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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram of an input unplugged and
earthing down, FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram of an input unplugged and open, and FIG. 3 is a
correspondence between equipment and a microphone when using a microphos. Respectively.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a shack for stereo input in
electronic devices. In the past, stereo microphones and the like used to output the two signals
with separate mono-full plugs, but with this method, the operation of inserting the plug into the
jack was required twice, and there was a risk that the left and right might be inserted incorrectly.
. In the future, a single stereo plug (single (1), 7aJIW ': 1st + tl to a good stereo plug) will be
developed instead, and it is considered that an output f-will be produced by this, in that case In
stereo tape recorders, tape decks, radio cassettes, video cameras, amplifiers, etc. that receive
these outputs, in addition to the two conventional shutters for single monaural plug (singleheaded monaural plug), jacks for single-headed stereo plug 1 A total of five jacks are required,
and an external changeover switch is also required to switch these. It is an object of the present
invention to provide a concatenation plug which can cope with either an input with a tank> 11 +
4-head stereo plug or a stereo input with two random monaural plugs without the need for an
external changeover switch. The single-headed stereo plug used for the jack of this invention
consists of a single shaft, and the output on the right side of the tip is taken out and the output
on the left side of the central part is taken out. A department is provided. Next, one embodiment
of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings (2) 61. FIG. 1 shows its
circuit diagram. The monaural jack (1) has an earth terminal (8) and a hollow 11 (4), and the hot
side terminal (4) is connected to one hot side (4 &) of the stereo jack (2) via the switch (5) And
the earth terminal (35) of the stereo shutter (2) through the switch (65). The monaural jack (1) or
the hot side (8) and the remaining one of the stereo side jacks ("4b") are connected to the
amplifiers (6) and (7), respectively. The hot side terminal (4b) is also connected to the ground
terminal (3) via the switch (5). When using a conventional stereo microphone with two singleheaded monaural plugs, if each plug is connected to the monaural jack (1) and the stereo jack (2),
the amplifiers (a) and (7) will A signal is given. Also, in the case of using a microphone or the like
with a single-headed stereo plug, when the plug is connected to the stereo jack (2), the signal is
given to the amplifiers (6) and (7), respectively.
At that time, the operation (3) 96 of the switch (s) (5) (j>) of each jack, and the type of plug
inserted into the jack at the end of the jack, automatically switches one input path. In Fig. 1, a
stereo jack with a ground contact was used, and the input was unplugged and earthed was taken,
but as shown in Fig. 2, input was made using a stereo jack without a switch. It is also conceivable
to have an open type without a plug. The case where this invention is used for a microphone is
shown in FIG. In this example, of the input jacks of the device, a monaural jack is used on the left
side and a stereo jack is used on the right side. In the figure, (8) is a stereo microphone with a
single-headed stereo jack lug, (9), (10) are those with a single-headed monaural plug as a general
microphone. ) Shows stereo microphones provided with two single-chain monaural plugs,
respectively. According to this device, when the device has two signals such as stereo, it can be
input by 2 @ plug as per Umeda, and can also be input by wharf stereo plug, and further, the
operation is quick, reliable and easy. Not only can it be realized, but the cost savings can be
achieved by reducing the number of parts used (4) 96.3, and the installation space for jacks to
the equipment can be reduced, and the equipment can be miniaturized.
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