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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 are enlarged sectional views of the
vibration system of the conventional cartridge, FIG. 4 and FIG. 5 are frequency characteristic
diagrams of the conventional cartridge, and FIG. It is an expanded sectional view of an example. 3
is cantilever, 4 is a magnet, 6 is a damper, 8 is a tenn wire, 11 is a damper material. Fig. 1 Fig. 2
Fig. 3-2 ”" "・ ・ ・" 26, 9 "" 4 "to 4 ・" to ... 2 o 3, town hall ◆ ~ S ~
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is directed to a cartridge, and in
particular, a tension 9-ear to prevent a cantilever system or the like from becoming a first place
after acupuncture due to fist rubbing force between a regenerating needle and a record. In order
to prevent an adverse effect (due to run 4). @ 11H1llt moving-magnet-shaped cartridge is to
receive the shape II racing record groove,), reconnaissance, other parts such as pole pieces etc.
1mm kv engagement with the key Because it is omitted. At this time, the fist rubbing force of the
record and the stylus (2), the cantilever (31 + magnet (41 and sleeve (shooting system of the
scissors etc., therefore its fulcrum P is invading direction Kfe, so No. 1) The phase (1) to (3) phase
change occurs in the signal, and the sound quality is lost. eTh-'81 represents a damper, and f7) is
a holder. In order to prevent this displacement in the posterior direction, the tension wire (metal
Jl) · 8) is wound around as shown in Fig. 3 for the second example. In the example of FIG. 2, it is
fixed between -mt magnetz of the tension wire 181 and sleeve t5 + and fixed at the other end,
and the other end is a -ji6 VC-bonder of the holder (7). In the example shown in # 3111, one end
of the tension wire 78) is welded to the push wire (9), caulking, etc.! lII! L + This pushthrough 191 l Kanchi-repa + 3 + o-Press-fit from そ の 他-Other end 會 holder (7) is a soldering
thing. Naka, 塙 3! In the example of l, a magnet (41 and a cup-shaped damper tel is attached to
the ring-shaped stopper -1) in the ring shape. IIF! Same cartridge # of 112 cartridges and @ 3
NFC showing conventional cartridge! Goodness to each other llI4! FIG. 5 shows iil ash. In the
pigeon wave number of the 2 篇 cartridge, the peak and re dip of the 2 (s) dent site appear in the
20 (KH 21 or more) area so that + W is more than 11481, and the wave number of the cartridge
in FIG. In the characteristics, it is observed that peaks and dips appear at -15 [[H2l step 9]. This is
attributed to the 1 of the tension wire 481. Such a peak annual dip is not preferable in terms of
feeling of dryness, even if it is out of the audible band, the wet IF wrinkles will increase. It is
obvious that it is harmful for the discrete four-channel record reproduction which requires a
band of f + 9 + 4 + 5 [KH2] K.
In view of the point of breaking, the present w is intended to suppress the tension wire '81) grip
and to prevent the characteristic of the transfer characteristic of the number III. In the following,
we will explain the case of the present invention in consideration of weFMt. In this example, the
present invention is applied to the cartridge shown in FIG. The next blue steel, western white, etc.
car tension wire (A part of damper 81 is provided with damper material α). In order to use the
damper #I, it is necessary to thin the rubber police adhesive and to make the butyl rubber a
liquid like a penzole (J; · · ·) before vulcanization, or use a liquid or silicone damper agent as a
tension wire -1 l of tIQ (-cloth may be used. ★ ±, by providing a cup-shaped damper) 6), the ring
magnet (4) with a diameter of ± 118 is forced to be supported at the center of the pole piece,
dampening of the residual damping, and variations in sound quality and characteristics It is
slaughtered for the occurrence. According to the present invention, the resonance of the tension
wire 18) can be suppressed, and as shown by the broken line in FIG. It can improve. In addition,
it dances by performing well at the ear of a discrete @ 4 channel disc. Of course, even with the
present invention K, the tension wire (8) K can prevent the vibration system from being
depressed after #I. Among them, the present invention can be similarly applied to a cartridge
having a structure shown in 2111. In addition to moving @ magnet type cartridges, it is useful to
operate similar to moving coil type and other cartridges. ! ! A brief description of 1 liii ((Mr. J 'I 哨
11 i 11 QS-The third shoulder is the cartridge of the conventional cartridge, the 11 ff 閏 of the
conventional cartridge, the 笥 41 and the 檎 5 are the wavenumber characteristic diagram of the
conventional cartridge, 6 The figure is an enlarged WtTy figure of one embodiment of the
present invention. + 31 is cantilever, (41 is magnet + 61 company damper, 8) is tension wease, a
、 is a damper material. Utility model search ■ Hen 21 Ichidai Co. Ltd. Isao Ito-2 (4-1-1 Noodle
initial 5 5 2 motion illusion □ '7? Previous 2 趨 1 '? □ ゝ--勧-∼ 4; 4 heat θ θ 94/94 Fig. 4 +
41 c. −2-2th θ 5)-462 R 4 soxtax zest xasts x-II 墳 瞼 ... V 51st! Number 1 22 consumption n 1gang □-叡 U J J 5 completion 002
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