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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of a
microphone according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a front view showing the same
waveform (a transmission waveform from a transmitter constituting this embodiment). 1 и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Counter period.
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention belongs to a digital microphone that
converts sound pressure directly into a digital signal. y-f '/ ytft31) b) Conventional microphones
have valley-grabbing microphones such as piezoelectric, electrostatic and electrokinetic
microphones, but since these also output analog signals, they have one-lead noise It is easy to
receive shadow l #. Recently, PGM (puL @@ ood * 111 Odul & '1-Loll) transmission method is
becoming popular 0 This is what is used by replacing an analog signal with a digital signal. The
signal is sampled at a constant frequency (Ik high transmission frequency higher than twice the
high frequency), and-sampling values in intervals are converted into digital signals for use. Digital
reconnaissance is a binary transmission of quality, since it is sufficient to indicate whether there
is a signal or not, that is, one or two combinations of 1 or O, and it is only necessary to determine
1 or ?. Even in the i-circuit, even a wide band can transmit information enough to carry a 32'day, it is possible to open the door, and the noise is mixed. The present invention is made to the
point as described above, and its purpose is to change the transmission frequency a by 'IM'
according to the sound pressure, and to set the transmission waveform O peak or valley within
this unit sampling period. It is intended to be converted to digital immersion immediately as it is
encoded by counting, thus providing a digital microphone telephone with less noise. The details
of the main body system will be described below with reference to the drawings. 01 is a fixed
electrode, 2 is disposed opposite to the fixed electrode 1, and the movable electrode 2 is
stationary due to a constant tension P The electrostatic capacitance 11tC + ?Ct? of the sum of
the capacitance aC and the capacitance 0 of a fixed amount according to the distance between
the fixed IE pole 1 and the fixed IE pole 1 due to displacement by receiving the pressure ?P.
Occur. 33 is a transmitter h9, and this transmitter 3 transmits, for example, a source 1d
frequency t + ?? determined in accordance with a change in capacitance 0 + JC generated
between the fixed electrode 1 and the movable electrode 2 Q4 is a needle needle device, as
shown in the waveform 18 of the frequency f + ?f generated by the total of a & 4 Fi 4 M unit 3
as shown in the figure 2 of 2 District threshold house, 8 1 count the number of its mountains or
valleys. That is, the number H + .delta.Nt of the transmission waveform 60 of the unit sampling
layer M1 and the number of peaks and valleys of the unit sampling layer M1 are counted. 5 is a
code change @a ? ? C.) This code transfer unit 5 is the number of peaks or valleys in the
waveform of the unit collar ? ? ? counted by the counting coupe 4, pure binary Alternatively,
it can be digitally converted and encoded at a predetermined 2 ? ? ? such as 2's complement.
One 11 of this invention! In the theoretical example, as described above, when the sound
pressure aP is applied to the movable electrode 2 standing still under a fixed posture 34 ░ ? 9
PO shape and the movable electrode 2 vibrates according to the magnitude, the fixed side 1
Depending on the distance between the movable electrode 20 and the identification electrode 1
and the movable electrode 2 produces a sum of the capacitance G of one foot value and the
movable ? by the change ?C due to the vibration of ? 2, that is, electrostatic goodness of C +
?0 Then, the transmitter 3 generates an emission frequency ? t + at (If determined by the
change of the capacitance 0 + aO). This transmission frequency f ten af counts! As shown in FIG.
4J, the number of peaks or valleys is counted over the counting sections 8 and 8 every
transmission waveform 60 sampling period T to obtain MMaN. In this case, this count ill + ?N is
encoded by M code binary or 2's complement, etc. by code conversion 11 l is and predetermined
02 J lkm K encoded. As described above, the digital signal can be easily converted into a digital
signal simply by coding 35 binary numbers and determining whether it is 1 or a as a digital
signal. As described above, the microphone of the present invention FMK adjusts the sounding
frequency according to the pressure accumulation, and it can be encoded by tt ing the peaks or
valleys of the transmission waveform during this unit sampling period, so that digital 15
immediately You can change to Therefore, there is an effect of reducing noise compared to the
conventional microphone using the analog No. 16.
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