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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of the present invention, FIGS.
2 to 5 are embodiments of the present invention, and FIG. 6 is a broken curve of a speaker and a
protection device according to the present invention. It is an example of an operation start curve.
2 и и и и и и и detection circuit, 3 и и и и и suppression circuit, 4. r2 r r3 'sr 40 gr 50 ииииииии Relay, rt ииииииии
Relay contact, RL и иииии Relay coil, 5 иииииииииииии Speaker, Ll, L3 иииии и и Choke coil, C2, C3tC4o. C5 o и и и и и
и и и и и и и Bipolar capacitor, Plo и и и и posistor, VA3, VA40 и и и и и и varistor, Z5 o и и и и и Zener diode,
"PGA1, PC42 и и и и и и и photocoupler , D3, D41 t Djz и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и S и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и -Ding-140
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a speaker maintenance
device for preventing the Lv speaker system from being damaged by excessive direct current
human pressure. Conventionally, against damage such as speaker burnout due to DC electric
potential deviation of the OCL type sound steel signal multiplier or excessive instantaneous
voltage when the switch of the 111-unit is on / off In the high-end amplifier t-sm-also on the
amplifier side, most o (1) many knees / lG '/ width-separator are commercially available at 5eatL,
n-vh An expensive speaker system taWA has caused an accident that has occurred to4 E. The
purpose of this is to provide a no-power speaker protection device that prevents this speaker 7
from being damaged on the speaker side. In general, the protection device of the speaker is taken
on the side of the amplifier, so the protective device tm is increased. Although supplied by ? et
al. 9 The present invention uses a protective device 1m without a power supply in order to make
it possible to use a protective device attached to a speaker or by connecting it as a single body
between a speaker and a spreader. It does not. Furthermore, as one case for realizing the storage
device of the present-Il scheme, the storage device operates when the audible pigeon wave signal
is input, and the tkr case-unusual l1Lfit wound number is a manpower case 9 Regardless of
whether the voltage of the abnormal signal is positive or negative, and even if the abnormal
voltage is a large voltage of several tens of meters or more, the storage device operates normally
and the protection device itself is damaged. Things need to be done 01 I need 11 In the case of
this ml, use as a power source for the protective device t-g *, taking advantage of the abnormal
DC voltage-to remove the audible noise compensation and detect the DC component 4 A relay for
switching the speaker path is driven by the output signal of the suppression path and the
suppression path which suppresses the excess voltage, and the above-mentioned fL demand is
ignited. In other words, the conventional protection device detects the pressure of the
extravagant flow, and the tLk protection device only uses it as a trigger for the extravaginal flow,
and the energy source of the energy source C, et al. On the other hand, if it is detected by H. S by
S. Ihonba, it will be detected and it will be used as an O trigger for protection and protection
protection drive O trigger and it will also be used as a source of energy for driving two hands at
one time. In the case where the abnormal voltage is ?, the protection +1 laf itself is not broken
and a suppression bottleneck is provided in 4II, and the relay path t # is a restoreable relay t1 @
tz% as a control means. ? Fr features. In the following, an embodiment ta of the present
invention will be described based on the drawings.
FIG. 1 is a diagram of the present invention. ! At 11 fi. ?'-1 and 1 are connected by means of an
input terminal to the output terminal of the tube amplifier. The input terminal 1 is also
manpower n 1 is detected-19 I! Detecting the 4th of the fluid, the audio signal is directly input to
the relay 4 and the relay 4t @ drives the 'force 5'. The DC voltage 01111 portion which has been
crossed by n detection 2 is suppressed n by the suppression circuit 3 and when a DC voltage
more than a specified level is applied to the input terminal 1 f detection-path 2 and suppression
@-path s @ # # More than the specified level 0 fli 19 voltage-4 work on the current voltage works
one cut off the speaker path. : G2 Figure 1 is an example of a block diagram of Section 1 ^. Using
the poke-ch coil chi-bar 1 polar capacitor clol I row-path as the effect MliJ, in taking out both thepolar 9-no. I, "T-1 wave signal is removed and only DC power ratio is taken out. The reason why +
= y / de is bipolar is that it is negative if the direct current voltage to be input is positive or
negative. As a suppression path, a posistor P is used to prevent the fL * IIfIL voltage detected in
the detection enclosure from being an excessive voltage and 9 relays O drive: 11 l RLI burnout.
