squeezes a voice ffq, C), and a two-piece microphone having a resistance R1- @ field or a
saddle-type tiger 7 nosta 01. 2 is an alternative naval officer Kajack, 3 is an outside force 7
nyatsk, and: a sleeping jack is -f 71. ???????? Ll #, #; a), 3a, a 'df contact pieces 2b to 2d,
3b to 3d-15] force contact pieces 2 ииии и и и earth contact pieces 2j and 3fy.
4 V V t. F +, 6 is a series of motion 9 ? switch, 7 upper switch 6 "1st or am, 5b back connected
to 1 eye power, toconde / 8, 8 upper switch switch esv summer 9 zone, Hou 6b and Sui, The
microphone 1tii negative resistance -9, 10ti on the back with the 1st fixed contact 6b of the tyro
-9, 10ti on the back, between the equal white 2b of the 2nd and the end @-E 'EtK contact in the
reverse direction -Attenuation resistance, 12 dFM swing (ft) connected with contact piece 2b of
Tsukatsu 2 and contact piece 3b of Gloss 3 on contact 11-11 v'i B) The FM transmission direction
circuit 13.14 including the circuit, the circuit, and the 11 amplifier circuit tube is connected in
series with the ground terminal ? and the f end person's inner end 12 of the upper transmission
compensation circuit 12 Inserted j! i Combined capacitor and to 4 pole adjustment adjustment
fixed volume, 15 pole hj'rq @ io 1 # 12 back 1 ? 4 antenna antenna 1 combined capacitor 16 on
4 valved transmit antenna, 17 is the top It is a first field adjustment 117) co / denser connected
between the transmitting antenna 16 and the connection piece 3d of the jack 3 described above.
The ?hill crest? of hh zero-th-4 is connected via a hot one-way H to a dynamic 4AFQ: a switch
606 and a cost switch C?. ? 111 I is connected to Earth @ NEi. Konodensa san micro hono 1 +,
Tomasko 1 ai! Make a switch 2 и Swipe 5 movable contacts 6ai ? connected, earth ?, door ,! The
six children 1 b are connected to the Ryo-Shu 5 through the connection 3 a, 3 gs of the jack 3.
On & l! Production и Gino conversion Sui, one foot 1 & point 6b of Chiro is a contact piece 2 и 7Tsuku 2. 2C, the voltage is applied to the supersonic circuit 12-the child 12 ░, and the second
superstition (b) is grounded on the ground terminal 12d of the ground terminal 12d) (h). If the
Fk 'real 11' C-5 shown in Fig. 1 is changed to the A) 'standard switch 6b, ebm, the positive "rule"
of the battery 4 is obtained. There are Sui, Prono, and R2 transmitting via m * t2 <connected and
transmitting, и и и i ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? battery 4 positive! Is the switch 6, ? ? 8. When the
switch 5 is used as an agent, the condenser type 1 equivalent O-pon 1-4 -t forceps 1a contact
hardness fl, jt: The microphone 1 also becomes r-d. Two microphones with a cane: 1) "The sound
is good" and its voice No. 1 "f" + "i"-r1a through "5 tongue 6". Cons / End, Ja, 2. Mortgage L11. ?
? # / # nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu
nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu
nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu It is emitted during the ? / tena 16 or n command.
In the second case, the diodes 9 and 1 o operate as limiters, and the signal from the microphone
1 is limited to the width of the transmission 191 path 12 to make a request. Mayen Hori,-14 can
be forgiven for taking tm. Missing (with Sui Sui, Chiro, 6 turn on the outside man power jack, the
outer 3 to the outer & llll tie cord plug plug sew seven, jack 3 contact pieces 3a, 3b are orchids,
Contact with contact piece 3 or latitudinal 3d111. Accordingly, the signal from the outside is sent
to the transmission (b) wL12 and sent to the 4th base student 12 ?. 4; 2; I ?? circuit 12 and ?
