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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawings show the wiring diagram of the present
invention. 1 is an antenna, 2 is a radio tuner unit, 3 is a two interlock switching switch, 4 is an
amplifier, 5 is a speaker, 6 is a sound collecting microphone, 7 is a microphone amplifier, 8, 8 'is
a movable piece, 9, 9 ', 10, 10', 11 and 11 'are terminals. −35−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an external sound
collecting microphone receiver mounted on a car or the like. The puck mirror alone is not
enough to drive one's own * m etc. At the same time, the driver must respond appropriately to
the surrounding conditions such as his or her eyes, eyes and signs of other vehicles. . Therefore,
the deaf person is prohibited from driving. However, the performance of the car has improved
(like 1149-36815-02), and in the case of severe cold or severe heat, the windows of the car are
often closed to perform heating and cooling. Driving while listening to radio etc. is very
dangerous. For example, there are vehicles at level crossings 9-even if the reasons mentioned
above are not the cause. For this reason, it has been confirmed from the past that a careful turner
always opens the window when it takes 9K to check whether the alarm is ringing, but this is
extremely time-consuming and laborious, and when the weather is severe, etc. (1) There was a
defect 0 This invention eliminated such a defect, tt sealed the window of the table, and even if the
sound of the stereo or radio was singing in a single circle, the sound outside the car An
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings, in which a
car can be used for catching a car freely and preventing an automatic j [-accident at a level
crossing 9 etc. and driving safely. This antenna (11 is connected to the stereo or radio chenna
unit (2) with an antenna attached outside the car, and the 49-36815-03 spreader (4) K * [4] K *
via two interlock switching switch, chi (3) L, J! To the single circle speaker (5). Also, (6) is a
sound collecting microphone, for example, P5 is stored in an antenna, PA, Kumi 2-etc., And
connected to the microphone amplifier (7), and further, via two interlocking changeover switches
(3 ON To amplifier (4) !! Forgiveness. This two interlock switch Sui, Ji (3) is composed of two
movable pieces (8) and (8) and three terminals (9) head α (and (≦> aciaj, respectively.
Terminals αO and Q11 are electrically connected. Furthermore, connect the microphone
amplifier (77 and terminals (9) and Q5) and connect the radio antenna unit (2) and terminals (T)
to increase the movable pieces (8) and (8) respectively. The spreader (4) K is connected. Now,
when the movable piece (8) (8) of this two interlock switch Sui, 3 (3) is connected to the terminal
α O (T), the radio chain part (2) and the amplifier (4) are connected. However, the terminal αO
and the No. 1 piece (8) are not connected. Therefore, only the sound of radio or mineral stereo
can be heard from the speaker (5).
Next, when the movable pieces (8) and (8) are connected to the terminals (9) and (91), the
movable piece (8) becomes the terminal a? And other movable pieces (8511 "7T7. 4Q-QRRs +, na is connected to the terminal (9). Therefore, from the speakers (51, the sound outside the car
collected from the sound collection microphone (6) is greatly reflected in the car through the
microphone amplifier (7) and the gutter (4), and even when the window is closed, the crossing 9
It is possible to confirm the presence or absence of the sound of the alarm at etc. Furthermore,
when the movable pieces 18) and (8) of the second delay switching switch (3) are respectively
connected to the ladder αIIQII, the sound outside the vehicle collected by the sound collection
microphone (6) and the radio chain unit (2) A sound is made to flow from the speaker (5) into the
car, and it is possible to hear sounds outside the car while enjoying stereo music and the like. In
addition, the sound outside the car that has been collected by the multi-collection microphone (6)
and the whistle of Radio Cena (2) can optionally be a sieve low KM section. As described above,
according to the present invention, in order to cool and heat the interior of the car, the window is
sealed and even when the switch is operated, the sound outside the car is collected by the sound
collection microphone and flowed into the car, whereby the alarm sound or car The sound of the
external environment of the direction of the sound, by the sound quality according to the target
i1 49-36815-05 cut off, it will be beneficial to be able to perform safe driving! # It has something
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