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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of
the present invention. 2 is a tuner, 3 is a low frequency amplifier, 4 is a negative feedback circuit,
5 is a speaker as an electro-acoustic transducer, 6 is a time constant circuit, and 7 and 8 are
respective resistors constituting the time constant circuit 6 and Reference numeral 9 is a positive
feedback circuit, 10 is a capacitor, 12 is a clock, 13 is an oscillator, 14 is an audio circuit, 15 is
an alarm sound generator, 18 is a first switch, 19 is a second switch, 20 is a second switch, and
20 is a third Switch. One 55-
【Detailed description of the invention】 1 electronic musical instrument with electronic musical
instrument with a clock device ※ * W + tatami-■ quest · category-audio-and 鋏 audio 鴎-jl K
from 厘 II + slaughter Control by the electricity * 沓 e @ と e − e * sound と am and clock 1 謹 園
園 園 上 上 上 上 上 上 儂 鎗 儂 鎗 儂 鎗 儂 鎗 儂 鎗 儂 鎗 儂 鎗 オ ン on-off Because it has the
10th switch and it has an electronic sound system with a clock @ lK *, when the above wawtlex
itch on when the above electricity IIO れ 1 時 時 路 路 幀 歇 路 路 路 畠 畠 Ka After the first
switch-on, turn on the audio for a predetermined time and then turn it on for a predetermined
time, and then turn on the device. A clocked electronic sound device with a shadow of the first
switch &. Above · · · I F steel theory-I11 line clock with radio radio signal receiver with clock I 1
Depretuda with clock, clock · tepio ginseng machine with Chiepre snow-テ レ ビ, with a clock TV ·
璽 y receiving machine etc. suitable for multiple layers For electronic sound equipment with a
clock. (1) ゝ For example, with a clock radio cost generator, when the m 'becomes a pre-', the
radio station will be silent, the radio will be silent, the fear V & the daughter, the alarm sound
beeps) It is necessary to make a list, and from this 0isa East, because this sound of awakening O
light is asleep, it is necessary to waking up to a person who is asleep-it is necessary to woke up
an island Because it is from a friend, I list it with an unpleasant paste in a large sound from the
beginning, and I look at it in the writing and the previous type, and 9I% nine bodies O machine-is
O because it rapidly hatches, -Awakening at 9 o'clock O Mood is an island ★ Ayu Arashi (N% of it
and Kameido, at 7 o'clock, ■ Awake O n First Km Lee is a seventy o O o U o u O u k u o u kyou
Good-40 m m blind, if it is performed with a sound like that l lsl-if it is l in l island-ζ o as a list
even in the electric sound 畠 秦 tLIIA at the time of IEK-waking me great for w-waking sound The
island needs to be m4kn. IIII first place in the car, pre-set bulk pre-set in 1 place 九 mK * 梼, om
omv%-make a wake-up sound ll, after 所 陶 INK ■ wake-up l & O large In order to make a false
alarm sound for a lifetime O O 来 る 電子 電子 音響 音響 音響 音響 為 為 為 為 為 為 為 為. (2) =>
気 電 気 電 気 電 気 電 気 電 気 電 気 警報 警報 警報 警報 警報 警報 警報 警報 警報 警報 警報 警
報 警報 警報 警報 時 時 時 時 時 時 tK! -51 Control iI # L To the audio path and alarm tube WA
image device · To control the power supply, supply line · O o w o r 1 o l l l l with the switch at
electronic lapping machine excellent Kl When the switch is switched on, the 11th route is
supplied and the 1st route is operated, and based on the power, the second switch is activated
based on the force. Letter 11 KL う 所 −-essa essa essa essa ys ys ys ys essa essa 1 1 ((第 第 36x
チ 歇 歇 歇 島 為 為 為 為 為.
In the following, with reference to-, the present invention will be described in detail with
reference to a clock radio atelier Ell 9-an example. In Fig. 1, 1kC114Rt-f itljiillt is shown in ■, ea
is a chi- + (L and its volume of waste liquid amplifier 1) Gang, (l) 島 island for compensation
antenna. -Drive by audio-path uom force, jI, low periodic solution gain--ealjlK 1 for electroplytic
wave, for example, "e" line X7-power for island, + B is a power source 〉 寵 珊 寵 珊 寵 珊 寵 珊
寵 珊, 、 電池 − 寵 珊 寵 珊 寵 珊 電池 電池 電池 電池 電池 電池 電池 電池 電池. With an f-line
clock, it is controlled by @-櫨 ζO clock tlk, 1 audio, 2 賂 pupil number and backtracking 装置 II
to device I to control O on w o supply o on off @ 16 switch (time switch Because it is). -A line
alarm sound ra device, in which a low frequency amplification 5 (3) is simultaneously sounded
and an oscillator 9 and a sound generator (a * ii and a speaker (5)) are used. In other words, low
shoulder wave amplification echo-is negative feedback 11m1 (41 with -1 ° and ζO negative
