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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the pump of the
present invention.3
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to a 10 "e for a
bitter up cartridge. )ll! East I's Vita-up cartridge is open IJ & vh in theory, among them
m11 m shown 1 car ... car with 1 system ... 9yy known 102 needle tip at the tip 1 is finally
installed, pipe-like force / teleper 20 is placed in the thickness direction in the machine direction,
and 9 disk-like O-shaped nets $ are fixed, and these are passed through a damper 4 having a
through hole at the center to obtain high quality vias / bowls , Attach stainless steel aKII from
nonmagnetic material with support wire 6 made of metal wire such as stainless steel, apply load
to the back end of support wire 60 above and pull support wire 6 in the direction of arrow to
adjust damper 40 compression amount After the braking amount of the vibration system is made
appropriate, the supporting pipe 7 fitted to the casing 6 is fixed by the screw 8 screwed into the
cylindrical body 60 after the damping amount is properly adjusted. In the case of a cartridge
having a vibration system of this type, in other words, a vibration system in which the support of
the cantilever 20 is supported by the force / trevers 黛 O and the support wire 6 drawn from
behind, the following O problems are encountered: A space is attached to the support -60 end 11
due to the relation that the lift table which travels one end of 8 to the cantilever 2, the support 80 m11 and the direction of the cantilever R <) differ, and the support is supported via this
spacer $. It is a problem that it is extremely difficult to attach the support wire 6 to the spacer 9
reliably and without adversely affecting the characteristics of the cartridge. Here, a description
will be given of the conventional method of attaching the supporting wire 6 to the spacer 9 in the
related art separately. As shown in FIG. 2, one end of the supporting wire 6 is inserted into the
center hole of the space 10 made of a solderable material. The soldering 10 is performed
between the spacer 90 and the support wire 6 at both ends. However, both the spacer e and the
supporting rod 6 should be able to be soldered well to the pigeons of Jin-4 must be used-plus a
space? 9 、 Support lines 6 and 4 Very small i% O′′e very difficult to solder, and moreover, it
is known that the amount of solder is uneven and the uniform soldering is done while the finish
of 10 parts of the soldering is known I can not do it. Therefore, it is not possible to make the
support wire length d between the spacer 9 and the support pipe 7 having a large influence on
the vibration inertia uniform, and there is a disadvantage that the completed optical cartridge has
variations in characteristics. Tsue. 9 h) and support ms are bonded with adhesive-"4h, but since
the support line 6 is thin and the adhesion area is extremely small, it is expected that the
adhesive strength of the adhesive will ensure a reliable bond. In some cases, a tensile force is
applied to the support wire 6 to cause the support wire 6 to deviate from the spacer e, and the
support wire 6 may occasionally be pulled out.
Although there are nine types of high quality nylon wire as the support wire 6 described above, it
is difficult to fix the nylon wire with an adhesive, and there are problems with temperature
characteristics and mechanical properties. It is better in terms of cartridge O characteristics to
use a stable metal wire with good properties and mechanical properties as a support. However,
as described above, the mounting of the metal supporting wire 6 has a problem in the method,
causing the variation O of the time of the cartridge. The present invention overcomes the
conventional problems as described above, but it is O seconds or less, 11 from FIG. 3 onwards! It
will be described with drawings of the vaginal example. In addition, FIG. 1 shows IIIIK after FIG.
The same components as in FIG. 2 will be assigned the same reference symbols and detailed
explanations thereof will be omitted. The third ml shows the portion of the cartridge of the
present embodiment, and a spherical portion 12 is formed on the integral piece 6 at one end of
the support line 11 of a piano wire, stainless steel wire @ 0 metal wire, The spherical portion 12
is configured to be locked at one end of the support 111 at a space K. This locking work is 4th I!
As shown in +, the support 1111C having the spherical portion 12 at one end is inserted into the
center hole of the spacer 9 and the spacer O end is welded to the spherical portion 12. In case of
center hole of spacer e and support I! If a Kl 1 adhesive is applied between 11 and O, a gap
between the spacer 9 and the support wire 11 or a dropout occurs, and Table 0 and the support
wire 11 anomalous resonance between the center hole of the spacer 9 There is absolutely no
adverse effect on the wake characteristics. Next, the method for forming the spherical portion 12
at the end of the support wire 11 is out of step with reference to FIG. First of all, FIG. 6 shows an
apparatus used in the present method, and a DC power supply 18 is connected to a series circuit
composed of a resistance 14 for power film protection and a capacitor a. A clip 16 made of a
conductive material and an electrode 1117 are connected. In the O device, in a state before
starting work, a charge 6 + 41 K charging current flows through j 14 from 14 m straight mtl 11
g to 11 l from the direct mtl 11 g, and the capacitor g is charged. When the end of the support
wire 11 is held by the clip 16 and the end is brought into contact with the electrode plate 17, the
charge accumulated in the charge / discharge 16 is discharged at a rapid rate and a spark is
generated between the support wire 11 and the electrode plate 17. jump. At this time, the
support wire 14 (> end temperature rises instantaneously abnormally, the end is melted, and the
spherical portion 12 is formed. At the same time when the spherical portion 12 is formed, the
surface of the spherical portion 120 is oxidized and the surface of the electrode I [170 is oxidized
and the spark is automatically stopped even when the support wire 11 and the electrode @ 17
are brought into contact with each other. Naotodenden il at the same time as making electrode [1
end contact]. !
