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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic diagram of an embodiment of a
speaker protection device of the present invention. AMP: power amplifier, A, B: output terminal,
RL: relay, Sl, S2: relay switch, C: common terminal, a: normally open terminal, b: Normally closed
terminal, Sl, Sr: speaker, SPC: speaker protector circuit, AOD: power amplifier output level
detection circuit, LED: indicator.
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention applies muting when the operation of the
power termination at the time of power-on is unstable (1) t / 2) 17 / power at the time of
working of the speaker protector circuit. Whether or not the output signal nobel of the pump is
greater than the set level? 1 Determine the power end output and detect the bell M times. If the
over signal is being output from the power terminal, the power-7 knob output level ejection
circuit outputs a gold amount signal to make the muting operation continuous. After the muting
cancellation, loud noise from the speakers. It relates to the maintenance of a speaker that can be
used as a sword or to prevent the speaker from breaking down. -In death, HIV (Relay Suinochi '' #
HL, the first work of Power Ryanbu's first work is unbelievable at 11 o'clock of a certain period
from the beginning of the first day of a certain period of time. Make it stretch and mark II race
Inochi. The output of the power pump or the speaker is not input, and the speaker is kept.
However, when the power is turned off while outputting a large f't sound from the speaker,
sometimes it is forgotten that the volume is lowered by making four volume control volumes.
Therefore, when the power is turned on again. -1 muting solution-loud sound L ′ ′ from the
speaker may be output to the audience, and the speaker may be broken at 1 o'clock. This
consideration '5 If you are indwelling at the apex 1 between the conventional 1's and muting at
power-on, the excess signal above the set level is output from the power-off circuit. If you do not
cancel the operation of the mutity knob and turn on the 1 indicator to warn you, and do not
lower the output of the power amplifier below one fixed level by operating the control panel,
muting (2) It is something that i4Itl = not to work. The invention will now be described in detail
with reference to the drawings showing one example thereof. In 1 □, (LL (2) is the 5th ribcage of
the left and right channels, (QIL (Q2 ') and (Q3). (94) is a left and right dual power supply (10H)
for left and right channels for stereo respectively, and an eleventh and second transistor for
output which constitutes a power receiver (AMP) of the system of (-14) 3. 4th Transunsta. (Sl)
and (S2) are the first of the common ladders (C) connected to the output terminals (5) and (俤) of
the left channel and the right channel (3) amplifier circuit of the power channel (AMP). And
second relay switch, (SI), (left channel and right channel speaker + ijib on each of the normally
open contacts (a) of 521, (C1) has one end of first and second resistance [R] ') , (R2) a non-polar
alternating current stepped up to the output terminal LtMl of the left channel and right channel
amplifier circuit of the power channel (AAiP), the first capacitor in the signal bypass, The other
end is closed.
(Q5) is 89 at one end of the first capacitor (C) via the reverse direction first capacitor for
preventing backflow (1, 1 ') and the third filter (R3) for the filter (4) 5 transistors of the inverted
7 o'clock, the collector is connected to the stabilized DC 'small object (ten B) through the fourth
resistor (R4) for the collector load, and the emitter is terminated . (1) 2L (1): 'n is connected in
series between the collector of the child 5 transistor (Q5) and the borrow point of the third
resistor (R3) and the first diode (1) 1) Between the bases of the second and third diodes, (R5) and
(R6 ′ ′, respectively) and the base of the fifth transistor (Q5) and the third resistor (R3) and
the first diode (D1) (4) Pay table! 1st and 6th resistors for base 11-da of the fifth transistor (Q 5)
connected between the connection point of the 1st and the ground terminal, (R 7), (RP) is a
seventh resistor and a positive temperature posi- ster for Ichihara supply connected in series
between the DC power supply (+8) and the ground terminal, (Q6) is a base or reverse fourth
diode (D4 /) Through a seventh resistor (k7) and a posistor (the 61st transistor for .PSI.1
connected to the connection point of kP'r), and a DC power supply through an eighth resistor
(k8) which is a collector or collector load It is connected to (ten B) and the emitter is grounded.
