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Industrial application field In the present invention, the direct stuttering sound simulated
phonograph? In the sound to be added and reproduced at '1 Ive, the sense of reality, the spread,
which is obtained after the pseudo reverberation. The effect of the distance effect on the sound
field can be increased by 'K a7' and the 7 tiF u device. Prior Art Conventionally, in order to obtain
a sound field having a sense of IIX field and a sense of expansion even between narrow sounds 9,
the pseudo reverberation 18 shown in FIG. A device for adding and reproducing is proposed
(refer to% JP Sho 68-1941196), that is, a decker, a CD player, etc. 1 a preamplifier 2 is connected
to each channel of R and L of an acoustic source 1 It is n. The preamplifier 2 has a circuit directly
connected to the main amplifier 8 and a circuit consisting of nine circuits, which are branched
from the circuit and connected to the main amplifier 6 by four time delay devices. The main
amplifier 8 is arranged on the front left and right of the listener P-nt speaker 6R. 6 L is
connected to 1-10,000 main amplifier 6. Wang speakers f3R, 8L (/ J side is rearranged to one
thousand left balance a speakers 7R, 7LK connected one. In this sound box, the # 1 source 1
output jL7 is input to the main amplifier 3 and the time delay capture I [t4 via the source signal
n, 7 'ream 2 and the time delay unit 4 1 to 9 original signal 框 given a predetermined M delay
time jL. In the main amplifier h as a pseudo reverberation sound. The main signal is played back
by the main speaker flR, flLK and the original signal is played back, and the remaining one
speaker 7R, 7L is played back by the pseudo reverberation from the listener pH main speaker 6R,
6L. NfP added to the direct sound of :, reverberation speaker 7R,? The pseudo reverberation from
L is processed, and even in a narrow sound area, there is obtained a sound field effect that senses
widening, a sense of 4h, distance a with the sound source 1, and a distance from the ar pseudo.
Problems solved by the invention and two problems In this sound field effect, the distance to the
sound source of human beings! ? As the place to be felt, it can be said that the loudest and
weakest of the shadows is first the loudness of the sound, Loudness' J, and then the level ratio of
the direct acoustic indirect profile. In other words, the ratio of the direct sound is great, though it
is close. Then, assuming that cIL and the like have the same condition, it is possible to change the
spectrum of the sound source as a third factor. As shown in the loudness curve of FIG. 8 as the
cause of the change of the spectrum, consider the characteristic of C-filtered hearing. That is, as
the sound source approaches, the magnitude of the sound increases, and as a result, the low
frequency component in the aural sense increases, and conversely, the low frequency component
decreases as the sound source moves away.
From this characteristic of the human auditory sense, under the condition that the level ratio of
the concussion and the direct acoustic indirect sound is the same, it is assumed that ten thousand
of the sounds whose bass range is reduced feel far away in the auditory sense C can be done.
However, in the case of the above-mentioned @, in the time delay device 4, the delay time is
given over the entire range of the original signal, and the pseudo reverberation sound of the full
range including n1 bass accuracy is the reverberation speaker 7R, 7LK! Play back. Because this
bass sound component included in the body of the pseudo-reverberation sound is processed so
that the distance to the sound source is felt close, the expected L field effect is not necessarily
obtained. Nine. Means for Solving the Problems The present invention is an f17 t device in view
of such conventional problems, and delays the delay when the delay time of adding the output
fL7 from the sound box North to the original number 18 is delayed. (When you have th, you
output from the add-on device. N 几 Pseudo-debris old issue and the reproduction signal to
reproduce all with the original signal v! L? r-Prepare on sound! The apparatus is provided with
a bass attenuation means for attenuating a predetermined bass of the pseudo reverberation
signal and inputting it to the reproduction apparatus. In the above-described configuration, the
pseudo reverberation signal is modified to a bass range attenuation means 9; predetermined bass
range 'i'? [Ij @ Reason C1 The reproducing apparatus radiates only a single residual sound in the
middle to high range. By processing the bass component in the pseudo-reverberation sound, the
distance to the sound III is felt close and the occurrence of the phenomenon is avoided, and the
middle to high-tone component of the 1% pseudo-reverberation sound is avoided. Distance to
high source? I-A sound field effect that makes the user feel artificially far is clearly obtained.
Embodiment An embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. That is, it is shown in Figure 1 and completed. A preamplifier 2 is connected to each
channel of R9L of the n1 t-sound 9 source 1 composed of a CD player or the like. A circuit
directly connected to the a1 main amplifier 8 to the preamplifier 2 and a branch from this circuit
pt, the time delay device 4 and the bass range # 1. The circuit R 1 t connected to the main
amplifier 6 via the decay R 7 t filter 8 is arranged in parallel with the circuit. The bypass filter
81d has a bass range vgWr of 100 to 500 Hz, and has a characteristic of 60 (medium and high
tone * 't-is wave of THz or more). The main amplifier 8 is disposed at the front left and right of
the listener P, and the main speakers 8R and flL connected to the main amplifier 8 are connected
to the main amplifier 8 while the main speaker flR is connected to the main amplifier 6.
Reversing speakers 7R and 7LICm are arranged in the side of 6L, and 9 playbacks are arranged
n. In the present embodiment relating to the above # 4, the acoustic source 1 output n freeze
source signal is manually input to the main amplifier 8 and the time delay device 4 through the
preamplifier 2 r.
