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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
displacement generator using a bimorph piezoelectric element. [Technical background of the
invention and its problems] In general, a bimorph piezoelectric cable is formed by laminating and
bonding a plurality of piezoelectric elements, and it is possible to apply a mold out (it is easier
than two (very small displacement can be generated. Is an effective means for In the prior art, it
is well known to use a Ba-f-morph piezoelectric cable as a device for giving small displacement,
and an optical system such as a video disk is used as an application example of a commonly used
bimorph piezoelectric cable. System C: The biimorph pressure 'tii's upper tip jiiAf is attached as a
deflection element of laser light, or a video head deflection stack for auto tracking in a helical
scan aMV'i "R, etc. . In recent years, it has been studied to use (7 <immorph pressure ') element
button as an offset device for a solid 11 anti-image device. The solid image IQ i ^ 2 is
“conventional,” smaller than the Zen statue. It has many advantages such as weight, high
roughness and coarseness 1% [ni has no figure wrinkle, small afterimage is small, y · b
attachment etc. I '],' V, W for garden Applications such as video cameras and 'Kameko cameras
without silver film' are widely considered to be extended to history in the future. In these
applications, there is a strong demand for high resolution imaging for current solid state imaging
devices. However, one-way eyeglasses]-When the eyepiece [11], the equipment d has the largest
chisobuzize among the LSIs of the mIE IE, as an approach to revising one person. There is a need
to reduce Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the size of tetzpize and make it history (5 l) to make
it 11 units, and it is manufacturing skill (l is also poor 9.llI). In order to address such a problem
(in order to cope with the problem, the Mlj of the interline transfer force type CCLI (hereinafter
not referred to as IT-CCD), the photosensitive portion (for example, photodiode 9, lower PD and
jP] N)) (- At the same time (-CCD lFM, CCD (two moves, during the field period of the cocoon)
Vibrate the solid-state image-pickup set with an imaging element so that the vibration center is
located in the ineffective period between the field ridges (double resolution or high resolution 1
inversion attempts to double the apparent number of pixels) It is done. (1) to provide a solid-state
image pickup collector horizontally with respect to the chip surface (-by applying an appropriate
amplitude at an appropriate frequency, thereby achieving conventional solid-state imaging; is
As described above, studies have been made to use a bimorph piezoelectric element in order to
vibrate and deflect the two-solid j-most image element. However, the amount of displacement of
such bimorph pressure 'A' is different depending on the temperature under the environment
used, and although the temperature varies depending on the material, the temperature of one ay
is approximately 2000 to 10000 ppm / G (-20 " C ~ 60 "C). For example, VTR Kamen, Kameko
Camera 4f (two solid state shooting 1. $! When the device is installed, it is easy (= inferred) to
cause a change in sensitivity depending on the environment to be used again. As described
above, when the degree of change is necessary, the displacement material is also deteriorated as
described above, and there is a disadvantage that the desired displacement amount can not be
obtained. Therefore, for example, when used for a deflection device of a solid-state imaging
device, there is a problem that a high resolution can not be obtained sufficiently. SUMMARY OF
THE INVENTION The present invention has been made in consideration of the above points, and
it is an object of the present invention to provide a displacement generating device having a
constant displacement amount regardless of temperature change IW. [Invention 0! The
“invention” is the sign of the temperature of the bimorph pressure ′ ′ element and the
temperature drop of the 1st order valley k] − or the deweighting capacity of the pre-convex 7 ×
10 7 luff pressure abrasive system. Debt νiC code (-me) 糸 号 − 屯 屯 直列 直列 ((2 j 成 成 し て
鑓 鑓 M 狡 狡 狡 鑓 狡 鑓 鑓 鑓 1 M light production匝. The bimorph piezoelectric lamella is
made of four heavy materials made of a single material or a temporary material, and it is
necessary to use it ((必 朕 ・ ・, 朕 4 高 (2 g 虜Use it. In general, bimorph piezoelectric cords
(two pressure materials used (two, pressure ′ ′ determination 大 き い α is large 1. 1 1 i 81 曾
j number of threads 1 (3 turns: large one, one surface mechanical pad is large For example, PZT
(Pb (Zr, Ti) Os), a binary I-poe of Pb (Pb (Y%),). % 6) Oa (Pb + Sr) TiO2-PbZrO3 system, pb (Coy6 +
W%) O, -Pb (Ti, Zr) 03 yarn, Pb (Mg> 6, Nb%) 03-Pb (Ti + Zr) 03 Examples include ternary
materials such as PbSb (SbH, NbH) Os-Pb (Ti + Zr) OsK, Pb (ZnH, NbH) Os thread, Pb (La%, Nby)
03 series, and the like. In addition, the composition near the morpho-tropic phase transition
exhibits good characteristics. Generally, it is known that the amount of displacement of a
bimorph piezoelectric flux using such a piezoelectric material increases or decreases as the
temperature rises and falls.
