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Conventionally, a speaker is driven by an analog signal, and it is expected that even if it is a
digital signal, #IM will be fIM Imi by the appearance of a PCM recorder or the like. The present
invention assumes that the speaker system is driven by digital signals and provides a speaker
that can be driven by digital signals. Now, assuming that t is time, it is known that the signal X is
represented by a quadratic expression from the theorem of 'un-Hun 19 Ning's principle if there is
no anonymous tiger of the limb number component with angular frequency WO or more. .
However, ? weight = brow / wo и и и и-(21. That is, (11 shows that the delay time X field is
completely restored from the addition of the discrete signal X (S ? lido impulse response sia
(gtAt) / (? 12 ?)). Since one input of the speaker 7 stem driven by the digital signal can be
considered to be an input terminal corresponding to each bit, there is a necessity to set the signal
{circle over (1)} of f1m bit as X (rmt). Therefore, (1) Formula t '! It is rhombic like the UJ formula.
ииииииииииииииииии (3) Impact x x 7 x m1 n (r at 7. b / (t t At) l j). In the P4 drum number region, it is a low
pass filter with a cutoff frequency WO. Therefore, (from equation 31, X (s t-to restore [in 9 m pits
signal sum, ? Xi (n ? electric) 1 =! It turns out that it should be good if it passes through the
low pass filter of t cutoff frequency Wo. Hereinafter, the above theory jcJli 9 will be described
according to the illustrated embodiment 9 for the details # 1 of the present invention. FIG. 1 is a
conventional block diagram of a speaker / stem for an analog input. In FIG. 1, the analog input
signal is initially band-limited with the deriving network +17 IC, J1. Next to the speaker alone (2)
is added to everyone f1! ??? ???? It is conceivable to use a plurality of speakers such as
ri, bass, middle-old, and high-pitched speakers, but here it is represented by one. Also, in the case
of the full band, omission of the telecommunications network (1) is good-0, while FIG. 2 is a +14
diagram of a loudspeaker / stem according to an embodiment of the present invention for digital
input signals. In FIG. 2, the m-bit digital input 1M is added by the f-factor (3) to produce a signal
sum ?X1 (s?s). Further, the signal sum is converted to an analog signal by passing through the
7 rounds IR number woory-bass filter (4), and thereafter, ? [f!
???? As the low pass filter (4), a carp AI Lt like L in FIG. 3 and L2. A passive low pass filter
composed of-, Ln and capacitances Ct, Cn,-, Cn, or resistors 81 to ? 4 as shown in the example of
FIG. An active low pass filter composed of storage Cm, Cb and an operational amplifier can be
considered. FIG. 4 shows a second-order VCV 80-pass filter, but in general, any kind of active
low-pass filter for an operational amplifier t ['may be used. As mentioned above, one speaker
system of the present invention. Since the digital input signal is equipped with a transformer for
combining discrete signals corresponding to valley bits and a low pass filter for recovering an
analog signal from nine combined digital signals, it can be driven by the digital signal It is a layer.
Brief description of the drawings
The first uFi, the #II factor of the analog input speaker system, FIG. 2 is a block diagram of a
digital input speaker system according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a
block diagram showing an example of a passive low pass filter, FIG. 6 is a block diagram showing
an example of a tl-function 11 B low-pass filter.
In the figure, (11 indicates a telecommunications network, (2) indicates a single speaker, (3)
indicates a transformer, and +41 ri low pass filter. In the figures, the same symbols indicate the
same or corresponding parts. Agent Shino Nono-Fig. 1!
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