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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a
bottom view, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken along line AA of FIG. 2 being attached to
the mouthpiece of a telephone. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... main body, 2 ... through-hole, 3
... leg, 4 ... protrusion, 5 ... protuberance, 6 ... protuberance, 7 ... aroma plate, 8 ... pervious | hole. 21
[Detailed description of the invention] There are a number of devices for fixing disinfectant air
freshener to the mouthpiece of the phone, but all of them are contained in the container and the
container is discarded when it expires. However, in the first plan, it is economical because it is
sufficient to replace the bare rattan aromatic plate (7) when the expiration date of the fragrance
is expired. (1) The plan is the back of the disk-like main body (1) In the weave of the tip of the
nose → (4) part iψ1 take out (7) lower the removable leg (3) corresponding to the position of the
through hole (8) of the mouth of the telephone When the hole (8) and the leg (3) are put together
and lightly pressed, the leg (3) is slightly thinner than the hole (8) and the leg (3) is slightly bent
due to the elasticity of the synthetic resin of the raw material Enters the through hole (8), but
restores straightly at the point where the leading protuberance (4) passes through the through
hole (8) and fixes the main body (1) to the mouthpiece and near the edge of the main body (1)
Raised ridge (6) Because it is tanning, the pulling force of the projection (4) of the leg (3) and the
repulsive force of the edge and the inner slope of the edge of the talk [] and the outer slope of the
ridge @ (6) Doze-like paper plate 7 such as donut-shaped paper sponge impregnated with a
fragrance that prevents the movement 6 of the main body ("") and adhere it to the back of the
main body (1) Drawing for holding the holding ridge (5) and attaching it to the mouthpiece,
leaving a gap between the mouthpiece and the mouthpiece for use, without blocking the through
hole (8) and preventing call interference In the case of the fragrance plate (7) is held inside of the
removable leg (3), but may be held outside, but in that case, the → protrusion (4) of the tip of the
leg (3) is inside 011 j The holding ridge 1 do (2 ー-凰 (5) is facing outward). Also, if a small hole
is made corresponding to the position of the leg (3) in the fragrance plate (7) and the leg (3) is
held in the small hole through the small hole, the replacement of the -1 fragrance plate (7) to the
differential is the main body (1) can be replaced easily because it is removed from the
mouthpiece by pulling it a little hard, that is, the bottom of the air freshener container is omitted
in the present plan and the mouthpiece substitutes for the bottom so that it is bare It has the
advantage of being able to replace only the fragrant board (7), and on the surface of the main
body (1), beautiful enlightening patterns and enlightenment characters concerning the use of
telephones are printed clearly or pasted with printing paper etc. Is
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