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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an embodiment of a
terminal jack according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a plan view of the state in which the
cover is removed, and FIG. 3 is a plan view of a contact spring. is there. J bar, 51 to 53 и и и и и
Contact spring, 6 и и и и и и и и и и и и и 1st inclined portion, 10 и и и и 2nd inclined portion, 11 и и и ...... 195-7 first person l96,
Detailed Description of the Invention 4th Terminal Terminal Type Jack 1 Utility Model No. claim
# 1 claim model No. claim # Orivs in a case with plug insertion hole -The contact spring fitted
with a contactor to be held by the IE contact spring is capable of bending an elongated 1k14
plate having & / 0 elasticity and conductivity 4eX'FM111! J11 o 1 [Shape 1 and one end of * jllo
straight part are connected via one end 11 AKR part and arranged in a predetermined l! Easy @
30 straight part and * gso straight [? one end l1 lIIc continuous installation tLjL] spaced apart
with the sunshine Lime @ all inclined by a predetermined angle toward the outer medulla and the
stripes 101 II oblique part O-continuous long run Defined and directed towards the outer side
1iso inclined portion 1I sloped at a predetermined angle ll # 1 straight sO at least one side
outside ITIIk connected and at right angles to the ridge 10 straight portion (1) The case has a
mounting groove portion of the weir 1 in which the other end gIA is mounted from the narrow
straight portion O locking protrusion in the inside thereof The tenth mounting groove s o One
end of the crane is connected to the crane through a step and the trailing edge of the 10 straight
part O holding portion O-8 mounting groove where the one end l I is mounted and the eighth
Mounting of 1 ml @ ?-Book 1 is connected via a step part, and once a straight part of IIi ? 2 is
mounted a slope of tin 1 The co-Ilc! Li mounting JI 8 mounting # Im and # i girdle O mounting
adjustment portion O end of the mounting portion O towards 111 in the l-part and facing the
slope portion to be engaged with the JI e e ** house and By making the inclined portion of the
wedge 8 engage with the similar oblique direction) # elastic 30 straight portion, thin 10 straight
portion and O bent portion It is possible to move close to each other, and 1) the hooking
protrusion S in the stripe 1 (Oh layer structure portion, the second mounting groove portion and
the step portion of Or & l The iactam tube agricultural SO attachment part with a zero blood part
and the hook 80 part (one-ring attachment part and O-stage part to be locked between O-andthumb attachment part) Block movement of the contact spring in the axial direction in the case
Terminal-type jack configured to obtain. The present invention relates to, for example, the
terminal type jack used for telephone conversion equipment etc., can securely mount the contact
spring to the case, and makes the contact resistance of the contact spring good to make a cold
terminal. The purpose of the present invention is to provide a jack of the type described in the
following. Fig. M8 shows the same with the cover removed, and Fig. 8 shows a plan of the
contact spring 0.
Jill E 1 is a flat rectangular case, and a plurality of Inrtc covers 8 on the case so so @ can be
releasably attached by means of fasteners 4 such as @ melt and nuts etc. As shown in FIG. 2v, at
a predetermined interval in the radial direction as shown in FIG. 11 th **, (for example, dJ) 0
pieces: 1 ring t: 1 ring h to b are mounted respectively. These contact springs ? sj have the same
configuration but also an elongated metal plate having an elasticity and conductivity of <780
shown in FIG. 8 as shown in FIG. 8 by tk 4 ░. h is connected to each other at ii @ le) straight me
and straight end gA of the mlO straight part 6 via the shoulder ma and 80 h between the
shadows with a predetermined interval vh K Straight 111 $ and sales tssv straight part 80 One
end of the medulla is connected to one end of the medulla and one end of the 1110 inclined part
9 is connected to the weir 10 inclined part 9 inclined to a predetermined angle toward the
outside The m-pieces are connected to m outwards of the other end biased from the end of the
path of the JllO straight part 6 'at a predetermined angle inclined to a predetermined angle
toward the direction * and a direction perpendicular to the JllO straight part 6 And a locking
projection 11 projecting to the above-mentioned layer (4). A through hole 1s penetrating in a
direction y # of the moving part is formed at the other side of the straight part 40 @ stop
projection piece [1111] of j1-and the contact spring 4 to 10 working zO directly The parallel
portion 8 is parallel to the case shown in FIG. 1m8 attached to the case main body sO as shown
in FIG. 1 m8, and the @ SO @ -like portion S and -lO inclination # 1 portion 9 and O1 & i1 So that
the contact resistance of the whole of the contact spring 4 & 4 is good, for example, the abovementioned genus m ? ? is close to it when it is subjected to the immersion plating treatment. If
it is as sudden as possible, it will not be applied to the contact resistance bending which will be
applied to the bending llll l l l IC patch which becomes important especially on Prada kt contact,
but in the present invention-as described above, it will be Ill! 1 part 18 is a round 1m-shaped
piece, so it can be plated # & salt without noodles all over it-it will be apt to be battered ? Suiki
Biwei O Contatatat spring Syb (5) On the upper surface of the above-mentioned nurse main body
SO Each of the provided mounting grooves 141 to 14sK is worn. This b mounting groove 1 to 1
also has the same structure as the roof tile-also with O, the contact spring St-the aO 16110
straight portion, the O-locking projecting portion 11 and the other end @ b 1b and the M11E)
Iiilll + 0 one end-is connected to the one end-via the step 16 and the JilO straight a6t) the locking
protrusion 11) the second groove 17 whose one end side is mounted Nk and the * SO ridge
portion 1?
