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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 to 4 are wiring diagrams of embodiments of the
present invention. 1, 1a, 1b, 1c ..... Microphone coil, 2t 2 at 2bt 2c ..... Microphone case, 3.3a, 3b,
3c .....-Amplifier, 4, 4a. 4 bt 4 c ? ? ? ? output signal terminals 5, 5a, 5b, '5C... Amplifier
power supply terminals 6, 6a... Equalizers amplifier 7, 7a line amplifiers 8 иии Delay circuit, 9 иии%
conversion transformer, 10 и и и output connector, 11 иии output connector case.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a microphone
with an amplifier built into the microphone body and mounted at a proximity. In the past,
microphones and amplifiers were assembled separately from each other. This is because it has
been impossible to incorporate the amplifier in the microphone body, and as the technology has
developed recently, it has become easy to integrate the amplifier in the main frame of the
microphone. 5-1-(1) The present invention provides a device incorporating an amplifier in a
microphone body using a small process 0 possible. The embodiment will be described below
according to the wiring diagram F. In the first embodiment: In the first embodiment, the amplifier
(3) is mounted in the microphone case, and the output signal extracted from the coil mounted on
the diaphragm of the microphone is amplified in the microphone case {1! The output signal
amplified by +31) is sent to the subsequent device. Similar to the on embodiment, the?
Embodiment, the amplifiers (3 m, 9) are divided into three groups, i.e. "3", x "xy * y), x (2", 9 ?
11 ", 1) ytD @ The amplified output signal is amplified by the amplifier (3a,%) in the microphone
case (2a, 2+), and the volume is increased through the equalizer 11IW # (6-) slow grinding circuit
amplifier (8). After adjustment, impedance conversion is performed by the line amplifier (7a, ?)
and then taken out as the output of the microphone. Example of practice: Microphone connection
01) and amplification M (3c) directly taken out from the microphone case (lc), amplified at a very
close position to the microphone, and sent out with the microphone cord. As apparent from the
wiring diagram of H, the following effects are obtained. (1) The output signal from the diaphragm
of the microphone is amplified by an amplifier very near the microphone coil and converted to a
larger output signal, so the output signal has less noise and the S / N ratio of the microphone
signal Improvement of Also, by lowering the output impedance, long distances can be sent
without loss. (2) Because the output signal from the microphone is large i), the subsequent device
is more dark. The equalizer circuit and the slow grinding circuit are incorporated in the '131
microphone body and incorporated in addition to the nine amplifiers, and C and K seconds, the
contribution of the microphone can be adjusted at the hand of the microphone.
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