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The present invention eliminates the need for administrative processing such as dubbing
operation for distributing stored memory cards to attendees after an end of a conference in a
voice communication conference etc. Further, when using an external microphone, the voice to
the outside of the microphone To provide a recording device capable of preventing leakage. A PC
is attached to each of a microphone and a tap, the PC can be accessed by an audio code and an
earphone code in the same manner as a mobile phone, and a mounting position of a built-in
microphone is considered, a fence for sound insulation Prevent voice leakage by attaching
[Selected figure] Figure 3
"It relates to a recording device by microphone and tap for conducting a voice communication
conference etc." A microphone with a PC and a tap, and a recording device having a cellular
phone function (hereinafter, a personal computer is referred to as a PC)
By attaching a PC to each of the microphone body and the tap, it is possible to obtain a memory
card stored by each attendee immediately after the end of the conference in a voice
communication conference or the like. Also, in order to prevent the emitted voice from leaking
from the external microphone, the passage of voice is limited to the inside of the microphone. It
is a recording device by a microphone and a tap which considered that emitted voice was clearly
transmitted by considering measures against this.
The PC was not attached to the conventional external microphone and tap. Also, the use of a
microphone was intended to expand the sound. Although the external microphone etc. were used
for the purpose, passage of the sound to which it emitted was not restricted to the inside of a
Hereinafter, the configuration of the conventional recording apparatus will be described. The
microphone body is a lightweight, quick-drying, moisture-proof, soundproof, sound-absorbing
material, and is internally coated with the same material. The part to be put on the mouth is
extended and contracted in the form of covering the lip area, and the thing of the adhesive
material is attached, and it is used in close contact when saying. The use of paper cups has been
considered as a measure against water droplets. Attach the signal when you speak. Recording is
performed by connecting a tap and an IC recorder, and this is treated as a voice integration
station. The earphone cord and the voice code are integrated to connect the microphone and the
As described above, with regard to the conventional external microphone and recording device
using tap, there are documents that correspond to both the material and the container.
In the above-described conventional apparatus, at the end of a meeting or the like, the stored
memory card distribution to each attendee requires business processing such as dubbing.
In addition, in order to prevent voice leakage including leakage prevention from the microphone
body to the outside, there has been a concern that it is predicted that the voice of the emitted
voice may be unclear.
The present invention is intended to solve the problems of the configuration of a recording
device using microphones and taps and IC recorders in conventional voice communication
conferences, etc., and each participant remembers immediately after the meeting is over. It is an
object of the present invention to make it possible to possess the memory card and to transmit
the emitted voice clearly without leaking to the outside, including leakage from the microphone
The present invention is an apparatus for attaching a PC to each of a microphone and a tap and
accessing each PC in the manner of a mobile phone in order to achieve the above object.
Consider the built-in microphone attachment position to the microphone to convey clear voice.
Attach the fence close to the built-in microphone.
The material of the fence shall be quick-drying, moisture-proof, soundproof, sound-absorbing, or
coated with the same material.
Diagram of microphone (PC, with built-in microphone) main body, Diagram of tap (with PC),
Diagram showing the flow of audio by using the above device
[Figure 3].
1 Speaker 2 Attendant 3 Microphone 4 PC of Microphone 5 Microphone Built-in Microphone 6
Switch 7 Signal 8 Tap 9 PC attached to 10 Taps Integrated code 11 Earphone Code 12 Voice
Code 13 Inside of Microphone fence
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