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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing the structure of a conventional
moving magnet type pickup cartridge, FIG. 2 is a view showing the structure of a moving magnet
type pickup cartridge according to the present invention, and FIG. It is. lL and IR are power
generation coils, 2L and 2R are yokes, 3 is a cantilever-4 is a magnet, and 6 is a conductor plate. 5-52-18 03 (2) Fig. 3-6-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the Mobin Kumak Inoto type (MM type) Pino Noop Car Torino. The paper-like structure of a
conventional MM-type piezo-anop force-tri 7 is shown in FIG. Wind the power generation coils IL
and IR of the left and right channels, respectively, with the two ends facing each other. The yokes
2L and 2R of the left and right channels are arranged in a rectangular shape so that both ends or
orthogonal to each other, and the cylindrical magnet 4 having the cantilevers 3 fixed in the both
ends of the yokes 2L and 2H is the same magnet A damper 5 is disposed so as to be parallel to
the axis 4 (magnetization direction) or both ends of the yokes 2L and 2R, and for the vibration of
the canner lever 3 for tracing the record sound groove (recording signal) Proportionally, the
magnet 4 is made to vibrate. This structure is disposed at a relative position between the shape
(cylindrical shape) of the magnet 4 and both ends of the yokes 2L and 2R, that is, both ends of
the yaw 2L and 2R and the axis (magnetization direction) of the magnet 4 are parallel. Therefore,
the magnetic flux leaking from one magnetic pole (N pole) of the magnet 4 in the direction of the
cantilever 3 can be utilized to effectively utilize the entire magnetic flux of the magnet 4, and the
power generation efficiency is poor. The present invention eliminates the above drawbacks and
will be described in the drawings. In the figure, reference numerals 1 to 5 correspond to each
part of the conventional example 3 shown in FIG. 1, IL and IR are power generation coils for left
and right channels, 2L and 2R are yokes for left and right channels, 3 is a cantilever, 4 Is a
magnet and 5 is a damper. The reference numeral 6 denotes a conductor plate made of a high
conductivity material such as copper or aluminum disposed close to and facing the magnetic pole
(N pole) of the magnet 4. Thus, the leakage flux linked to the conductor plate 6 changes in
response to the vibration of the magnet 4, and therefore, an eddy current is induced in the
conductor plate 6 and a magnetic flux is generated by this current. Since this magnetic flux
(direction of the magnetic force lines) is in the opposite direction to the leakage magnetic flux, if
only the left channel is described as shown in FIG. 3, the leakage magnetic flux a ', b', c ', d, (In
the absence of the conductor plate 6), the magnetic flux generated by the light current leads
most of it to the end of the yoke 2L like a, b, c, d, passes through the yoke 2L and is linked to the
generator coil lL Do. In other words, the magnetic shield is performed by the conductor plate 6 to
reduce the leakage flux. Therefore, as described above, the number of magnetic fluxes linked to
the power generation coils IL and IH increases, and the power generation efficiency is improved.
In addition, since the power generation efficiency is improved, that is, the magnetic energy of the
magnet 4 can be effectively used, the magnet 4 is made small, small and light in magnetic energy,
and the equivalent mass of the pickup vibration system is reduced to achieve high frequency
characteristics. Can be improved.
As described above, the present invention has a structure in which the conductor plate 6 is
disposed facing the magnetic pole end of the magnet 4 to perform magnetic shielding, so that the
leakage flux is reduced to improve the power generation efficiency and the magnet 4 can be
made smaller and lighter to improve high frequency characteristics.
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