A predetermined delay time is given to the original No. 16 by the 6x time delay grinding device
44, and it is output as a pseudo reverberation signal. The false residual 1 signal is cut off by the
bass region ta in the bypass filter 8. My friend is the main speaker OR. The full range of Hara 1g
is reproduced from 6L and nine direct sounds are emitted, and the pseudo reverberation signal
excluding the low frequency range is emitted from the remaining lows Cuff R, 7L, and the Edolike reverberation is emitted. n. The distance to the sound # 1 to the bass bottom valve in this
sounding pseudo reverberation? The sound field effect is efficiently added to the medium to
high-tone component of the pseudo reverberation without such a term that the far field effect is
offset. The efficient addition of such sound field effects can be theoretically described as one or
less. That is, in the human auditory characteristics, which is already described in FIG. 8E, it is
generally known as a 5th-order loudness curve, the property that the low frequency stuttering is
heard worse as the sound becomes smaller rapidly is there. Then, since the same sound source
becomes smaller 1 according to the distance from the sound source to the sound if か ら, the
low-frequency component of the listening sound is reduced to 9 frequency characteristics from
the above-mentioned V hearing characteristic. In other words, it can be said that the lower
frequency component decreases as the distance f increases. And the human distance at 11? The
cause of feeling is the loudness of sound, the level ratio of direct indirect sound, and the
spectrum, so that the level ratio of concussion and direct sound connection is the same. For
example, a thousand of the diminishing sounds in the low range are felt far away. After that,
when the bypass filter 8 is processed in the process of the above embodiment, is it in the low
frequency range? To cut off F, the distance to the sound source? Is it a pseudo reverberation
sound of the whole range to the sound field effect to make it feel far? It is the same as the ones
that are regenerated. Also, about the functional effects of this method, furthermore, it is a
sensuality by the following inventors. −V- 実 験 行 っ て 'JIil- il。 憂. That is, in this sensory
evaluation 1i1t + experiment, a graphic equalizer is connected to the reverberation sound
reproduction system, and the next work before evaluation is created. Before evaluation 1: Overall
low frequency area fldB up Evaluation sound 2: Overall low frequency range 76 dB Down
evaluation sound 8: Medium frequency range entire '16 dB up evaluation sound 4 = Overall
middle frequency range 26 dFv Evaluation sound 6: Overall high frequency range g 1ldB up
evaluation sound 6: The entire treble range '76 dB down or delay time r about 20 cnse of the
time delay device t4 and at the condition of passing the standard graphic equalizer which is the
reference @ @ Eaves nizi sound field effect becomes fi in, remaining 1 speaker?
’R,? Adjust the volume of L to t sound. Similarly, the evaluation sounds 1 to 6 also have the
volume 'klill E, and the main speakers flR, flL and the reverberation speaker 7R,? Set the sound
volume ratio of L and the total sound volume of the whole to be the same as the reference sound,
and the 9 sound field effect on the pair comparison method? In the evaluation t, the evaluation
stage is a 7-point method in which the reference sound t4 is used, and the evaluation items are
the sense of distance to the sound source, the spread g of the sound, and the like. Then, the score
results are tested by analysis of variance, and the difference between the nine points where the
difference is significant by nine points is the t tone which is lowered by 26 dB overall in the 2
before evaluation, that is, the tone range tg is faded t tone ToD, L, It is clear that the distance to
the pseudo sound source is increased compared to the reference sound. The above-described teffect of this embodiment can be theoretically and experimentally supported. In addition, in the
above-mentioned implementation gi11, F is actively attenuated in the low band t filter, and the
same is not limited to this one, but the increase rate of the high band 會 the low band of the high
band < You can also do it. Detailed Description of the Invention As described above, according to
the present invention, the predetermined bass range of the pseudo reverberation No. 18 is
attenuated and reproduced together with the original No. 1N. Therefore, it is theoretically
explained based on equal loudness curves, and it is possible to support the sensory evaluation
experiment as well as the f-experiment. It can make you feel. The sound field effect due to the
pseudo reverberation can be further improved as compared with a conventional device that
reproduces the entire pseudo remnant vI signal by reproducing it.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of the present invention.
The second factor is the block diagram of the conventional sound # device, and the third factor is
the equal loudness curve 囚. 1 ... f'II source, 4 ... time delay f, tension device OR, fsL ... main
speaker (reproduction tilt), 7R, 7L ... residual mass speaker, 8 ... bypass filter (low Range
attenuation means Ih 2 person's procedure amendments (spontaneous) ++ U 11 ′ ′ 1 fr-87 ′
14 B Patent application No. 58 589 2, title of the invention sound device 3, relationship with the
case to be corrected Applicant (399) Nissan Automobile Co., Ltd. 4, Agent 〒 104 Akashicho,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo No. 29, 29 Akashicho Building Telephone 03 (545) 2251 (representative) (1) A
column of claims of the specification. (2) A column of the detailed description of the invention of
the specification. a) Amendment (1) Correct the claim for claim as attached. (2) Correct the
specification 11F, page 6, line 3 to line 4 r 100 to 500 H 2 "arbitrary" than tr 5 '00 Hz ". (3) On
the same page, the fourth line "500 Hz or more" is corrected as "the arbitrary frequency".
(Attachment) Claims (1) While having a time delay device for adding a delay time to the freeze
source signal output from an acoustic source, the pseudo reverberation signal output from the
time delay device and the original signal are reproduced 9. A sound device comprising a
reproduction device, wherein a low sound region attenuation means for attenuating a
predetermined low sound region of the pseudo reverberation signal with respect to a high sound
region and inputting it to the reproduction device is provided. An acoustic device according to
claim 1, characterized in that it comprises. 」
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