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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of a
wireless microphone main body according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a plan view in a
state where the microphone main body is shown showing an example of a small wireless
microphone device, FIG. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view showing another example of the present
invention, and FIG. 5 is an electric circuit diagram used in the housing in FIG. 1 is a case, 5 is a
condenser microphone, 8 is a built-in battery, SW is a reed switch, SW2 is a power supply switch,
10 is a wireless microphone main body, 20 is a housing, 21 is a housing recess, and 23 is a
magnet. a Figure 1 Fl1 ? one 7-actual opening 50-90504 (2) Figure 2 Figure 4-8
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a small size
tireless miter device. Volume-Tearless microphones are becoming more and more used in various
kinds of TV programs and the like. In the case of ?O, there is also a ? pigeon that is used by
holding the wireless miter in hand, but it is also possible to use it in the chest pocket of the user
or the same difference as the tie pin (1) 2) Many, in particular, the latter use of programs such as
TV K ? ? ? Tsu theater etc. or many -1 However, in the latter use of ?, a drawback that can
not be used for hand WK flight too large with wireless microphones that are currently
emphasized There is a demand for small size. However, if it is made small, one bad effect will
occur. If you want to make a small size wireless miter, the wireless mic itself has a built-in
capacitor miter, electronic circuit, etc., but the wireless mic itself can not write the power switch
to open and close the power supply. There is a drawback. If this power supply switch can be
made extremely small IJIK and it can be incorporated into the main body of i-ita, the abovementioned drawbacks will be solved for a while, but this time the reliability is lowered by making
the power switch ultra small. Therefore, even if such a switch is isolated, such a small wireless
miter's power switch r: providing it is not a good idea. In consideration of such an issue, the
wireless 11)]-When a normally closed +-type electrode switch is incorporated in the miter main
body, a new type of microphone is formed into a small WIK, which is convenient for use IIR It is
something like K. Then, the power switch is automatically cut off (off) by storing the tQw icon in
the miter body except the miter voice tiger. In IIIIIII to explain the small wireless miter ll1t by the
main body 11IK below with reference to the drawing, 1 и shows a wireless microphone main
body by the main body 11 as a whole, which is a case tij gold bridge internally made hollow. The
case (1) is made cylindrical if it falls down, and its inside (1 K) K is 1 in terms of miter! Electrical
components for providing I1, the internal circuit (1 ?) is arranged at a predetermined cost, and
the large mounting base (2) O is mounted at the approximate center S of the electronic circuit
group (one-point line shown) (3) A face, in this example, the interior (1 m) K facing the cloth
setting H (4 m) is a sound collector such as an electret! ?????? A microphone (5) is
likewise brazed to this substrate (2).
Is it rounded and multiple right-handed (lla) K of the case (1) collecting multiple noises
communicating with 111 (1 m)? L (7a ? (7b))----(3) panic; Then, on the other side of the case
+1), that is, on the left facing surface C4b) *, a small internal power supply used for seasonal
conduction of the microphone? l1181 is "in this example small! ! It is a case where a mercury
battery is used as i + 81. The predetermined position of the left side wall (6b)! A mounting fixture
19) for connecting the antenna @LVt is disposed in the connector, and in this example, the
antenna IIL is configured to be removable. Therefore, the left side wall C1ub> K is an antenna
terminal so that the female screw (111 is attached, while the -1 of the antenna wire is screwed to
the female screw 11 'of the male screw (1! a) is attached, and a pivoting knob 13 is attached,
whereby a fixture (9) is constituted by the female screw ? and the pivoting knob I, and the
antenna IIL can be freely removed from the main body ? I am trying to be In the present
invention, the main unit K configured as ti ? O and further the power switch 8 W of -j are built
in, but this power switch W, (9 small size! The housing 11 is constituted by a switched switch,
and as shown in the drawing, the housing 1 is fixed to the lower surface (4c) IHIc in the case of
one surface of the case (1). And this Re-V (? ?) ,! The switch history is configured as a normally
closed switch. Riko is a clip. At a glance, ? O like 5! The main part of the wireless microphone
main body a is a failure shown in FIG. Q is an output transistor of the intermediate frequency
boosting middle voltage WaS, to which the output capacitor a и is connected, and its secondary
coil (lsb) is connected to the antenna terminal 111 in FIG. Mercury battery + 810! E11 is a
secondary coil (16b) via one end Kli! The negative terminal is grounded through the reed switch.
Therefore, the power supply H is supplied with a power supply voltage 817 of the intermediate
frequency amplifier circuit or the like through a choker coil (in-secondary coil (lllb)). 119
indicates an O power supply path, an output signal 8. Is transmitted by the presence of an
epilepsy in the epicardium-tag-in-one. In addition, as described later, ?? is a power supply
terminal provided when using an external power supply without using a battery built in one main
body 1 и (Il is used, and when using such an external power supply The antenna terminal U rare
is also used as the t power source (5) ? ? ? terminal, but their relationship will be described
As described above, the reed switch swI itself is very small, so that the main body III can be
configured in a small size. However, in this case, reed switch 8W. Because it is one that is
configured to be a normally closed switch and uses a nine reed switch, while the wireless miter is
not in use, the contact pieces (31a, 31b) of this reed switch 8wl are forced to bite , There is a
need to open the + power path. Next, this configuration will be described. In FIG. 31, (A) shows a
housing of the wireless microphone main body 1 и, and a small wireless microphone device T is
configured by the housing (1) and the main body II. The storage body (d) is selected so that the
box-shaped mouth with the storage recess (21 heat) and the lid (2) and the paper storage recess
(21 ? ?) have substantially the same shape as the main body. In addition, the main body 11with the clip ? ? facing upward is usually stored. Therefore, if the bottom of the storage recess
(Ha) is arranged so as to face the reed switch at a bottom 11 of the storage recess (Ha), the main
body 4 is stored in (6) total 3). The reed switch Filnio elastic contact piece (movable equal piece)
(31 m) is made to be attracted by browsing. The reed switch 8W1 is automatically turned off
when the Me piece (31 crush (31b) of the reed switch FN1 is bitten and the main cap is stored).