The bimorph piezoelectric element has a piezoelectric charge which is an inductive body (in
order to apply two voltages, it has an electrostatic capacitance, and this electrostatic capacitance
also decreases with the rise and fall of temperature). According to the inventors' research, it has
been found that the temperature coefficient of displacement and the temperature coefficient of
capacitance are almost equal. It has become clear that this tendency is bimorph pressure-the
shape of the element (length 9 width, thickness) (2 is almost independent). The 3 and 1 drive
voltages for which the temperature change of the displacement M (S) and the capacitance (C) of
the bimorph piezoelectric cable is shown in FIGS. 1 to 3 are, for example, f = 301 (z, 601 (z, V = O
to 200 V was used. The '' voltage of the electric field is approximately 0 to I KV, A + n. Figure 1
shows Pb (YH, Nby? 2) A combination of 03 (Pb, 5r) TiO3-PbZrOx material + 1 (T-96 made by
Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd.), Fig. 2 (two Pb (Co% +% 2) Os Pb (Tl, Zr) Fig. 3 (2 is Pb (Y% + Nby2)
03-(Pb + Sr) TiO3-PbZr0, material of the system (T-96 improvement) when using the material of
Os system CT-85 made by Toshiba Ceramics Co., Ltd. Indicate the case of using). For the sample,
αs = 5100 (ppm 7 ° C.) 1 αC = 4800 (pIllrn / ° C.), FIG. 2 (for the two samples shown, αs =
6300 (ppm / 'C :). α c = 6000 (ppm / 'C), and in FIG. 3 (two shown E Ji), αS-2800 (ppm /' C) and
αC = 2500 (Ppn1 / ° C.). Thus ((two αC and αs show almost the same value). Similar results
are obtained for other materials. The piezoelectric material is a material used at a temperature
lower than one point of curry, and if it is a filler having a range of -C, it exhibits substantially the
same direction. The present invention is not limited to this point, and it is possible to connect the
power amplifier described in the fitJ description without providing a 41 cm-thick ceramic circuit,
thereby making it possible to obtain a bimorph piezoelectric insulator. (2) The voltage applied
changes according to the change of the capacitance, and (2) the '-' pressure causes the bimorph
pressure 'c: change so as to keep the displacement of the element approximately constant (2).
That is, when a change in the texture occurs such that the displacement of the bimorph pressure
element is increased, the static capacity of the bimorph piezoelectric element is also added to the
stomach. At this time, since the series (two connected two capacitors) has a displacement amount
(electrostatic capacity) of the bimorph piezoelectric element and a temperature coefficient of 11
different, the static 'Mu W ash of this capacitor decreases.
As a result, the voltage applied to the second Imorph LE 'element (the voltage applied J
decreases, and the amount of displacement is reduced in the -V- direction (-i'ill). The same is true
when the temperature change is reversed. . In addition, as described above, it is possible to use a
capacitor which causes a temperature coefficient of the opposite sign to the product C coefficient
of capacitance of the bimorph piezoelectric cable (it is possible to obtain a more sufficient effect
than two). , M degree degree (α c,) of α C: bimorph pressure '屯 electrostatic capacitance of the
accumulation% formula% C + (To)' To capacitance of the capacitor at To (C) (To) 'Bi of the
bimorph piezoelectric in two T 6: valley-to-valley relationship 関係 を α, α s, bimorph pressure
ゼ displacement of the element (1 1 swimming number + ro: basic 1 r IAILC + ( To): i ".
