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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
microphone with a speech utterance information leading display used for newscasters,
explanation of exhibits, karaoke, tourist information and the like.
[0002] Microphones have been used alone.
However, in the above-mentioned microphone, there is no support function such as speech
contents to be developed next and sufficient preparation is required in advance.
A note on one hand, a CRT display on the side, a description board, etc., make it difficult to distort
the atmosphere, and the message to the speech support side such as the speech during the
speech is unnatural because it depends on the gesture I did not get it.
Even if you train the guide, you need to take a long time training to get up at work without taking
notes, and all the chopsticks and so on depend on the microphone alone.
[Means for Solving the Problems] Acquisition of information from the outside to a microphone
with a display: An output to a display of information contained in one's own, and a transmission
function to the outside.
The present invention makes it possible to allow communication and to postpone the information
of the utterance without breaking the atmosphere of the place without giving discomfort to the
listener for the utterance or the speech information.
embodiment of the present invention will be described. A is a conventional wireless microphone,
and a B selection display function unit (CPU B11, character ROM B8, software ROM B9, RAM
B10, RAM B10, Liquid display: LCDB12, information selection switch UP B1, DOUN B2,
information item setting switch SET B3, information item clearing switch CLR B4, message
transmission switch MES-T B6, message reception switch MES-R B7 CPU Claim 1 is implemented
by adding the operation signal MIC-S B5).
Figure A2: The switch A2 of the power supply A3 to be supplied to the audio means A4 and the
MIC-SB5 as the CPU start interrupt signal to the input port of the BCPU B11 are both attached to
the holder M1 in FIG. A modem unit for character information communication between the
speech support side and the display-equipped microphone main body. A digital interface means
C3 to the CPU. A transmitting means C1. A receiving means C2 may be independently provided
with a transmitting / receiving antenna. Sent via A5.
A 'is a conventional wireless microphone receiver.
C 'may be provided with a single transmitting / receiving antenna, for example, a speech support
side modem transmitted / received through antenna A3', consisting of transmitting means C'1
and receiving means C'2 and having control of digital interface C'3 And function via PC C'4 etc.
FIG. 2 shows a structural example of this configuration, and a sound collecting unit is provided at
the upper part of the microphone holder M1, and the holder M1 is provided with MES-TB6, MESRB7, MIC-SWA2, UP B1, DOUN B2, SET B3, CLR B4 and antenna A5 are attached.
The connector M2 is a collective connector of all the switches in the holder M1 or the displayequipped microphone itself.
When the microphone with display is attached to the microphone stand M3 and used, the
microphone stand M3 is coupled to the remote control switch M5 through the cable M4 from the
cable terminal assembly connector M2.
The operations of UP B 1, DOWN B 2, SET B 3, CLR B 4 and MIC-SWA 2 are switched on at the
same time as MIC-SW A 2 is turned on, and the power related to transmission and reception of
voice modulation transmission data is turned on.
Information on MIC-SW A2 on is taken into the CPU port via MIC-S B5, and the off information is
used for the STOP operation (battery B13 consumption prevention) by software.
The UP B1 DOWN B2 is for confirming the speech and lyrics contents continuously. For example,
if the cursor portion is placed on the speech contents item and the SET B3 is pressed, the
contents can be expanded and confirmed in the page order by UP B1 DOUN B2 operation.
Also, cancel the check with CLR B4 and check the heading again. SET B3 operation is possible.
The change of contents is done by replacing the software ROM B9 re-edited by the software
development machine.
If C is added to parts A and B and part C is added to part A ', claims 2 and 3 are implemented.
When MES-T B6 is ON, select the lyrics item written in the ROM and place it on the cursor
section, and set the CPU B11 and C with C on with SET B3 ON. In the case of karaoke, for
example, the lyrics are matched with the rhythm and received and displayed continuously by
Similarly, when MES-T B6 is on, the communication statement with the speech support side
written in a large number in the ROM is selected, the cursor portion is selected, and SET B3 is on
to perform data communication (modem) by the CPU.
For example, RS232C may be used for the modem, and there are many other ways of using full
duplex, half duplex etc. In the configuration of FIG. 1 C C ', the radio frequency band is for
example 40 MHz, HF or VHF band etc. Use
Also, in the case of FM, the reception side C 'corresponds to the FSK system (two frequencies
correspond to binary values 0 and 1 of transmission data).
The same applies to the transmitting side C which is connected to the digital interface means C'3
personal computer C'4 etc.).
When putting the microphone with display on the microphone stand M3, connect the cable M4
etc. to the terminal connector M2 and operate it with the remote control switch M5.
[Effects of the Invention] Attaching an automatic display with a transmitting / receiving function
to a microphone is not an additive effect and does not destroy the atmosphere of the field, and
has a synergetic effect that can expedite explanation in speech, guide, etc. Furthermore, there are
effects such as shortening of the education period required for guides and the like.
Brief description of the drawings
1 shows an embodiment of the electronic circuit configuration.
A is a microphone transmission circuit, A 'is a microphone reception circuit, B is a CPU and LCD
display system, C is a microphone circuit at the microphone side, and C' is a support modem
circuit at the support side.
Fig. 2 An embodiment in which a microphone and a display are combined and an embodiment of
remote control operation in which a microphone with a display is attached to a stand.
Explanation of sign
A Wireless microphone transmitter A 'Wireless microphone receiver B Selection display function
C Microphone side modem C' Speech support side modem A1 Microphone sound collector A2
MIC-SWA3 Power supply A4 Voice transmission means A5 Antenna A1 'Speaker A2' reception
amplification means A3 'Antenna B1 UPB2 DOWNB3 SETB4 CLRB5 MIC-SB6 MES-TB7 MES-RB8
Character ROM B9 Soft ROM B10 RAMB11 CPUB12 LCDB13 Battery M1 Holder M2 Connector
M3 Microphone Stand M4 Coupling Cable M5 Remote Control Switch C1 Transmission Means C2
Reception Means C3 Digital Means Transmission means C2 'reception means C3' digital interface
means C4 'personal computer
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