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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a block diagram of the main part of the
device of the present invention, and FIG. 2 shows a circuit diagram of the device of the present
invention. FIG. 3 is a circuit diagram showing another embodiment of FIG. 1 ...... cine camera
body, 2 ...... wireless microphone 3 ...... headphone device 8 ...... recording head 12 ...... cable 15
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Reproduction unit
Detailed Description of the Invention In accordance with the present invention, a recording head
for recording on a magnetic track formed on the edge of a cine camera, in particular, an audio
image tt ? film corresponding to an IiTg image (1) z ? / A headphone device is suitable for a
simultaneous recording system cine camera having a low error rate system 9. Audio recording in
simultaneous recording method cine camera which enables recording of audio signal
corresponding to 1wI image simultaneously with ll1 image Recording of audio pavement in cine
camera is usually by adding an audio signal obtained from a microphone to the recording head of
cine camera body through a cable , Fork, t! The monitor of the audio signal will be # cine camera
body and I! The connected cable [through the headphone device 4L <is performed by the
earphone device. In particular, among the above-mentioned cables, a couple connecting a
microphone and a cine camera body, because it becomes long like a north wall, it often impairs
one maneuverability when it simultaneously interferes with each operation at the time of
simultaneous recording. It becomes a thing. Simultaneous-In the fault of this pole in you type
cine camera, the audio signal from the microphone is sI, for example, frequency change sI to
send and receive end If wireless transmission and reception system is introduced, the
microphone attached to the cine camera body further said microphone and cine camera (2) Since
it is possible to remove the cable interposed between the main body, it is possible to make a large
improvement, but it is necessary to incorporate a newly required receiver into the cine camera
main body and to use a recording mechanism etc. Make the configuration more complicated. On
the other hand, according to one solution, in the configuration in which the audio signal
corresponding to the m image is supplied from the microphone to the cine camera by the abovedescribed wireless transmission and reception method, the headphone having a relatively spacey
reception unit for communicating the audio note The audio signal obtained by the receiving unit
is directly monitored by the headphone device by being disposed in the device, and the audio
signal is supplied to the recording head of the cine camera main body by the cable tm. In
particular, according to the main business, the cine camera body and the headphone device 1 [n,
it is preferable to intervene a single cable with an n pole, and the receiver unit is provided in the
headphone device; The same 11 # recording system cine camera can be provided without being
accompanied by thinning of the configuration. According to one proposal, among the recording
means which are indispensable when the magnetic trunk of the audio signal is turned around, all
the electric circuit parts, that is, the amplifier and the high mA device, etc. are installed in the
headphone device?
Since 61 characters can be inserted, it is particularly advantageous in making the confined
camera compact. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the one-invention apparatus will be described in
detail with reference to the drawings. 11th ma, b, cry, proposed HIIliC applied simultaneous fI #
sound system cine camera main body 1, wireless microphone 2 and headphone device 1 j 3 0
cine force camera body IK forms m air track Capstan 5 and pinch roller 6m which are constant
speed driving means for driving the cocoon layer film 4 at a constant speed! A flywheel 7
integrated with the capstan 5 or an alignment head 8 & an audio signal recording circuit 9 as
recording means for recording an audio signal V on the magnetic track 1112 is provided. The
wound wireless microphone 2 is not exceptional (4) different from this known microphone, and
is transmitted from the antenna 10 after being subjected to an audio signal modulation, for
example, 4 frequency modulation. On the other hand, for headphone @sa, antenna U for
receiving the audio signal and history of receiver. It has a reproduction unit for reproducing the
received audio signal. The cable 12 is for supplying an audio signal from the [13] to the
recording head 8 of the cine camera body 1. At least one terminal coupled to the cine camera
body 1 is a plug 14 which can be inserted into and removed from the jack of the cine camera
body 1. Is preferably formed by FIG. 2 shows the electrical connection method between the
respective loadings in FIG. 1 and the configuration of the upper part of each device, and the
receiving part 15 is constituted by the well-known bird frequency amplification stage and the
detector 17. ing. Also, the reproduction unit 19 for reproducing the audio signal received by the
reception unit 15't "with low frequency amplification # .chi. Is constituted by single or two
reproduction units 1gg and 19 branches. On the other hand, the audio signal set-1g1 path 9 of
the cine camera main body 1 is constituted by the well-known low-layer wave amplifier adding
and high frequency for bias (5) -4. Fig. 3 t '! Another ill of the i42 figure! An example is shown.
The cine camera main body l is realized by using the low frequency wave amplifier 20 included
in the audio signal recording circuit 9 as a low frequency wave amplifier as well as arranging the
penalty distribution scrap wave oscillator 4 in the headphone device t3. This makes it possible to
remove part of the recording means. Next, how to use the one-in-one device will be described. In
FIGS. 1 and 2, the wireless microphone 2 is I! The camera 1 is operated by copying, and the
headphone 1iii1 13 connected to the cine camera body IH and the cine camera body 1 via the
couple ratio is mounted under * part C, and is operated under the influence of fe shooting.
Now, when an audio signal is given from the wireless microphone 2 under the cine yyytyco
driving condition, the audio signal is transmitted and received by the antennas 10 and 11. In
particular, is the audio signal received by the receiver unit of the headphone device 13
indifferent? Since it is supplied to the cine camera body 1 through the Ik napple 12 and added to
the recording head 8 together with the bias signal from the high frequency oscillator 21 after
being added by the low frequency (6) wave amplifier addition, It is sequentially recorded on the
formed magnetic track. Therefore, the film 4 can simultaneously record an image and an audio
signal corresponding to the image. Of course. At the time of recording the above-mentioned
audio signal, the audio signal is reproduced on the monitor at a low frequency through the
amplifier slide and reproduced on the monitor 194.19, so that the level of the audio signal can
always be adjusted accurately. Since the embodiment shown in FIG. 3 operates in exactly the
same way as FIG. 2, it is omitted in the description that is added to the description, according to
this one-pass configuration, the audio signal added via the cable L contains a bias signal. It has
become. Also, in this ll17I ? configuration, it is possible to easily perform IfLm monitor
reproduction of an audio signal applied to the magnetic head 8. As described above, zrt can unify
troublesome couples in one solution, and provide operability (7) and mobility one cine camera in
order to simplify and simplify the installation of four simultaneous recording cine cameras. It is
extremely advantageous above.
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