Condensed-in-the-ceiling valley C ('l-'o) "I'o RrJ's bimorph L'jum's 1-beat' 6 trial relationship (7-2
J-J)兄 兄 効果 効果 効果 effect. For the capacitor, for seven, j5'E, one for all, and one for the
country night (more easily than two), it is possible to use fr around M, 1 m: W J4, 7. I can get the
love ceremony. The row is a ceramic condenser J, the temperature is below normal temperature
(1 holding fat [已 j 薗? The materials used are, and more recently, Pb (iVb: A, Nb2A) O3'lx. This is
a material that has the desired characteristics. It is easy to be able to squeeze. When a revision
(VO) is applied by connecting a bimorph piezoelectric element (靜 capacity MI MIC) and a
capacitor (frP 'N capacity + C +) in series, the voltage (V) applied to the bimorph pressure
element Is as in equation (1). Biting bimorph pressure 'F jj: The displacement (δ) of the element
is covered by the following equation, where L'i ifi displacement sensitivity is S. δ = S-V (2) The
change due to the temperature T is calculated by ill (21 equation as follows (- eog V = J log c +11 og cc I c c) + log Vo C ′ ′ (1)) no g δ = A og S +, go g V (°, '(A) (8), (4 J ρ where 屯 of
temperature coefficient of displacement quiet of temperature coefficient of displacement) If it is
assumed that the valley ridge is hot, then equation (5) becomes (2) In order to eliminate the onetime conversion before bimorph pressure-offspring displacement, it is assumed that αδ = 0 and
the public safety is 9.1) i as described (if The equation is used to obtain the following
.alpha.c1--summer .alpha.3... 8) C, C are expressed by the following formula. CI ('r) = CI (To) 100
+ (To)-? C1-? T (9) C (T)-"C (' i'o) + C (To)"? C '? T IJO) as described above As in the case of
general (2 α C is as small as 2000 to 10000 pprn, / ° C., the following relationship is
established. Therefore, if such an αc'fr-containing capacitor is used, the temperature and
pressure change of the displacement company can be made almost zero. If the tolerance of the
temperature difference Δ'I′′C is only 100 · a, then the relationship −a ≦ Q, T · αa ≦ a u′lJ
should be satisfied. Therefore, according to the equation (6), it becomes---,-(c, + c) ≦ C1αc +
Cαc, ≦ temporary-(CI 100) u ′ ′ ′ ΔT. Similar to the equation (11) (= calculation, it is good
to satisfy the following relationship. It is good to satisfy the relationship ≦ −αc + 2a− (-. ′ 'F
or a' (i = ・ T · 〆 こ と or less) (The effect of temperature compensation is exhibited by the
capacitor (b. Other snare ropes, such as inductors, resistors, etc., are also required when using
abrasives, inductances, or other large impedance changes and large impedance changes. Drive
voltage Ji! It is desirable to use a capacitor because problems such as the existence of factors of
t1 wave number remain. According to the present invention, it is possible to use a coefficient (a
capacitor having two opposite signs and a bimorph piezoelectric element connected in two series
(-a good, & a rough 'temperature axis before displacement without using an electronic circuit')
You can do 9 things. As described above, since the temperature compensation can be performed
only by the capacitor, it is possible to obtain the displacement generating device which generates
the temperature (a constant displacement amount regardless of two) at low cost and in high
reliability. Therefore, if the present invention is used as, for example, a deflection device for a
solid image display device, it is possible to maintain a constant still fineness regardless of
temperature change. [Embodiment of the Invention] The following will describe embodiments of
the present invention. The fourth tg + + "), tbl is a circuit 1 'which roughly roughly 7' of the
displacement generator 6 'of the present invention. The driving voltage ■ is a sleeve I θ in
which a 1 m 4 indavne is connected in series to a Si bimorph piezoelectric element (3) by an AC
'power source (1) which is sufficiently smaller than the impedance of a bimorph pressure% X
child Is applied to the bimorph piezoelectric flux (3) via the capacitor (2) (valley RC +). Not
implemented 131 j (1 river bimorph pressure '屯' is a so-called parallel contact P 范 桿 1, plate
material (3a) (3b) (thickness 0.2 + nin, length 2 A rnm, width made of piezoelectric material,
width The polarization direction is the thickness direction of the plate, and the polarization
direction is the same.
