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The present invention relates to a microphone incorporating a voice generating device. In recent
years, karaoke tapes (tapes on which only accompaniment of songs are recorded) are often used
as entertainment products for business or home use. This fund has a function only related to the
sound generated by the person who is singing, to a fund where it is played using a microphone
while playing back this karaoke tape with a playback device, and in a place where a karaoke tape
is used It did not have the function to enliven the pleasant atmosphere by generating applause
sound and cheers. An object of the present invention is to provide a microphone for karaoke that
can enhance the atmosphere of a place where karaoke tape is used and can also be used by a
singer. The configuration will be described below with reference to the drawings showing one
embodiment. (1) is a main body of a microphone, which has a tapered cylindrical shape, and a
microphone unit (2) is attached to the front end, and a bushing (3) is attached to the rear end. In
the inside of the microphone body (1), a voice generating device (4) and a battery (6) for driving
the voice generating device (4) held by the battery holder (5) are accommodated. The voice
generator 4) is composed of known voice synthesis t, 5I (7), a memory (8) and a switching switch
(9). Voice data is stored in the memory (8) so that voices such as several types of applause and
cheers can be synthesized. Voices such as applause and cheers to be synthesized can be
arbitrarily selected by the changeover switch (9). About half of the microphone unit (2) on the tip
of the microphone body (1) protrudes from the microphone body (1), and a mesh for preventing
adsorption of fine iron powder (10) is attached to the head . Also, the cover (11) is attached to
the tip of the microphone body (1) so as to enclose the microphone unit (2). The cover (11) is
composed of a substantially hemispherical upper mesh (12), a substantially truncated conical
lower mesh (13), and connection fittings (14), along the inner surfaces of the upper and lower
pairs (12) (13). A sponge (15) is being laid. Further, the microphone main body (1) is provided
with a microphone switch (16) at its upper part and an audio switch (17) at its central part. The
microphone switch (16) opens and closes the circuit of the microphone uni-node (2), and the
voice switch (17) opens and closes the circuit of the voice generating device (4). In the circuit of
the above, an interlock switch (18) interlocking with the microphone switch (16) is provided.
This switch (18) is closed when the microphone switch (16) is open, and is opened when the
microphone switch (16) is closed, so that the output of the microphone uni-node (2) and the
sound generating device (4) It operates so that the output of the synthesized voice is not output
simultaneously. In addition, a lid (19) that opens and closes when replacing the battery (6) or
switching the switch (9) to change the voice to be synthesized is provided openably and closably
under the microphone body (1) There is. Furthermore, the cord (20) extends from the bush (3)
attached to the rear end of the microphone body (1). It is also possible to use a connector instead
of the bush (3) to detachably connect the cord (20). Next, the use state of the microphone
according to the present invention will be described. First, the plug (not shown) attached to the
tip of the cord (20) of the microphone is connected to the reproduction device (23) incorporating
the amplifier (21) and the speaker (22). And I sing a song while playing the karaoke tape. When
the song is over, the singer turns off the microphone switch (16) and turns on the voice switch
(17), and the voices such as applause and cheers synthesized by the voice generator (4) are
amplified by the playback device (23) and played back Be done. That is, the voice switch (17) is
open (and the voice generator (4) does not output regardless of the opening and closing of the
microphone switch (16), so that it can be used as a normal microphone. Therefore, the
microphone switch (16) may be closed and used when singing a song, and the microphone
switch (16) may be opened when not needed. Then, if you need applause, cheers, etc. when you
finish singing, open the microphone switch (16) and then close the voice switch (17), various
voice data stored in the memory (8) will be stored. It is read from the part corresponding to the
position of the changeover switch (9), synthesized by the speech synthesis LSI (7) and output.
This output is input to the playback device (23) through the interlock switch (18) interlocked
with the microphone switch (16). The interlock switch (18) is closed when the microphone
switch (16) is open and opened when the microphone switch (16) is closed, so the voice switch
(17) remains closed. Also, the output of the microphone unit (2) and the output of the voice
generator (4) are not simultaneously output.
Moreover, what is necessary is just to open a lid | cover (19) and operate a degree changeover
switch (9), when changing a synthetic | combination sound. The battery (6) can also be replaced
by opening the lid (19). This invention has the configuration as described above, and it is
possible to generate synthetic sounds such as applause and cheers according to the taste of the
singer using a normal playback device, and this operation is performed by the singer himself It
has excellent effects such as being easily implemented by switching the audio switch (17)
attached to the microphone body (1).
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a plan view showing an embodiment of the present invention.
FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing an internal structure. FIG. 3 is a circuit diagram. (1) ...
Microphone body 2) ... Microphone unit (4) ... Speech generator (6) ... Battery (7) ... Speech
synthesis LSI (8) ... Memory (11) ) · · · · (16) · · · · microphone switch (17) · · · voice switch agent
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