(RlJ), (RIO) are the base of the sixth transistor (Q6) connected in series between the ground
terminals of the cathodes of the second and third diodes (D2E, D3) and the ground terminal; 9
and 10th resistor, (C2) is a second capacitor connected between the collector and the emitter of
the sixth transistor (Q6) to set the muting time with the eighth resistor (艮 8), (Q7) is the base
The 1J-ray connected to the collector of the sixth transistor (Q6) via the Zener diode (ZD), and
the seventh transistor being driven. The emitter is closed. (R11) is an eleventh resistor grounded
to the base and the emitter of the seventh tiger (6) transistor (Q7), (spc) is a fifth orange seventh
transistor (Q5) to (Q7), the third to seventh 11th resistor (k3) to (R11), first and second capacitor
(CI), (C2L first to fourth diodes (D1) to (D4), zener diode (ZD) and posistor (RP) The lf ′ ′
speaker prober loop (RL) is a relay for muting doubled between the collectors of a hundred flow
source (ten B) and the seventh trano 7 star (Q 7) and 1 Power is supplied, and both relay
switches (SI), (S2) can be switched on and off, and can always be switched to one (1) wife, (b).
(1) 5) is a fifth diode for back electromotive force and recovery of 1 J ray (RL). (R) 2), (R 13) is in
contact with the contact point of tj I + Sileyitch [sl, h normally closed layer city of (S 2)) and 1 ',
Power City (蔀 tp) output city 1 Wang, j: 12th and 13th grinding wheels for j, (D6) is the end
node or 12th and 13th resistance (R12), (R13) connection The sixth diode for rectification, which
is attached to the research point, (C3) is the third capacitor for smoothing that is attacked by the
cathode of the 6 diode (D6) and the grounding pendulum, (CP) is the non-inverting input ζ
Comparators where (R) 4 and (R 15) are DC mountains and Between 10 B) and the ground
streister calculation 14 for the level setting of the comparator (CP) in series @ all and m 154 i is
one and double rake (R 4), the inverting input terminal of the (essential reading point of R15] is a
comparator (cp) - is connected to the - (). (R16), (LEI) are indicators consisting of the output
terminal of the comparator (CP) and frost flow catching limit 16 low-resistance and island lightemitting diodes, which are held in series in the customer's mind by Yu Zhong-Wings, [ 1) 7), (J7'l
is the output of the comparator (cp); pM7- between the base of the sixth transistor (96) and the
reverse transistor which has been ground for one hundred lines: the seventh diode and the sixth
in the three way stop The base of the transistor (Q6) 'the 17th resistance of the' Pore newspaper
1 only armored. (AOD) are the 12th to 17th resistors (R) 2 to (R17), 6th. It is a power reception
output level detection circuit comprising a seventh diode (D6'r, (D7), a third capacitor (C3) and a
comparator (CP). I congratulate you on the operation of the previous 1e practice bite 11. When
the power switch is turned on, the 5th transistor + 71 (Q5) turns on at normal temperature and
the 6th transistor (Q 6) turns off at normal temperature in the speaker protector circuit i (SP). It
is determined in advance that λ3) to (R10). That is, when the city source pressure is 7 T, the
second capacitor (C2) is gradually filled through the eighth resistance (k8), and after 'tk' YiQ
warm-up. Between fixed temples determined by the eighth resistor (k8) and the second capacitor
(C2), that is, in the power amplifier (A% tP): ·: mountain, or rather stable at Ai, 臆 7 transistor (
When Q7) is off, the relay switch (RL) is connected, relay switch (Sl), (S2) or normally closed end
(-(b) as shown). .
12. Once the power end (A ~ tp) out of: No. 5 or the power end output and bell detection can be
detected 01) ') human being filled. Divided by the thirteenth resistor (R + 2), (R] 3), further
aligned with the sixth diode (1) f), and smoothed with the third capacitor (C3) It is marked on the
non-inverted input no ladder (+) of the comparator (CP). On the other hand, at the inverting input
terminal T-(-) of the comparator (CP), the direct lightning l + 皇 ((均 小 均 協 圧 第 14). The
comparative reference pressure divided by the fifteenth resistance (R14) and (R15) is applied.
