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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view showing an embodiment of a
sensitivity switching device for microphones according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a
line?-In FIG. FIG. 3 a d is a cross-sectional view of FIG. 3, and FIGS. 3 a to 3 d are diagrams for
explaining different combinations of operation states of the first and second switches of FIGS. 1
and 2. 11 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · microphone holder, 26, 32, · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
external microphone. Fig. 1-57-real open 51-82424 (2) Fig. 2 (3) (a) (b) (c) (d) 5 ° 14 114 114 l
· · · 26 "1 3226 L + 32) 6 immediately 3226-58 1
Detailed description of the invention: Main body tea is a microphone 1 "used for a tape recorder.
オ、。 □ゆ! I+dmK@fh。 Heretofore, as microphones in a tape recorder, there are an
internal microphone and an external 1-2 "microphone. Usually, the external microphone is set to
the abrasive key so as to record only the target sound, and the internal microphone is set to high
sensitivity because the distance to the f source is broken. In recent years, there has been a
microphone recorder IC of the tape recorder main body in which an external microphone is put
out to make it wait for the ability to function as an internal microphone. However, when used as
an internal microphone, V'i feeling and change are low. There was a drawback that the i-part
sound could not be recorded well. In addition, when the target sound level is low during one use
of an external microphone, etc., I would like to give up the microphone sense k. The present iJ tea
was prepared under the circumstances described above, and the microphone holder was held by
the FilT foot angle i in a state where it was not held in the microphone holder in a state where it
was not held in the microphone holder. Butterflies are designed to provide a microphone charge
for the microphones that can be switched on and off to automatically adjust the microphone
sensitivity substantially. One embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with
reference to the following drawings. In FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, 11 is 4M + ik of the tape recorder main
body, and this hollow & 11 is provided with a circular recess 12. The four portions 12 are
provided with a through hole in the side plate 1-of this through hole-? The plate 13 is formed by,
for example, screwing and fixing the plate 13 on the inner surface of the plate so as to close Iii [j].
On the other hand, 14 is a microphone holder, which comprises a circular substrate 15 loosely
singing to the four parts 12 and an arm 11 which protrudes from the central part of this ha 15 to
a right angle direction and which stomachs the microphone next joint hole 16 Is counterhardened to a plate 13 positioned on one surface of the recess 12 and is held so as to be
rotatable by one predetermined negative f range along the plate 13. That is, for example, 8 + lil
on the outer surface of the substrate 15. One machine 1 blind hole 18 is finished in the turning
direction respectively, and the above play 8Jl! 1st hole: the arrangement of 8-the same
arrangement as the relationship 3 ;; I rare cylindrical guide pin 19 is protrusively provided, and
this so-called "n id bin 190 tip 4 vcri overstrike hole 18 if: [A hook portion 20 is provided to stop
removal so that the substrate 15 does not fall from the recess 12 by being locked to the il.
A ball bearing 2) is mounted on the anti-submerged blood center 4 between the & plate 15 and
the plate 13. Accordingly, the substrate J5 is one * oT capable with the hole bearing 21 as a
center, and the circumference is restricted by the guide bin 19 and is considered to be invading
the i hole 18. In this case, times! E [+4-2 in 2 and γ-Muno 4 becomes parallel to the upper and
lower edges of 1Ill collection 77, and in the other movement range 1 the arm 14 is angled from
the parallel position 1t See Fig. 0) 蛾 <. In addition, one card 22 is provided on the substrate 15,
and the transparent plate 13 is provided with a hole 23 so as to make the same as the abovementioned through hole 22: over a range of J 50 times. The actuator 25 of 41 is rotatably held
by the bin 24 projected into the through hole 2200 of 1 hhr xl S. The actuator 25 is biased in the
direction of the arm 14 by, for example, an iron number-> series (not shown). Then, due to this
biasing force, one part of the actuator 25 is charged below the arm hole 16 and the field / i city
loosely blames the through hole 23 of the plate 13 at the inside of the side plate I. The circle alike c protruding into the dpiill space. In addition, the j switch No. 1 first switch 26 of @ 妃 · 1ill
board 11 is watched, lU [−4 of this switch 26 1 part of ri piece 27 of the above-mentioned
substrate 15 of, 1 · The rotation range of the other end of the actuator 25 is formed, and the
opposite wide end 28 is formed. The pieces 29 are provided to face each other. A second
actuator 30 projects on the inner surface of the number @ 15. Then, in plate JJi, make actuator
30 of IE2 mentioned above sharp and pass through the movement range of actuator 10 of
Kamiki 2f accompanying rotation of 叡 is! A second one of the holes 31 is provided. The second
switch 32 is mounted on the circular surface of the tUll's 11 in a configuration that is loaded
when the original 1111 of the actuator 30 of @ 2 above is united to one end of the “5”
rotation by itself. It has been The output of the second switch 32 and the d force of the first
switch 26 are provided in the tape recorder main body I! It is led to the logic circuit (not shown
in the figure). This logic I! ! The l path is provided in the tape recorder main storage when either
one of the on output of the first switch 26 and the on output of the switch 32 is introduced.
Susceptibility to circuit (lA not unreasonable) 切 切 1−1 1-1 を こ の 侠 This cut 侠 I!
l! I 緬 is-16 foreign powers at current price F! The gain or decrease is controlled to increase
the microphone sensitivity. According to the RA4 switching apparatus of the above microphone,
the arm 17 of the microphone holder J4 is added 1r112 in a flat state to the upper and lower
sides of 41177 and the external microphone (嘱 2 FIG. 33) is not held by the microphone holder
14 , The first switch 26 and the second switch 4b (the employer 32 are both in the off state, as
indicated by the amtat. Therefore, no switching control signal is output in the logic circuit, and
the microphone sensitivity switching circuit is not used, and the external microphone 33 is used
with the same sensitivity. When the microphone holder 14 is operated m times of the time #Ims,
ie, when the arm 14 is inclined by the predetermined rotation angle θ, the J! The second switch
32 is driven to turn on, and the first switch 26 remains off-field (half 8 t14). At this time, it is
controlled so that the switching control signal can be obtained at 2 logical times 4 and the
microphone feeling (turning back and forth each) is controlled so that the microphone feeling I is
combined in a musical manner, so the target sound Even low levels such as 4 sweets can be
recorded well. Also, even if the arm 14 is horizontal 1 fc is any one of the inclined states 1-1, or
in other words, even if the switch 32 of @ 2 is either off or on, the microphone fitting hole 16 of
the microphone holder 14 The lower 11 parts of the external 71 microphone 33 are sung to
swim and l ′ ′ · 1 (DT ′) f “−“ 25iEMi ”4y. The IgI is gtlJed by the ringer 33 and the first
switch 26 is turned on to obtain an operating state as shown in FIG. 3 (C) and FIG. 3 (d). したがっ
てこのとき! 1 # logic times, @ (in the switch "σ 1", bl 100 issue is 4 and the microphone
sensitivity off 4 circuit is 1 IIN 4 lost so as to give up the microphone effect in +1 music, so the
outside At this time, the microphone 33 acts as an internal microphone on the charging price 9,
and the external sound can be satisfactorily uf. In the above-mentioned a 'frost, the inter-finger
property of the external microphone 33 which is held in the form of a wedge or a slant of the
arm 14 is different. The present invention is as in the above, as the four-part microphone is not
held in the microphone holder, the microphone holder kF9T foot angle in the collar (by rotating
41 + scissors and holding it in the microphone holder automatically) It is possible to provide a
power-switching device of a microphone which can be switched and controlled so as to damage
the four microphones and four microphones.
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