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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
speaker mounted on a car door.
2. Description of the Related Art In recent years, with the development of long-term assurance of
vehicles, improvement of waterproof performance is required of waterproof speakers for
Hereinafter, a conventional on-vehicle waterproof speaker will be described.
FIG. 3 shows a cross-sectional view of a conventional waterproof speaker for a vehicle, in which
the magnet 3 is disposed between the plate 1 with a pole piece and the top plate 2, and the pole
piece of the plate 1 and the top plate A magnetic gap 4 with a uniform gap is provided between
two. The frame 5 is joined to the top plate 2, and the peripheral portions of the damper 6 and the
cone-shaped diaphragm 7 are joined to the frame 5, these parts are joined to the voice coil 8, and
the voice coil 8 is magnetic. Support not to touch the gap 4
A lead wire 9 for signal transmission is drawn out from the voice coil 8, and the lead wire 9 is
fixed to the diaphragm 7 together with the flexible wire 10. The flexible wire 10 is drawn to the
back surface of the diaphragm 7 and joined to the electrode of the terminal 11 fixed to the frame
5. In the vicinity of the center of the diaphragm 7, a dust cap 12 for preventing the entry of dust
into the magnetic gap 4 is provided.
Next, in the operation of this speaker, when an electric signal is input from the terminal 11, the
signal is input to the voice coil 8 through the flexible wire 10 and the lead wire 9. When the
voice coil 8 receives an electrical signal, it moves from the magnetic gap 4 to a force in the
direction of the arrow in the figure, and this force moves the diaphragm 7 joined to the voice coil
8 to make the diaphragm 7 sound in front of the speaker Is generated.
However, among such conventional speakers, the waterproof type has a water repellent
treatment and rustproofing on used parts so that the performance does not deteriorate even if
water is applied from the rear surface. Although processing etc. are performed, since the terminal
11 part and the flexible wire 10 part have metal exposed and the flexibility is required, sufficient
waterproofing measures can not be performed. Therefore, these parts are less reliable than other
parts in rusting, and this improvement is a problem.
The present invention solves the above-mentioned conventional problems, and it aims at
providing a speaker with high waterproof reliability.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to solve this problem, the present invention has a
structure in which a less reliable terminal portion and a flexible wire portion are provided on the
front of a speaker.
With this configuration, the terminal portion and the flexible wire portion are not exposed to
water, the reliability of these components is also enhanced, and the waterproof performance is
An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings.
1 and 2 show a vehicle-mounted waterproof type speaker according to an embodiment of the
present invention. In FIGS. 1 and 2, 13 is a plate having a pole piece, 14 is a ring-shaped magnet,
15 is a ring-shaped magnet. Similarly, the ring-shaped top plate 16 is a magnetic gap formed
between the pole piece and the top plate 15, a frame 17 is coupled to the top plate 15, a
diaphragm 18 is coupled to a peripheral portion of the frame 17, 19 Similarly, a gas keto made
of a resin bonded to the peripheral portion of the frame 17, a voice coil 20 bonded to the central
portion of the diaphragm 18, and a voice coil 20 holding the intermediate portion of the voice
coil 20 A damper which is fitted into the gap 16 without eccentricity, a termina 22 having a
metal terminal 23 coupled to a part of the gasket 19 , 24 is a lead wire drawn from the voice coil
20 to the middle part of the diaphragm 18, 25 is a flexible wire connecting between the terminal
22 and the tip of the lead wire 24, and 26 is on the upper surface of the center part of the
diaphragm 18. It is a combined dust cap.
In the above configuration, the flexible wire 25 is drawn to the surface of the diaphragm 18, and
the flexible wire 25 is joined to the tip of the terminal 22 attached to the gasket 19 fixed to the
outer periphery of the frame 17.
The front view of this speaker is shown in FIG. 2, but the flexible wire 25 is joined to a metal
piece joined to the metal terminal 23 of the terminal 22 fixed to the gasket 19 or integrated with
the metal terminal 23.
With such a structure, the electrical signal input to the terminal 22 is transmitted through the
metal terminal 23 and the flexible wire 25, the lead wire 24, and the voice coil 20 to operate the
With this structure, even if water is splashed on the back of the speaker, the terminal 22 and the
flexible wire 25 are not splashed with water, so that the reliability can be maintained.
As described above, by providing the terminal and the flexible wire on the front surface of the
speaker according to the present invention, the waterproof performance is dramatically
improved as compared with the conventional in-vehicle speaker, and as the in-vehicle speaker for
door It is an epoch-making product that can ensure unprecedented high reliability.
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