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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side sectional view of an essential part of an
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a view for explaining an example of use of the
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken along the
line A-A 'of FIG. 3. FIG. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Microphone element, 2 ... Windproof
member, 3 ... Switch for control, 4 ... Push button, 10 ... Metal plate, 11 ... Conductive rubber. Fig.
1 Fig. 2 1 55 1 一 51-90826 (2) Fig. 3 Fig. 4-56
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a close-talking
microphone that extracts low-level speech in high noise. For high noise and low level voices, it is
better to bring the microphone close to the mouth, while the control switch is known to be the 9i
Ikuda phone-such a conventional microphone -When the phone is close to nine, and the switch is
switched, the distance between the nine and the telephone is likely to change, and at this time 2:
the waveform of the voice changes, this rounding, eg The level does not need to be set, and the
phase modulation is worn out and lost. In addition, it is intended to provide a mitarophone that
can be O and O in order to effectively collect low-level O audio. Hereinafter, embodiments of the
present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 is a drawing of the
embodiment of the present invention. これハ、フンデンサ! A microswitch O for anti-oscillatory
switch 3 is provided together with the switch case 6 below the microphone-phone element 1
such as Ikuhon, and the output line of the switch 3 and the output line of the microphone
element 1 are put together, The lead wire 6 is drawn out of the switch case 6. Then, the whole of
the microphone element 1, the switch 3 and the switch case 5 is made of a porous Toka-like
member such as a poly wallet: 1 and covered with a good wind 1 IF III material 2. Here, when the
pressing button 4fi of the switch 3 is touched by the user with the windshield 2t-palm, the switch
is activated and the switch is switched. For example, the dimension from the upper end of the Fii
italophone element 1 to the push button 4 is 3 to 4 cm 4 degrees or less so that it can fit in the
nine palms. In this way, the windshield 2 can be placed in the palm as shown in FIG. By holding it
as shown in the 1l Iz figure and taking 1 hand to the 9-hand tube mouth. Low level speech can be
effectively introduced to the miter picture element 1. And, in this case, since the windshield
member 2 is provided, the generation of contamination due to breathing is suppressed. The
switch 3 can be opened and closed with just a few hands, and the change in the relative position
between the microphone lid element 1 and the mouth occurring at this time is small, so the
disturbance of the waveform of the collected sound is very small. -. FIG. 3 is a side sectional view
of an essential part of another embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 4 is an AA / line
sectional view of FIG. 3 @. In this embodiment, the outside of the microphone element 1 is a good
conductor, and the conductive rubber 11 is 9 ') in the O circumference, and further, the metal
plate 10t-is crimped on the O, Conductors 12 and 4 [J '11a are drawn from the conductor and
metal [10 on the outside of 1].
Outer side of microphone element 1, conductive rubber 11. The metal plate 10 is configured as a
control switch corresponding to the switch 3 of FIG. The windshield 2 also serves as a cover tlcovering the entire microphone element 1 and the switch. When the two windshield members
are used, the conductive rubber 11 is compressed and thus the impedance between the
conductors 12 and 13 is reduced. This change in impedance can be used as a switch so that it
can be detected by a well-known O appropriate electronic circuit. In this embodiment, since the
conductive rubber is dispersedly disposed, it is advantageous because the switch can be
controlled regardless of the manner of the windshield 2. Of course, FiVh also has all the
advantages of the embodiment of FIG. In addition, the type middle shape of the switch used by
this invention is not limited to the above-mentioned Example-. As described above, the present
invention is designed to open and close the control switch by enclosing the 實 italophone with
the palm of one's hand. It is possible to obtain the conventional 1 superior effect of collecting the
sound of the level and simultaneously opening and closing the control switch.
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