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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of the present invention. 1 иии Ear cup, 3 ииииии Head band, 4 иии C-shaped wall, 6 ииииииии Spherical
movable body, 7 иииииииииии Sound collector. ????
[Detailed description of the invention] 1 Hu auxiliary book. 1, an ear cup designed to be held at
the position of the ear by a pom-phone 2, a 1 iat headband claimed in the invention, a fivemicrophone transferor mounted in the ear cup, and 411 faces of the microphone hand A boom
phone having an open end facing to the power supply and a collecting tube at the tip and having
a collector attached at the same time to the ear cup. 3, detailed debating of the invention 10 This
invention company microphones with four headphones, with regard to the place-pum phone. In
general, a boom phone is attached to a headphone with a arm and a micro phone attached to the
end of this tree, so that this wood is extended so that the 75 microphones face the mouth of a
person so that they can receive and talk. The #i wood is attached to the main body of the
earphone, that is, the ear cup so that it can be removed from the front of the job if necessary.
Because of this use. (1) It is easy for the microphone to be disconnected due to the same, and
there is a defect that the durability is poor. The purpose of this device is the rotation of Tochigi
for microphones-disconnection of the microphone! In this invention, a microphone is attached to
the inner part 5 of the ear cup, and an end opening of the voice transmission tube is opposed to
the sound collecting surface of the microphone. Connect the microphone to the user's mouth,
attach the microphone to the ear cup, and turn the microphone on the movable part. It is done to
eliminate the need for wiring. An embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail
with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 5, numeral 1 denotes an ear cup, to which a sound
generator such as a small speaker 8 is attached, for example, and an annular head pad 2 made of
an elastic material 6 is attached to the speaker IMt. , The head band 3 user with the other
headphones (? not shown). (2) и-held in the lIA section of the unit 1 and worn like a head pat 2
with the ear cup 1 in a face-to-face contact with the ear cup lti ear 4 -Same as conventional. Such
headphones vlllli in this device! The microphone ladder M is attached to five faces of the ear cup
1 opposite to the speaker 801 sound emitting face of the ear cup 1 and the steel collecting
opening portion of the transmitting tube 4 is opposed to the sound collecting face of the
microphone element M In this example, the R10 cylindrical wall 5 surrounds the sound collecting
surface of the microphone element M so that it can be attached rotatably. The same ball selfmoving body 6v in sliding contact with the inner surface of the spherical wall 5 is attached to the
ear cup 1 via the transmitting pipe 4v spherical movable body 6v freely as shown in Fig. Fo or
the transmitting pipe 4 Attach a bowl-shaped collector 7 at the tip of the head, and make the
opening of the collector 7 face the user's mouth. One point is Delrin such as-# 5 material i) v
intercalation, the town one six-Kika smooth It is way.
20 (3) Addictor Fik vocal tube 4 and Ma by deception. Headphones equipped with the Ekrohon 4
handed hand, MIIL m m Pum Hm to some, sound collection! By uttering at 7 and making a voice,
it is transmitted to a microphone book M and is converted into an audio signal. In this case, the
position of the sound collector 7 can be freely set at a position suitable for the user, since the
transmission tube 4F 1-shaped 415 and the integral 6 hold (5) freely. However, since it is
attached to the microphone element Mv ear cup 1 by the fist using the transmission tube 4 and
the lead wire F1 of the microphone a phon element M and the fixed portion are not wired over
10, the transmission tube 4 is Free to 360 ░ or more-no problem with the lead without any
model number. Therefore, there is no possibility that a lead wire breakage accident will occur,
and it is possible to make a boom phone that is durable and durable. Also, by using the
transmission tube 4'lf, the sound wave collected by the microphone ladder M is enhanced in the
brows area, and there is also an effect that it is possible to transmit an audio signal with good
clarity. In addition, if you look at the head band 3 at 114g) ?, it is po. (4) Form 1 by an elastic
material such as propylene, and form the end-two support 8 of this headband 3 integrally with
the headband 3 and provide the support 3 with an ear cup 11: It is engaged with the ear cup 1 so
as to push W'f up and down along the guide 9 and the post 8 is formed with a projection 5
projecting in a direction perpendicular to the pushing direction. The configuration is as shown,
which is configured to form the unevenness 11 on the face of the adjustment force of the guide 9
and engage the protrusion 10 with the unevenness 11 so that the inset position of the support 8
can be held short. The position i * ? of 0 head pad / card 3 can be easily performed by holding
10, and the ime position 11 is locked by the projection 10 and the unevenness 11 so that it is
held stably and each time it is attached or detached [II ? position I try to cancel the inconvenient
inconvenient. Brief description of the face J11 is a broken Ijli leg showing an embodiment of the
present invention. 1: Ear cup% 3: Head band 4: Voice microphone tube 1 M: Microphone Sikon
Takako 5: Spherical meeting 6: Zone integration possible 7: Tone device "201 и и и (5) и I191 SMa
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