Then, (8)) When an excessive signal is output from the Howard end loop (A to IP), an IJD is
marked on the non-inverting input terminal (+) of the comparator (CP). The signal is larger than
the bull's-eye, and the comparator (cp) outputs a power detection signal (A to IP (a signal of the
excessive signal), and the indicator i (LED) is turned on by this feeding signal, and the power
detection (AMP) And the detection signal is applied to the base of the sixth transistor (Q6). Even
if the operation of the power termination (AMP) is stabilized, the seventh transistor (Q7) can be
turned on by using the sixth transistor (Q6) or turning on the on state. Keeping the off state and
disturbing one loop (RL), muting is not released. Then, sound → “... adjustment, maneuver the
volume, and lower the expression of the power foil rock level of the power termination (AMP)
and make the comparator (CPI comparison reference Ichikawa lower than the detection signal
from the comparator (CP) As the indicator (LEI) turns off and the sixth transistor (Q6 ') turns off,
the second capacitor (C2) is charged and the second capacitor (C2) charges the lightning 19)
When the king goes high and the Zener diode (ZD) conducts, the seventh transistor (Q7) is
turned on] and the J-relay (RL) is j-charged, and 1) the races (81) and (S2) are broken up. Gikoko
Toko (alted to al, muting + h or 1 p. Γ). Then, when the muting gate is “y”, the relay terminal
(S) and the relay terminal (S2) connect the power termination (A \ IP) to the speaker (Sl) l (Sr).
Therefore, the power amplifier (AMP) 117) '5 Force 1g is input to the power output circuit
(AOD), and the output 1 level of the power -7 knob (AMP) is changed. Even if the power end
output is output Bell L 芙 fi 4 fi (AO'l) ') or I do not hesitate.
Then, when the 'J-y original switch is turned off, the base 7 of the brush 7 (C7) is frosted down
rapidly. And since the collector's electric cap does not flow, the υ race Inochi (Sl), (52) is a
normally open condensation point (N is divided into bl, and the power termination (AMP) and the
loudspeaker (S)), (Sr) ) Is released. By the way, due to the abnormal operation of the river of the
power amplifier (AMP), it is sent to the output terminal of the power terminal (AMP) (10)! If
positive or negative direct ll # lightning pressure appears and the speaker (Sl) (Sr) is damaged by
this voltage, the voice coil of the speaker (S7) or (Sr) may be damaged. Let's all talk about how to
prevent it. Now, for example, if a negative DC HONDA is generated at the output 71 terminal
terminal of the power channel amplification channel of the power channel (AMP), this pressure is
applied to the first condenser (((1) In 1), the printing force is zero, and a negative voltage is
generated at both ends of the first capacitor (C1). No, current flows in the direction of the 5th
resistance (R5L = F1 1 diode (January) and the 3rd resistance (K3)) from the direct source (10B)
directly through the first diode (1) 1. The base potential of the fifth transistor (Q5) is lowered and
turned off, and the collector positive pressure of the fifth transistor (Q5) rises. Raindrops flow
from the Nagisa city source (+ B) to the fourth resistor (R4L second diode CD2) and the eighth
resistor (R8) to the base of the sixth transistor (96) in the cylinder 1+. The transistor (<) 6 is
turned on from the off state. Therefore, the collector potential of the sixth transistor (96)
decreases, and the base% of the seventh transistor (Q7) (11) does not flow, and the collector '1-1of the seventh transistor (Q7) can not be found. Therefore, the relay (RL ') is turned off and the
high strength terminal (speaker (S)) is released, and the voice coil of the speaker (S) is a DC
lightning rod, ff'1. 彦 る. Next, when the output 瑞 does not occur (C positive stone 缶 can
pressure is generated, the first capacitor (C1) receives the positive electron ≠ \ via the first
resistance (k), so 庖 3 The diode (1) 3 is turned on to form the base of the sixth transformer /
star (Q6) through the third resistor (R3), the third diode (D3) and the ninth resistor (R9). And the
transistor (Q6) is turned off from the off throat, protecting the loudspeaker (S) as before. In the
case of normal condition, the power door (AMP) hanging door terminal (Al or (The output which
appears evenly is only an AC signal, and at the same time, early one capacitor (C1), at Tll1 end
The output terminal (N or (1 ()) applies a direct current pressure, and the 1-bit switch (81 /), LS2)
never opens.