Driving voltage is plate material (3a). The crucible to which the plate material (3b) is joined is
used as one of four electrodes, and the other surface is applied as the other electrode. In this
case, 1 morph 1 [city static ij l valley ridge and displacement o were both 5000 pp + TI / -C. In
accordance with this bimorph piezoelectric element, the static capacity -RC + of the capacitor (2)
is -5000 ppm / 'c, 71> at room temperature, the static core si (4) of the bimorph piezoelectric
element (, 3) The same one was used. When the peak voltage '1 white, 200 V + a negative voltage
of 1 V) was added as the driving direct pressure 2, the displacement amount showed a value of
temperature (not less than 2)-foot. The results are shown in FIG. 5 (two. As apparent from FIG. 5,
it can be seen that the two temperature-displacement characteristics are constant at four. In this
manner (a temperature compensation of the displacement t of the bimorph piezoelectric element
can be performed only by connecting two specific capacitors in series for temperature
compensation). In the non-embodiments, parallel-connected bimorph piezoelectric elements are
used, but the same applies to the case of using series-connected polarization directions (one
reverse e). Further, it goes without saying that the number of plate members made of
piezoelectric material is not limited to two, and one or three or more plates may be used. In
addition, if necessary (the same applies if fixed to a metal plate or the like). Next, the case where
the displacement generating device of the present invention is used as a deflection device for a
solid] liquid image element will be described. FIG. 6 is an exploded perspective view of the
deflection device of the solid-state imaging device. A solid-state imaging device such as a CCD
(6υ is a flexible printed board as a signal transmission path (a first substrate 11i 31 having a 6
鍾 two-sided M1 is used. This flexible printed board (621 is formed in a C shape in order to
increase the displacement of the solid-state imaging device 6). Further, two pairs of bimorph
piezoelectric elements (64a) and (64b) are fixed in parallel to the second base 1 (i51) for the
solid-state image pickup device 6 of the present invention. This bimorph piezoelectric cable (fy ↓
aJ + (64b)) has a structure in which a plate made of, for example, a piezoelectric material of a
PZT ternary element is bonded via a support plate of an Ni plate, for example. Further, in the
fixed part of the second base 11b) of the bar-shaped seventeenth piezoelectric element (4a) and
(64), the displacement of the bimorph piezoelectric element (64a) and (64b) becomes thick, so
the support plate A curved portion (66a) is provided so that (66) has a spring action. Further, the
base 1 (1 6) is fixed to the solid portions (67a), (67b) formed substantially in the center of each
of the bimorph pressure elements (64a), (64b).
Sira (two, the second base 165)! The flexible printed board +621 and the bimorph pressure 'tE
element (64a), (64b)' electrode is fixed to the supporting base 118) and connected to the
supporting base (68) f formed electrode. As described above, in the deflection device of the solidstate imaging device, as described above, -C drive through the capacitor:! A 1 J Ii pressure is
applied to vibrate the bimorph piezoelectric element (a temperature (a constant displacement
amount can be obtained regardless of temperature). In FIG. 6 (two arrows a, b and c are
displacement directions. As described above (in the case of the deflection device of the solid state
image i according to the present invention, the position j of the pixel in the solid body device is
fixed to the position j Because it can be moved, it does not depend on the temperature.
Brief description of the drawings
1 to 3 are displacement characteristics and temperature characteristic curves of static capacity,
FIG. 4 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. Fig. 6
shows the temperature of the solid-state image sensor: same as, 1 o'clock of wheat, 2 years of
celebration. Fig. 1.2 ・ ・ ・ Condenser 3 ・ ・ ・ Bimorph pressure 1) 1) Fig. 7 (6C) Fig. 2 T
("C") 13 Fig. 7 ('C) Fig. 4 L J Fig. 5 1 斤 (6c) Fig. 6 d
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