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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a connection diagram of an embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 2 is a connection diagram of another external device of the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is an external view of the main device of the present invention. It is a
connection diagram of the state which connected the apparatus. 1 иии First input contact, 2 иии
Second input contact, 3 иии Third input contact, 4 иии Main body circuit, 8 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и. Contacts, 13 '..... short circuit
contacts, 14.14' ..... Output connection terminals.
[Detailed description of the invention] Is the power supply type external device and the power
supply-free type '' connected with any of the city source built-in type external device? ? ? ? ?
2 relates to an input connection device. At present, the microphone of the tape recorder has a
built-in microphone in the case except for tape tape. b Almost all built-in microphones are
equipped, which can be recorded easily, but when the sound source is separated or the sound of
the sound source is small, the noise and vibration of the motor and mechanism inside the tape
recorder; A sufficient signal-to-noise ratio may not be obtained for such cases, and an external
microphone connection terminal is provided for such a case, and an external microphone with a
cord can be connected here to perform recording. It is supposed to be. Among external
microphones, dynamic microphones do not require a power supply, but it is difficult to reduce
their size and weight. On the other hand, electret condenser microphones have the advantage
that their sensitivity and characteristics do not deteriorate so much even if they are small and
light, while devices that require a power source such as field effect transistors for in-pillar
conversion and amplification Because it was used, it was limited in miniaturization, and it was
troublesome to handle the battery if care was taken to replenish the battery or forget to turn off
the 3 power switch. In order to solve this problem, it is sufficient to supply power from the tape
recorder main unit, but there is no need for a subsequent power supply. FiLn (The presence of
this power supply terminal has problems when connecting a microphone that has its own power
supply. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a new connection terminal, which needs a mounting
place, and increases the material cost. In the present invention, power is supplied from the main
body side to microphones that require an electric gamma source, and microphones that do not
require a power supply or conventional microphones that incorporate a power supply are also
single connection terminals. The most important feature of the input connection device which
can be connected without any trouble and compatibility is that the microphone etc. in the market
can be used without any problem at 1%. An embodiment of the present invention will be
described below with reference to the drawings. 1 First, among the input connection terminals of
the main device circuit 4 such as a tape recorder in FIG. 1, 1 is a first input 4-way contact, 2 is a
second input contact, and 3 is a third input contact. 6 is a capacitor, 6 and 7 are resistors, 8 is a
connection point from the first input contact 1 to the input circuit of the 9 amplifier through the
capacitor 6, 9 is a power supply from the second input contact 2 to the resistor 6 The connection
point to the circuit, 10 is a connection point to the ground connected to the third input contact 3.
The resistor 7 is the second one. It is connected between the third input contacts 2.3. The
numeral 15 is an electret condenser microphone, 16 is a unit of the electret condenser
microphone, 17 is a field effect transistor (FET), 18 is a resistor, and 19 ░ 20 is a capacitor. The
output of this microphone is the first of the output connection terminals 14 Output contact 11 ░
second output contact 12. The third output contact 13 causes the first one of the main circuit 1
to be connected. 2nd. Each is connected to the third input contact 1 ░ 2.3. The contacts 11, 12
and 13 are respectively insulated and b. With the above configuration, 1. The power supply
connection point 9 is divided by the resistors 6 and 7, and a voltage of, for example, about 1 to 3
is applied to the input contact 2, and this voltage is an output contact 2. The resistor 18 is
applied to the FET 17. The output of electret condenser microphone unit 16 is applied to FET 17
where it is amplified to provide an output "" at both ports of resistor 18, the output of which is a
capacitor 19. Output contact 11. Input contact 1. The path to the input connection point 8
through the capacitor 5 and the capacitor 20. The signal is supplied to the inside of the main
circuit 4 through a path from the output contact 13 to the ground point 10 through the input
contact 3 and signal processing is performed. FIG. 2 shows an output connection terminal 14 in
the case of connecting an external device 1 requiring a power supply other than a microphone to
the above input connection terminal, for example, a receiving unit of a wireless microphone; 24
is a receiving circuit, 21 is a signal output Terminals 22, 22 are ground terminals, 23 are power
terminals, and these terminals 21 to 23 are first to second 1.. Connected to the third output
contacts 11 to 13 и 1, и и и и 0 ░ '' '' '' '+' '' '░' '' '' 1. As in the case of FIG. 1, the power supply
current can be obtained from the main body to the power supply terminal 23, and an output
signal can be transmitted from the signal output 6 terminal 21 and the ground terminal 22 to the
main body. Next, the case of a conventional microphone which does not require a power supply
is shown in FIG. ??????????????????????? In this case, the output
connection terminal 14 'is provided with a short circuit contact 13' for shorting the input contact
2.3, and the first output contact 11 is provided at the tip thereof. This output connection terminal
14 'is provided at the input connection terminal. When connected, the power supply connection
point 9 and the ground connection point 1 o are connected via the resistor 6 to the second input
contact 2. Shorted contact 13I. The third input contact is connected by three paths, and thus no
power is supplied to the microphone unit 25, and only the electromotive force of the microphone
is the first one.
It is supplied to the circuit 4 via the third input contacts 1, 3. In this case, although the power
supply current may be instantaneously applied to the microphone unit during insertion of the
output connection terminal 14I, the current limited by the resistor 6 is overheated and
magnetized in the microphone unit. It should be noted that i 'should be designed to a value that
does not affect the destruction or the like. Although seven or more explanation explained the
case of a tape recorder as main equipment, if it obtains signal input from the outside, it can be
applied to 1 high / low frequency amplifier, radio etc. Is applicable to a preamplifier, etc. in
addition to the illustrated microphone and wireless receiver. In the case of microphones,
switching between the built-in microphone and the external microphone n is performed by
another contact or switch responsive to connection of the output contact to, for example, the first
input contact etc. Do not show. According to the present invention described above, power can be
supplied from the main device to an external device requiring power, so the external device is
small in size and light in weight, eliminating the need for battery replacement, and requiring no
power supply or incorporating a power supply. External devices can also be connected without
any problem in the illustration, and they have a simple configuration and a large practical effect
with excellent compatibility.
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