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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an example M of a
loudspeaker system according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram of another
embodiment of the loudspeaker system. Circuit 1 ...... speaker, 5 ...... emitting diodes, 6 .....
resistance. ″
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
system, for example, to one capable of ascertaining the level of a signal Kg applied to the circuit
of the loudspeaker. Conventionally, in the speaker system, the signal current applied to the
speaker can not be 4 i 11 WI t +1) ≧ −−− and so on: the speaker may be damaged due to
excessive input to the speaker or the function may be deteriorated. Thus, there is a need for a
means for 1i [l recognition of the signal level applied to the speaker. Since the present invention
is an improved turtle in view of such a point, a part of the signal current applied to the circuit of
the speaker is added to the light emitting diode, and this light emitting diode blinks or emits light
depending on the level of the input signal. A speaker system is provided in which the level of an
input signal can be visually confirmed by giving a degree or the like. Next, an embodiment of the
present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 1, (11 is a circuit of
the speaker and (2) is a circuit fl of the speaker), and the coil (2) 1 connected to the circuit fl is
an input terminal 131f41. In addition, a series circuit of a light emitting diode (5), a resistor (6)
set to a predetermined value, and a diode (7) for rectifying current is connected in parallel with
the speaker (2) to the circuit (1) of the speaker There is. In the book thus configured, a part of
the signal current applied to the speaker circuit (1) is rectified by the diode (7) through the
resistor (6) and the light emitting diode (5) K is applied. At the same time, the light emitting diode
(5) blinks or emits light with a predetermined brightness, thereby making it possible to visually
recognize the signal level. In addition, selecting the value of the resistor (6) in accordance with
the output of the speaker (2) makes it possible to display an excessive input to the cuspid force
(2). (3) In addition, although the case where the diode (7) which rectifies an electric current was
connected in series with the light emitting diode (5) was demonstrated in the said Example, this
diode (7) which rectifies is shown in t-2 figure. Thus, it is preferable to continue 41 in parallel
with the light emitting diode (5). As a result, the light emitting diode (5) can be prevented from
being damaged by an excessive voltage, and the light emitting diode -1 (5) can be maintained.
Further, although the case where one light emitting diode (5) is connected is described in the
above embodiment, the number of the light emitting diodes (5) is not limited to one, and a
plurality of light emitting diodes may be connected. In this case, by sequentially changing the
value of the resistor (6) in accordance with the number of light emitting diodes (5), the light
emitting diodes (5) can be sequentially lighted and displayed stepwise as the volume increases.
(4) The resistance (6) is not limited to the fixed resistance, but may be a variable resistance.
According to the present invention, by bonding the light emitting diode to the circuit of the
speaker, the signal level to the speaker can be displayed by light emission by the light emitting
diode, and this can be surely confirmed through vision. Therefore, not only confirmation of the
operation of the speaker but also maintenance of the speaker can be achieved. Further, since no
active element company such as an amplification unit or a power supply unit is used, wiring
other than the signal of the speaker system is unnecessary, and it can be easily attached to the
existing amplifier.
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