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Description 1, Title of the Invention Speaker Vibration Sensor A plurality of motion sensors
attached to a speaker diaphragm, a means for connecting a band pass filter and an amplitude
equalizer to the sensor output, and a plurality of frequency responses of the sound output of the
speaker Loudspeaker vibration sensor comprising means for dividing the sensor output into the
following band divisions and making the sensor output equal to the speaker response of that
division of the speaker, and means for combining the sensor output
2, the scope of claims
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a sensor that is faithful
to a speaker vibration suitable for MFB (Motional Feedback) etc., which changes the speaker
vibration directly to an electric vibration and NFB the amplifier to improve the characteristics.
Conventionally, as an MFB root vibration sensor, an electromagnetic coil, a piezo element, etc. are
considered, but none transmit the acoustic output of a speaker faithfully. Therefore, it is difficult
to increase the effect of NFB by MFB. According to the present invention, the frequency
characteristics of a plurality of sensors are cut out on the frequency axis, partially selected to
approximate the speaker response, and the amplitude is normalized and combined to obtain the
speaker output response (a) and the front view (b) Indicated. A speaker vibrating cone 1 has a
piezoelectric film such as PVdF attached with an electrode, such as 2, 3, 4, 5 ° 6. A piezo film
having a width IM of about 10 μm does not initially affect the speaker characteristics. Of course,
the lead is a thin wire. . The output of each piezo film is led to the band pass filters 10, 11 to 14
and passes through the amplitude equalizers 20.21. A sensor may be attached to the o-part 29 to
the evening pass EndPage: 1. 8 is 8 (material. 2 (a) and 2 (b) show an explanatory view of the
present invention. In (a), it is assumed that the speaker acoustic output frequency response is
calibrated using a standard microphone. (Figure b1 is an example of the response of the senna
output to the senna 2, 3, 4, 5.6 in Fig. 1. Taking the same standard electrical input as in (a), the
curve group 2.3.4 Let's say. (A) and (b) If you look at both lines, you can see that one of the parts
in (b) is almost similar to (a). If there is no such thing, position and shape of the membrane It can
be seen that each is similar to ° 100 in the same frequency section of (b), and if the
amplitudes are normalized and equalized by the amplifiers 20 to 24 in FIG. 1, then FIG. 2 (a) It
can be seen that a product close to the characteristics of can be obtained. FIG. 3 shows an
example in which the present invention is applied to the MFB circuit, and the sensor output is
NFBed to the drive amplifier 34, and 33 is a signal source. FIG. 4 shows a modification of the
sensor in which 7 indicates the case where one end of the piezoelectric thin film is attached to
the fixed body 9. Also make part of the cone conductive 2 ', 3', 4 '. Also shown is a capacitive
sensor based on the variation of the distance to the separated metal plates such as 5 ', 6'. Other
Sennas using sensors such as those described in Japanese Patent Application No. 52-44682,
Japanese Patent Application No. 52-44682, Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No.
65143.111907, etc. or light and so on (Japanese Patent Application No. 52-44683.33908, etc.
are also applicable.
It is also apparent that it can be used for electrostatic type and other speakers. FIG. 5 shows an
example in which the present invention is applied to an electrostatic or electret or piezo speaker,
and 38 'in which a plurality of piezo films 38 are provided at places of the diaphragm 35 may be
balanced and not have leads. 36.37 is an electrode ring. The piezoelectric film used in the
present invention may be a small number if attached to different places in the vibration mode,
and in the case of a piezoelectric film speaker, the electrode parts may be separated in some
places. If the response is given a slope by an equalizer as required other than the abovementioned filter of the present invention, it is possible to further approximate to a speaker
characteristic. The present invention is not limited to the above embodiment, and various
modifications and other combinations of the embodiment parts can be made.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIGS. 1 (a) and (b) show an embodiment of the present
invention in a side sectional view (a) and a front view (b). DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ...
Speaker cone, ... Piezo film, 8 ... Base material, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 ... Filter, 20, 21, 22,
23.24 Amplifier equalizer, 30 Synthesizer Fig. 2 (a) shows an example of the frequency response
of the speaker, and Fig. 2 (b) shows an example of the frequency response of the sensor. ...
Response to the piezo films 2.3, 4, 5, 6 respectively. FIG. 3 shows an MFB circuit according to the
invention 33,... A signal source, 34... A drive amplifier FIG. 4 shows a variant of the sensor used in
the invention, (5) 2 ', 3', 4 ' 5 ', 6' ... electrode plate 7 '... piezo film. 38 · · · Piezo film, 36. 37 · · ·
Electrode ring (6) EndPage: 2 Fig. 2 third issue / (i) / / 2 /, J / EndPage: 3
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