Among them, the 21st is a cushioning material. In addition, in the example of H2 ? in the case of
# 'i lid 9 of the company, its inner surface ( More than tax adjustment (in the present invention,
the wireless miter main body ++ @ has a 9-switch SW built-in, and this wireless microphone can
be formed in a small ffi (a normally closed switch (this reed switch is made The swI automatically
or exactly holds the main body 11 (by storing it) automatically, so that the battery (8) is not
wasted. Therefore, it is extremely suitable to be applied as a to-type wireless microphone which
is used by being attached to the chest pocket etc. of the user in various venues, one set of
television, etc. Since the reed switch ? is configured as a normally closed switch, the reed switch
FIW 1-bX is turned off even if an external wisdom is added during use (7) ? и ? J) 7 // There is
no such thing, and it is rich in credibility as well, and this reed switch history is built in the body
?11, and the operation knob to turn the switch on and off is not provided outside the case t1>
Therefore, in addition to the horn that can form the main body cl into a more cabin, there is no
fear that the function as a wireless microphone due to an erroneous switch will be stopped.
In addition, since the above-described wireless microphone typeface ? Je is small and non-zero,
it is mainly used in the state of being stored in one pocket of a user, etc., which has been
described above. When it is desired to use the microphone as the wireless microphone, for
example, as shown in FIG. In 'JI 41i11, (? indicates a storage that is approximately the same size
as a normal wireless microphone, (21m) is a main body (Ill (D storage), (?) is arranged to face
the reed switch swl These magnets have substantially the same configuration as that shown in
FIG. However, IIE2 (the storage body (1) is the only action to store, but this example shown in #l
(8) -1 misery 4 garden is used in good condition with the main body a stored) Because there is,
the action of the storage body (7) is a machine as a case of wireless miter besides storage. Is also
configured to have. It rounds, g8 face <opposite to the Condena microphone (5) of the storage
port 11 (21 m) <The sound collection hole (26 m), (26 b) ? ииии There is a nine concavity S (solar)
formed, and the sound collection hole (26 pieces (26b) ... ... and the 1iL long part of the wax
antidote to the storage room of the external power supply (solar) It is insulted. This storage room
has a space of a degree to which one or several conventional dry batteries can be stored. A part
of the storage chamber @O outer peripheral wall is provided with a power switch history for
turning on / off the external power source (d). By the way, when using such a storage container
?, do not use the built-in battery (8) in the main body ??, but use this external power supply
(9) and the life of the built-in battery (8) Can be made longer, and in this example, means for
switching between the storage battery (d) K built-in battery (8) and the external battery S (d) is
provided. (9)),) 2) In this housing 2, the antenna 1 q ? and i ? terminal H shown in the first part
9 of the recess (21b) in which the main body '11 is stored are opposed to each other. A pair of
contacts (35 ?) and (35b) are attached to the surface to be ground, and a lead wire J derived
from one point (35 m) corresponding to the antenna terminal ('lD, #i Sai 51 The antenna MLtC
connected to the housing 2 is connected to the positive pole (32a) K of an external power source
via a choke coil (not shown and b in Fig. 4) axis as shown in Be done. Then, (a lead ? 1. derived
from the other one point (35 b) to which the source 1 child 09 touches).
Is connected to the negative 4f I contact (3zb) in the external power supply. Note that the power
supply switch history is a serial connection to the negative electrode contact (32b). Also, a reed
switch ? ? built into the main unit 11. In K there is one circuit shown in Figure 1! Rather than a
contact configuration, it is structured in one circuit and two contacts, so that this reed switch SW,
K is attracted by approaching the magnet (c) in addition to the normally closed fixed contact
(31b) An elastic contact piece (31 m) and a second fixed contact (31 c) (see III 3 [11]) which
makes contact ll, ',' ? 'in its suction state are disposed at a desired position of the so-called
switch. Therefore, if the main body Il? is housed in the housing recess (Ha), the contact piece is
automatically cut and seen at the second fixed contact (31c) as is apparent from FIG. ) And the
external power supply automatically cut off, the power switch history, by turning on the external
power supply (wire)! I will drive to the next stage. Therefore, if such a storage body (B) is used
conveniently, it can be conveniently used as a wireless microphone as well as having a function
of storing the wireless microphone main body 11 as a single wireless microphone, which is
convenient for practical use. is there. In FIG. 4, Gl indicates a sliding self-contained cover integral.
For example, a housing of a cassette tape recorder with a radio can be used as the storage body
?, and in this case, a speaker is used as a magnetic latent ???, and accordingly, the
arrangement position of the O speaker! In this case, a recess serving as a storage body (most) of
the main body C4 may be formed in the vicinity thereof.
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