The relay terminal is cut off at the time of the input terminal 1KIL constant level (4 or more [IE
voltage is applied at 3 9 o'clock to prevent the speaker from being damaged. ??????? In
the embodiment shown in FIG. 2, although both the posistor P and the relay work regardless of
whether the applied voltage is positive or negative. ?? In the case of suppression control "4
yasu 51 for the O element element such as gold-9 in the case of ?? suppression-the polarity of
the voltage applied to the path is not constant rjt Ll 'f if not cause @ 3 ~ 4 in the actual example 1
In the direction of the polarity of the gold, the bridge commutation in the direction of the gold is
provided. Also, in the embodiment shown in FIG. A rectification 1 cell circuit consisting of 'jss, &
J4' is provided. Figure 1 to 3 is an example of the pond of the present invention, suppressionpath tAh to y y! Composition with horse and barista chicken and island of resistance: eF. A bridge
rectification path is provided which runs into the above mentioned diode. In the embodiment of
Fig. 3g, the detection of the coil coil 4 and the capacitor 1 and the detection of a negative pole
111 1: detected in the ? i path: the DC voltage is flowed in the fixed direction Kll in the fixed
direction by the bridge rectification-path ? Tiger l raster TBa. Barista Cz with a suppression path
consisting of Europe and the island of resistance. ,) 1) drive a fixed n9v- ?. The diode 4
connected in parallel with the tJP relay noodle 1'-2 '' (2) 1 ? ? IL RL is Lg Parinuta QTo R i at
the time of the O reverse power at the time of return of the rel VA 3 1 ? ? ? ? transistor Te
birds are destroyed 0 to prevent.
FIG. 4 shows an embodiment of the invention O--69. In the embodiment of FIG. 2 and FIG. 3, if
the driving voltage of the relay r * ers is Vivo Rapdensa Cf, (a large withstand voltage capacitor is
to be used for the power port condenser / Cs, Cs to take from 410 both ends. Also, it is necessary
to increase the time constant of the time constant circuit consisting of choke coil L, Lj E bird, and
Lll L3. Also, if the inductance of the choke coil ? 637 F is increased, the internal resistance will
increase. 17 can not be made large-since the bipolar capacitor / den tcs and cs have to use a
large capacity t, the cost will be relatively high, but the cost will be relatively high. Then, the
drive voltage of the relay r4 иии flows from the input terminal 1 directly to the flit. In order to save
the small current, i resistance B41 resistance value 0 large self storage may be used at 7,7 N (@
US, 1 polar polar is false и pressure resistance и condition both small IA4 This is an example which
can be used and is cheaper than the actual case 11i1 vc of FIG. 2 and FIG. In the embodiment
shown in FIG. 4, the detection circuit is constituted of a resistor all and a capacitor C4 and a
single polar drive / slip, and parallel to the detection circuit support relay r4e at the input
terminal 1 at 9 o'clock as described above. Connect the bridge to the bridge rectification path,
and switch the bridge 41 through the power transmission path 1 o to the transistor te to
suppress the hago output. A suppression path consisting of-% *, a phototransistor PC4, a
resistance RI3 and a capacitor list vA4 is connected to the pre-two-stream 4 "series-one circuit
circuit, and the suppression circuit is relayed to the relay circuit. A diode d4st is connected to the
O coil RL and the 1kRLfC differential train for protection against destruction of the suppression
circuit due to back electromotive force KL during relay return, and relay r4It is driven by the
output of the suppression circuit. In addition, bridge rectification circuit "kt" which makes the
polarity of voltage detected in detection-path constant is connected to both ends of 1 Bouff
capacitor false и 0, light-emitting diode PCast is connected to the bridge rectification-path 1 and
phototransistor / Carry out 7 o'clocks with the mirror PI 4 ? ? ?? ?? ?-? tII control. Light
emitting diode (? ) A diode 41 connected in parallel to the PCI ?. Snow is a photo coupler Og &
protection. The operation of the embodiment of FIG. 4 above is in principle the same as the
operation of the embodiment of KAm, but the drive voltage of the relay r4 @ is directly from the
input terminal 1 as described above. In order to control with the small electric current taken
from both ends, manufacturing cost can be reduced compared with @ 2 and @ 3 O embodiment.