Next, a speaker (Sl) is selected from the excessive current resulting from the high temperature of
the radiation treatment of the first (12) □ ゝ)) fourth transistor (Ql) to (Q4) for the output of the
power amplifier (AMP '). The operation for recovering "l, 82" will be described. That is, the
resistance value of the posistor (RP) is very low at room temperature or several kilohms at high
temperatures. Therefore, at room temperature, the IJIIt) 'at the end node of the fourth diode (1)
4' is very low, so the base double bias lri of the sixth transistor (Q6) does not flow, and the
transistor (96) Is in the off state 1. In addition, since this posistor (RP) is mounted close to the
heat sink of the transistor (Q1) (Q2) (Q: n (Q4)) for the output of the power amplifier (AMP), the
cough transistor ((1 When the output of Q) to [Q4] is small, the temperature of the heat sink is
low, and the resistance value of the posistor (RP) is also small, so the sixth transistor (Q6) is an
off state it. When the output of the power pump (AMP) increases or the heat radiation effect of
the first to fourth transistors (Ql) to (Q4) is poor, the temperature of the heat sink also increases,
and the temperature increases. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the
resistance 1 series increases, and the seventh resistance (R7) and the 113th diode 4 (D4) become
one, and the current flows in the sixth transistor (Q6), and the transistor (6) Q6) Turn on, operate
relay (RL), power end (Axip),! Zy, HEK (SIJ) C8 r) WIIG or M-shell, the quenching of 1st to 4th
brush 4 transistors (Ql) to (Q4) is released, so 1 + 4 亥 of transistors (Ql) to (Q4) ■ The rise is
1.111! State 1 will be. As described above, according to this four-speaker loudspeaker system,
the power pen's output pendulum is connected to the muting ll relay relay 1's joint, and the relay
7 mountain's At the same time, hold the speaker on the regular switch of the relay switch, which
is known as Soken. A speaker protector is connected to a speaker protector which is connected to
a speaker protector which is controlled to turn off the output power of the power amplifier and
to turn off + and-to turn off the power. Power amplifier output level detection circuit for driving
the speaker protector 洛 1 by outputting 7 噴出 when the bell is greater than the stable level.
And an indicator which lights up according to the detection signal. (14) The power amplifier is
turned on and muting movement is performed. WQ greater than a fixed level can lower the +1 +
power level below the specified level and prevent muting from being released unless it deviates.
The loud sound from the speaker after muting details, to the sword] It is possible to prevent the
speaker i 纒. 4.1 One-sided description of 1 side 1 'Winter 11 (speaker of the speaker of this
person: j dress, one of the person, only one, one row of the line of the row l. (A ■ P) Power
amplifier, tAl, m) · Output terminal. (RL)−、IIレー+(S11. (S2)・リレースイッ
チ。 (C) Common terminal, (a) · Always -1 ladder, (b)-· Always. (S-e), (Sr) -speaker, (SPC) -speaker
protector circuit: track, (At) D) Power amplifier output level detection ° C 1 (, (LEI))-display. 申
弁 1) 太 部 (15) B B, -Avp-,-,-,-, Q, b 1 1 ', = = S StlR 121 ・ · B B, AOD----031 106 RI 61' C 304 11
◆ Bspc--yo 3R9R5R4R8 □, R3DI065D42007 'P □□ L
□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□))), □: qbQ1
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