l111m11144, in contrast with parallel El-! III By being slaughtered! Return-make up the road and
fold it up-1 and ζO: l n de y t II member weight-against the road 1 摘 れ 低 低 低 増 増11 # s
positive feedback is applied to work, ζ O: l ndye y 豐 4 I @ is cast ** 時 時 か け ら 時 負 よ う O
O 正常 正常 畜 畜 畜 畜V%. Advance 1! * In the case of a self-powered electronic sound system
with an elephant clock as the ζ O ・ ・ In the time hand how many geo expenses machine, the
first O switch-オ Ono Power supply +1 · Supply line bite 暴 (4 ') 11 11111m け 七 七 略 略 0 0 0
嬉 嬉 嬉 ス イ ス イ ス イ ス イ ス イ ス イ ス イ ス イ ス イ 時間 時間 オ ー デ ィ オ 時間 オ ー
デ ィ オ 時間 時間 時間 オ ー デ ィ オ オ ー デ ィ オ オ ー デ ィ オ 日 状態 状態 オ ー デ ィ オ オ
ー デ ィ オ オ ー デ ィ オ オ ー デ ィ オ オ ー デ ィ オ 作 動 l l l l l l The amount of seams is 1114
kll KIl converted to tis 寓 ex 會 # も # 1 even with O. Shiryu Dragon Beast-Road Lateral Mine
Honsaku (7) and Inden! Familiarity with-straight line -11, power supply 10 B through the first
switch. '[KCOml 埴 I 埴 through 埴. Grank, 1 ndensu (powder is 1 in 1 儒 儒 儒 そ し て そ し て
そ し て そ し て そ し て 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗
抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 gg ((() Through 1 m1, through the diode 4 representing the O-rich switch to the
weir, through the [K resistor (direct flA4 female 喝 resistor 1)) II. 盛 ・ 盛会, diode O O cathode is
resistor @ 亀 and 亀, 、, O O diode オ ソ ー デ ン デ ン y を デ ン デ ン 負 負 路 路 路 路 4 4 4 す
す 崗 崗 崗, 崗, The 7-node diode is switched to the ground-sun switch K11 and to # 4, and the
negative feedback -1I 幡 O end cap is subjected to mass-frequency amplification to powder
彌) On-next keO watch Let's explain your own home made by the heat teio cost reserve. Set in
advance by the clock ff1 K-jt L? -Time of day, for example, at time of @ O MAIE KIIE II * SO
switch bite, 1 is y and 、 こ れ に よ り に よ り こ れ こ れ こ れ 創 創 創 創 創It is pre-tuned,
and% A E-radio Ik is a question of Ebica ◆ Re-to-do 1 remarks, if at l FM1 sound @ 69f114 multiIAO, this is suitable and beats. As the 5w1ll ore in advance, a large heat (1%) large heat (in V% e
# 1 1), the radio broadcast can be overwhelmed with a small 1-plaster amount in an 11 You are
also found 9 times in the same time with the demon geographer tatami heavy weight, and ζ OO
12 @ 及 び 〇 SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 例 え ば
例 え ば 例 え ば for example Terminal charge ME rises to fear value, Dio-ygss lead M soft lIk 珈
ζ 九 め め l, l! De y! @ @ 帰 路 路 2 艙 (2) E l l E E 慟 慟 慟 慟 慟 慟 慟 に よ り に よ り に よ り
に よ り に よ り に よ り に よ り 優 優 優 III-III state Good work, subi ml 聯 to plaster, #-billion
old 6f L for. The above-mentioned book * ll K in advance, in the seven days 1) (2) D) 3), the audio
circuit is in good condition at the time of III K, and for example, the radio broadcast is played.
Each time the body slaughtered from @), and at the same time 4-woke up, at a time when it was
decided by 9 o'clock-by-9 o'clock, the alarm plaster JkII amount) the alarm plaster was generated
@ It is an excuse to do waking up, so there is excellent prestige when waking up is done in good
spirits, and surely. In order to improve your ability to use the device with a watch radio cost
saving device O at a meeting, as in the case of the shield 111, the electronic sound equipment of
Lun! It is a bribe. Gang, so O 盛 会 な ■ ■ (■ ■ suitable for wake up blue 秦 etc. through the
audio path-electricity-sound conversion amount (built-in speaker, Bida-Sveka etc · l Ir 嘴 s i i,
earphone etc) K supply 1 It is hopeful to do so. 報, O O-(, audio circuit · low frequency increase
amount and speaker as a sound output device 叉 蝶 蝶 ヤ ヤ ヤ O 構成 構成 構成 し か し し か
し し か し し か し し か し し か し し か し し か し し か しEven if it is not O, but another K11
l ·, it is possible to output 70 II vibration power from a speaker, etc. to O electricity-acoustic
honey (Te) → J converter 棗 (,% /% Korea Let's make it go, and let's make it sound like a ζ ζ-of
course 憾 @. Sergeant O Simple Tortoise l1w ■ is a home me-I will receive a noble service I 賂 ■
1 for.
慟 為 す す す 働 周 周 L (dressing negative feedback mlI, f! m Shrimp 賓 エ ビ 賓 賓 賓 エ ビ エ
ビ エ ビ エ ビ f f エ ビ 踏 、 踏 m m は m m m − − − − − 會 抵抗 抵抗 抵抗 1))) 1 び 1 ナ 87
denna, ( @ # Return to summer, @ @ 11 Onden, tI watch, @ a oscillation Yu. I4 Expanded AudioPath, ■: IP @ Blue 1 Blue Gold Single Plated Device 10, 10 min. Switch-Min. 0 min. I 畷 國 ノ k k
k 社 人 ps Ips etc 1 @ B ′ ′ ′ ′ ー-: j1 !! #ニー:3:1・#::。 aP:l;1、
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