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Detail tatami 1, name of the invention
Supplier switch system of the ? ? ? ?? circuit
3, Detailed Description of the Invention Is this invention a speaker? The present invention relates
to a circuit that protects against a large input. Recently, with the increase of high output power @
8 units, the input resistance of the speaker is the same, but for example, an amplifier with an
unknown output! & When the speaker is damaged by adding power more than the input
resistance to the speaker due to mischief or mishandling (one situation has occurred. For this
reason, there is a announcement of the "Tanishou circuit", "Separating the speaker by using relay
circuit etc.", and the type that reduces the input to the pre-beeker. However, in these feedback
circuits, the season-circuit production The present invention can maintain the load fluctuation on
the amplifier side by keeping the farming circuit operating mode and the non-operational mode
as seen from the protection circuit side. It is something that was made without power.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described using the drawings. FIG. 1 is a schematic
circuit diagram showing the configuration of the present invention, (11 is an amplifier, (2) is a
film-holding circuit switch drive EndPage: 1 part, (31 is a protection circuit switching circuit), (41
is a speaker, A dance element, and (6) a second 1 / beadance element connected to the speaker
and the matrix. Z1 to z3 and Zs in FIG. + 61, is a circuit diagram showing an example of a
protection circuit switch, the input from the amplifier flj is added between A47, and it appears
between BT: 3 and is led to the speaker (4) 0 in FIG. , +8) is a rectifying diode, (9) is an
integrating circuit, and when the voltage level of the integrating circuit (9) rises, the relay coil
Qlll is turned ONL, and the switching circuit 1 in FIG. 1 (3) ) To change. Here, let's return to the
circuit of FIG. 1 and consider the relationship between the impedances 0 In the present
invention, each impedance is determined as in the following equation ? ? If (Zl, z2ft is added to
satisfy the equation 11, 1 + 2/2 applied from the protection circuit input terminal, 22 times the
speaker during operation and non-operation, and can be regarded as an impedance Zs of 41, and
the mind 0 The 1-bandance z3 of the Tutchi drive unit (2) is determined so as to be Za >> Zl-1-Zs,
Za)) Z2... Next, consider the power that can be heard by the speaker 141. Protection circuit nonsuki at the time of creation. Assuming that the voltage at both ends of the power (output blade
finger pressure of the amplifier) is all 'VO, it will be added to the speaker and the power will be
?CyzS, and the protection circuit operates with this voltage. The following equation (t31t4 +) is
obtained by defining 1 as shown in the following equation (1).
&, Za is zl s zss as shown in equation (21? Since it is very thick compared to engineering height
z2, disregard it and ignore it. 12 = io key ?-(Zl-1-Zs) l-Z2 "Zs иииииииииииииии (4I? The power applied to
the tower and the speaker becomes V, and when the holding circuit is not in operation, the V
becomes a speaker 4 / <'7-Vo2 / ZsKkL te Z22 / (Zl-1-Zs-1-Z2) 2. . For example, the choice 'Z1 =
Zs, Z2 = Z14-Zs' (this relation satisfies Equation 11) can be dropped to 1/4. As described above,
according to the present invention, when the protection path is in operation or not in operation,
the impedance as the load of the amplifier (impedance seen from the input end of the protection
circuit) can be substantially reduced, and the speaker In the case of the power supply, the power
can be reduced. In particular, when connecting a Teikyo division network etc. to the front plate of
a storage circuit, the operation of the glue circuit and the impedance matching / non-operation
due to non-operation are N problems, and the effect of this explanation is large. is there.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 71 shows the configuration of the present invention ?a
schematic circuit diagram, FIG. 2 shows an example of a protection circuit switch circuit, and FIG.
3 a is a circuit diagram showing protection circuits. The symbol C in FIG. 1 and the symbol D in
FIG. 1 indicate the same or corresponding parts, (1) indicates an amplifier, 121 indicates a switch
for holding a fluorine circuit # iJ + (3I indicates a switch, (41 indicates a switch) "-Force, + 51
161 is the first impedance element, the second impedance element.?
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