??? In the fourth N embodiment, if a high sensitivity reed relay is used as the photocoupler
margin 9, the bridge rectifier circuit 1 becomes unnecessary. FIG. 5 shows an embodiment in
which the present proposal is realized at low cost without using photocouplers, high sensitivity
reed relays and other special parts. In the embodiment shown in the HS diagram, the input
terminal 1 has a resistor 1k tee and a condensor with a resistor 4 and a DC voltage highest
reference voltage circuit, an axis-and a diode 4t, ds * 14s- 4 g, 'si, 4 @ may be a rectification 1
path, and zena 11 ode'% e + die, ode 4 y + 4 s) / dist t H @ @ I ? ? Hs * Connected to n. (2) One
audio frequency band No. 1 drives the speaker 5 directly from the input end 1 through the relay
90 1% contact point t-. If the hollow of the human power terminal 1) IIK positive DC voltage is
necessary, this abnormal voltage strain resistance Ba1. The resistance is detected by a circuit
composed of bipolar capacitors / sectors 1 and resistance island 1 ░ bipolar resistor false, dau d
%% x-% 56 ss o * llt @ d 1 d 43 d 19 rectified 19 [Constantly keep the polarity constant 'Ii on the
zener diode 4 и и ? -1JfL] Tsunojista 11 supplies the pace. In addition, the abnormal voltage is
connected to the diode from the hot side of the humanoid 1 to the diode through Darlington
connection and the length transistor TlkI +? Is also supplied to the 1% m collector (in R O,
transistor? The abnormal voltage is detected at the base of Bst and rectified and suppressed, and
the fL7tt pressure is supplied in a state where the supply relay transistor 41 is turned on. Relay) и
O coil jlLK The abnormal voltage is supplied to the nl relay и и oxvs The contact point is looked at
and the human power to the speaker 5 is i * st. The current through the relay-O-IL RLt or the
abnormal voltage flows from the diode 6sat to aOml ? 7: 7, the diode 4m from the 7th point,
'asst' and flows into the drain current (?). In the same way as the embodiment shown in Fig. 4
and Fig. 4 for the 9-ray-O coil RLIC [Jl, mat-fL-length diode is for preventing destruction of the
suppression circuit by counter electromotive force at the time of relay recovery. O Also, if a
positive DC abnormal voltage appears at the input terminal 10 day y "1 g, the abnormal voltage
is a% m. It appears at the connection point of the detection circuit consisting of PA1 BOAT
Conden + (4. и fL, resistance ? ?, ? ? 1 ? ? ? ? ?, ? ? ? ? 6 m 4. a @ hot water, 4 и ? 1
1 6 @ The positive O differential voltage appears on the side of the input terminal 10 hot side of
the 9 side after being rectified at 1 f L @ fixed power constant by 1 and the transistor is
suppressed by the Zenerda 1 ode 4 иии Supplied to the pace of TAs.
Also, since a positive abnormal voltage appears on the ground side of the input terminal 10, the
abnormal voltage is one diode-1'4stj and the transistor T is a bird ttTBano! Similarly to the case
of 9s1 +, when the transistor n6 is turned on, the current due to the abnormal voltage flows to
the relay T @@ (QaIL RL), and the relay rs @ o normally closed contact ts + i Speaker circuit cut
off Subi iIO damaged tube mount, 9 lay-и O: + (Loo lbt street 9 current from diode 41-44 () 118
points 4K-V'ms, 4t * street through 10 input terminals I am fILfL. The above is the case of the
embodiment of FIG. 5, but in the example of FIG. 5 O, an abnormal voltage appearing at the input
terminal 1 is used as a voltage for driving the relay as in the case of the e 4 eglO embodiment.
Direct I @ -O, the suppression-path tube control current is small current, and a small amount of
pipe-condens can be used. Also, unlike the fourth embodiment shown in FIG. 4O, it is not
necessary to use a special component such as a medium sensitivity relay 12 or the like. Note that
FIG. 6 is a grabbed example of the speaker breakdown voltage and an example of the working
voltage of the Sbee * @-device which is L in consideration of the present invention. -? a is an
example of how to measure how many seconds a circular vtoi * voltage is applied to the input
terminal of the speaker to damage the speaker and is an example of the 9.20 emO bass layer
book. In addition, when the voltage is reduced by 1 ░ to the input terminal 1 of this invention,
the relay device is made and the relay is opened, and the N и speaker This is a data ?-example of
whether the circuit is cut off, and the data O-example of the fourth elo 11 logic example is
numbered. In the case of a storage device according to the present invention 1c, it is understood
that if the speaker is damaged, the protection device operates with a much smaller voltage and
the speaker is broken. As described above, it is possible to prevent an accident such as burning of
the speaker due to the abnormal 1 kII current voltage from the heater with a relatively simple
configuration, low cost, and no power supply, as described above. In the case of a father, the
present invention has a relay device as a control device for switching the speaker circuit on and
off. Replace the hysteresis every time the protector works. This invention O speaker protection
device is a power supply, 1. . ??? Because it works with the speaker side, or built-in, or, single
town-order, decree. It can be used as an amplifier and speaker 01iaK connected as a body, and
the effect of keeping the speaker from the speaker breakage accident such as the case of driving
the speaker with the existing #IO speaker protection device-not for amplifier tube-is great. % O.
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