1 ? and after nine. It is emitted to the ship by rewards TT nana 16 gold. At this time, since the
contact pieces 3a and 3b of the Tono / Ya, Ri 3 are open 1 and the hot crystal 1 of the conodensa
type "neikulo / 1" is not brought into contact with the embedded IWIOJ path 12. (Miter-Nano 1
(D) Earth Resonator 1b is released from Earth & Road E by Il K because it is connected to 3C, 341
of J, 3) The micro computer 71 does not work at all. -The east of the stage before the device of
the Honshu-gazuru crane is shot by Nei! When the 7 tubes are described in the second ['21
together, even when the plug is connected to the key 3 or 4 by this prompting wisdom, the hot of
the condenser type microphone 1, the boo 11111, the load child 1a, lb is the peak It is in the
state of being connected to the hot line h and the finish line X. Although the feedback message S
from the hot paper tag 1 & of the superstrate microphone 1 is not mm in the transmission circuit
12 by opening the contact pieces 3a, 3b of the janure 3, the supersonic microphone 11C has a
large sound If power is added from the outside of the car, the current flowing through all the
paths will fluctuate and the hot water of the transmitter circuit 12! ? B ? move the cap. Along
with this, fluctuation occurs in the vibration frequency of the FMQ line I transmission line in the
transmission (b) path 12, and 2 M quality is performed by the signal manually input to the
microphone 1 as a contribution. . Therefore, 1 original is sent out in the shadow in which the
self-tone phone number 1 or 2 is superimposed on the next external signal, and 1 source is
transmitted, and noise is mixed in the transmission number. On the other hand, when the plug f
is connected to the arc part human power jack 3 in the case of this ? tumor case 0 ? ?, the
Conde / ? ? Rohon 1 tl # # opens from the road, and the ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1 ? 1 Since it
is not necessary to be mixed in the transmission picture, there will be no possibility of mixing in
miscellaneous items. In addition, sending in the second state fl! [The high m output of the 011 F
12 is led to the earth line ? via the capacitor 6 and the contact piece 3 ии 3d of the capacitor 3 or
3 or this is the ground sII of the cord connected to the terminal 3!
It is intended to use 1 as an anno-tena to make transmission power substantially and largely. Of
course, it's a good idea to make a city 11 I small from the transmitting antenna 16 alone. When
the connection cord is inserted into the arc output jack 2 with the operation switch Sui, Ciro, 6
being ono missing, the contacts 2c, 2 и of the jack 2 are opened and the power dredger to the
transmission circuit 12 Jade jade which is stopped by the transmission (R) path 12 and ceases to
operate, and is reduced in strength from the capacitor type Mitta Q small 10 10 different
element 1 &. ??? ??????? It is sent to the @ following code through the contact 2at of
the jack 2. Therefore, if the other layer of the second connection cord is, for example, a
microphone of a tape recorder, Rohonja, or * a, the above-mentioned tape recording (K-bell tone
can be performed on the sound captured by the microphone 91 :). In short, in this case, the
wireless micro phono device of one practical example functions as an external microphone.
When the wireless microphone is stored in the storage case provided in the radio receiver ? the
tape recorder in a state where the operation selector switch 6.6 is attached to the arrow, a plug is
inserted and connected to the Kamiki external output jack 2 I see. At this time, the contact piece
2C12 и of the terminal 2 and the terminal 2 are opened as described above, and the J signal
circuit 12 becomes inoperative. At the same time, hot water is supplied from the tape recorder
main body side to the condenser / microphone 1 through the contact piece 2JI + jai 6 of the jack
2 or 2 so that the 1F microphone 1 operates successfully. Therefore, the signal is sent from the
microphone 1 to the main body through the switch 6 and the slip 2 and recorded on a tape. In
short, in the case of twenty, the above-mentioned micro off 1 is Mk functionable as a pH bandit
microphone 0 phone of the tape recorder. Since this function is used in a conventional 10 tape
recorder with radio receiver equipped with a false false wireless microphone 13 device and is
already used for one Ka, a more detailed explanation P will be given. As described above, the
wireless microphone 1ota condenser type microphone according to the present invention, the
external input jack, and the No. 41 from the microphone or the transmission to transmit the
information of the t-plate part by selective V applied to the Toki jack ) And the above jack t
external 14! It has switch means to open the capacitor type microphone from the power source
@ when the connection flag is connected, and if the flag is repelled to the external input jack, the
capacitor type microphone will not operate at all, so No matter what adult power is, since it is
transmitted through the transmission circuit without being affected by the upper v-tear, the
voltage applied to the tiger, and the tiger external signal sFi, there is no longer any contamination
with the f 5 compensation voltage. When there is a book J point.
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