? Sand formed from the groove portion 19 of the processing 8 which is continuously connected
to the one end via the step portion 18 and the sloping portion 9 of jll is mounted along with the
straight portion 8 of the reed 8 and becomes a one-header insertion hole Each mounting groove
1 to 1411Dji 10111 part 16 part is communicated with the arrangement to form a relatively
large area O single er 5 part 8e to vh 4)), the key 80 key part 1 O O turtle opening inner
periphery In the direction of the mineral, the 5ite inclined portion 16 is provided with a slope #
1-2 l-while the suntat spring ink, ~ (и) \ 11 is that t) @ 1 t) straight portion и O Attach the other
end a from the locking projection s11 into the axe groove tILIIG, that is, into the recess zO, and
stop the locking projection 11 against the step portion 16 between al101 $ 1111 black, m5torii
part 1 and 0 , AllO straight part 60 locking lug 11)-t the price attached to the sorta part 1) and $
111 (1 straight part, and a ship mO straight vL 8 and an O step part between the O step part 10)
and the O groove part 19 and the O part O step 18 The third straight section 8 and the wedge 10
inclined section 9 are attached to the SO groove 19 and engaged with the mso inclined section
10t JI 8 og section 190 outer m internal surface O copy oblique plane 31 11) Each body of the
Contata F 1 Linda 6 to 5 Case main body sO on 11ii K each mounted-? O in the form of the
knee-1ailt> slope 1o slope In! By engaging 1m, the attachment is separated into tiles as shown in
FIG. 8 in the mounting process, and the single layer curve fill is in a state close to the tiles against
elasticity. . In each of the contacts 6) to 10, the other end of the 10th straight portion 6 is
inserted into the through hole 12 of the other end of the contact 22s to 22s, and the lead is fitted
to these leads! Liila St = jl another butterfly is extended out of the case body 10 through the
groove 28 in the outside Tic. In the face of a28, a non-slip convex surface (not shown) is formed.
After the contact springs 4 to 4 are mounted on the case body 2 as described above, the entire
upper surface of the case body 8 is covered with the cover 8 so that the entire terminal jack
according to the present invention is damaged. When the plug (not shown) is inserted into the
vortex portion 19 from the outer end-mouth portion of the eighth aii portion 190, the contact
spring 6, 5ac) bending portion 1 easy phase rub is elastic in the sleep prada Against the spread I!
The plug is held in a state of being held between the bent portions of the eighteenth phase. (The
spring in the direction of the middle arrow acts on the contact spring 51 to b at the time of
insertion of the plug into the spring), but the arrow of the contact spring 61 to It in the & part
and 180 holdings O movement to the surface direction-1Ii is blocked.
In addition, when removing the plug that has been inserted, contact spring island. The force in
the direction of the arrow acts in two small figures against ~ ShK, but the lock center piece fli (11,
1 part 16 and 01 ik combined by how to move in the direction of the contact spring & ~ & O
arrow B direction IIIJ Is blocked. As described above, the terminal-type jack according to the
present invention has the contact spring tV @ and the step portion engaged with the case O,
respectively, and is attached to the case O in a manner that is attached to the case O. A starved
contact punctual spring with contact spring O # i 71 that can be blocked by 1111 IiIk results of
the contact spring at loading and removal of one rudder # t11 will add to the case: bend at h or
later 18 ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии They are grooved so that the
bends 18 come close to each other when attached to the case. The contact resistance of the
starved-fung contact spring becomes good by doing without it, and the bent part of the contact
spring in the past is close to resisting elasticity when attached to the case That was strong pulling
force ?? lifting force is strong therefore by the bent portion relative Mupuragu those having
obtained the advantage that the plug O clamping retention is ensured.
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