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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the structure of a conventional
electromagnetic pickup cartridge, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are views showing the structure of the
present invention. 9 is a yoke, 4 is a magnetic circuit. 圃 -7- 実 52-15204 (2) Fig. 3-8-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of an electromagnetic type piezolitholith. There are basically two types of electromagnetic pickup
cartridges, of which-are moving coil types and others are moving coil types. Both of them use a
voltage proportional to the time change of the magnetic flux linked to the coil or an operation
principle induced to the coil, and various structures have been proposed. Yo. For example, as
shown in FIG. 1, the Mohing Hyssoku Kasop Car Torino / V-shaped insertion coil is wound with
the generating coil 1-and has a substantially U-shaped yoke 2 and magnetic gap 3 between its
both ends. In the magnetic gap 3 of the magnetic circuit 4. The magnetic circuit 4 is held so as to
vibrate in correspondence with the cylindrical magnet 7 fixed to the cantilever 6 having the
placement needle 5 at the tip or the record sound groove. ing. Conventionally, in this structure,
the yoke 2 has, for example, a structure in which a few to a dozen or more permalloy thin plates
8 having a thickness of about α2 are laminated. This permalloy is characterized by having high
permeability because of its inherent physical properties, but on the other hand, it is inferior in
alternating current magnetic properties and has a disadvantage that it becomes extremely small
in the effective permeability or high frequency region. Therefore, the reluctance of the magnetic
circuit 4 increases rapidly with the increase of frequency, and flows through the yoke 2 and the
magnetic flux linked to the coil 1 decreases rapidly with the increase of frequency. It was not
possible to obtain flat frequency characteristics down to the high frequency range. The present
invention is characterized in that it has a magnetic circuit having a yoke formed by integrally
pressing fine powder 3 of ferrite into a predetermined shape as described in the following
drawings. I assume. In FIG. 2, reference numerals 1.4 to 7 correspond to the respective parts of
the conventional example shown in FIG. 1, 1 is a generator coil, 3 is a magnetic gap, 4 is a
magnetic circuit, 5 is a stationary needle, 6 is a cantilever, 7 is a cantilever It is a magnet. The
yoke 9 has a substantially U-shaped shape to form the magnetic gap 3 and is formed by pressing
and forming fine powder of ferrite integrally, and is disposed orthogonal to each other. In
addition, due to structural limitations, as shown in FIG. 3, it is possible to adopt a shape in which
the front end of the image 3-9 is extended in the perpendicular direction. In this case, since the
magnetic circuit 4 is formed with the yoke 9 formed by pressure molding the fine powder of
ferrite integrally, first, compared to the conventional yoke 2 material (permalloy), the ferrite
individual piece is formed. The AC magnetic properties in the high frequency range are
remarkably excellent because of their physical properties. Specifically, in Table 1 comparing AC
magnetic characteristics (relationship between frequency and effective magnetic permeability
'ipe) of representative ferrite and permalloy, per 1-4 → roy is an effective permeability at 1 Q
KHz in the test Ha + b + c While the ferrite decreases to 1 / 2.25 to 1 / 1.0 of the effective
permeability at 1 KHz, the ferrite has an effective permeability of 10 KHz at sample a, b, c or l /
at an effective permeability of lKH2. The effective permeability in 11 to 1 / 14.100 KH2
decreases to 1/11 to 1/25, and the rate of decrease is significantly smaller than that of the
Therefore, since the magnetic flux linked to the coil 1 does not decrease sharply with the
increase of the frequency, it is possible to obtain flat frequency characteristics up to a high
frequency region sufficiently covering the audio frequency. Second, ferrite has a higher specific
resistance (several tens to several tens of ohm-cm) than permalloy, and less or less decrease in
change of magnetic flux with time due to low current. Thirdly, unlike the conventional structure
in which permalloy thin plates are laminated, it is formed by integrally pressing the fine powder
of the yoke 9 or the ferrite, so it is easy to manufacture and suitable for mass production, and
quality or uniform As the present invention is characterized by including the magnetic circuit 4
having the yoke 9 formed by pressing and forming the fine powder of ferrite integrally into a
predetermined shape as in the above five or more, the ferrite is unique As well as being able to
obtain frequency characteristics from the physical properties to high frequency areas, it has the
advantage of being easy to manufacture and suitable for mass production.
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