The output terminal 13 of the rounding DC power source 1 s, which has a protection resistor 14
interposed between it's being short-circuited, will not be damaged. When the formation of the
round spherical portion 12 is completed and the support wire 11 is separated from the electrode
plate 17, the charging is resumed from the direct current electrode 1s to the connector 18 and
after the spherical portion formation is completed, Subsequently, when a new support line is
gripped by the clip co 716 and the above-described series of operations are performed, it is
possible to form the spherical portion continuously, and mass production is easily possible. In
addition, if a shoulder line is used for length and it cuts in predetermined O length every 4
volume which forms a spherical part and manufactures a support line, it will be seen by
improving a paperwork productivity. The structure of this body is shown in FIG. In FIG. 7, 18 is
movable on the axis 1 · with a center K11 l and slidable in the longitudinal direction of the shaft
111, and a rod electrode drum 20.21 is articulated on the shaft 22 III! ! Provided in the first nine.
The second anchor bearing hill, 23.24 is a cutter pad, 26 is a metal wire guide block, 26 is a wire
drum for winding the metal wire 27. Although the first holding plate 20 is formed of a
conductive material and is fixed to the ring 22, the second holding plate 21 has a pressing
portion 2tth that is superior to an elastic material such as rubber at its O outer peripheral edge. It
can slide in the 2510 axial direction. fiThfi8 # 2 · each electrode drum 1,, 111 sandwiched
@ROfC overcurrent and h fist in sliding conductive Mayumi performed, i for being connected to
the Lande / to 1110 ends. Next, the operation of the present apparatus will be described. The
metal wire 27 wound around the wire drum 26 is connected to the first. It can be held between
the second holding plates 20.21. And the first one. When the second support plates 20 and 21
are integrated and articulated by one pitch in the direction of the arrow and the end of the metal
wire 270 contacts the surface of the electrode drum 18, the sparks are spherical at the end of the
metal wire 27 Is formed. In step i, the cutter block 24 moves in the direction of the arrow $ to
cut the metal wire 27 into a predetermined length. At the same time, the second clamping plate
21 separates from the first clamping plate, and the cut metal wire falls downward, and the
electrode drum 18 does not move in the direction of the arrow by one pitch and continues to
move again. The second holding house 21 is pressed by the first holding I [2 oll to hold the metal
wire 27 and the above operation is repeated. In this way, a support wire having a spherical
portion at one end is continuously produced. The above electrode drum 18. 1st. Second holding
plate go, inl. ll1 l + operation is performed by using a gear mechanism etc. Excitation is
performed by pressing the second support I [R1 to the first holding plate 29 @@ by using an
electromagnetic solenoid etc. In order to move the electrode drum 18 immediately, when forming
a spherical portion at the end of the metal wire 270, the II が of the electrode drum 18 is
oxidized, so even if the metal wire is welded to the same position, sparks Because it is difficult to
fly, it is to change the position of metal-m.
Of course, the electrode drum 18 side is fixed, the metal wire side is moved, and the maximum @
consideration of the spherical portion 12 in FIG. 6 above is% JL-0 by setting the charge amount Q
of ko / den + 18 arbitrarily. It is possible to control it. Assuming that the capacity of the sunden
118 is V and the voltage of the C1 direct current power supply 180 is V, the charge amount Q of
I / de / 18 is represented by Q-CV. The maximum 畏 1 of the spherical portion 12 and the charge
amount Q of the capacitor 6 are approximately x-Ko-KC! V (ffflLK is the ratio fl constant) t: 1311
is related by the relation (refer to FIG. 6), the maximum diameter 1 of the spherical portion 12 by
appropriately setting the condenona 1Se harmful amount C1 璽 current 111118C + voltage VO
value You can change it by yourself. Conversely, when the charge amount Q of the capacitor 8 is
constant (if the spherical portion 120 maximum diameter ★ · 1 ° is constant), uniform spherical
portion processing becomes possible in mass production. If the capacitance C of the capacitor 6
is 1000 μy, the DC power supply 1310 voltage V is 26 v, and the electric motor of the support
wire 11 is 60 μ, the spherical portion 12 can be formed with a maximum ml of 160 μ ± 20 μ.
stone. The supporting point of the cantilever 2 is supported as shown in FIG. 3 by using the
support wire 11 integrally having the spherical portion 12 thus obtained, but the effect as in the
case is obtained. Since the formation of the 0 (1) spherical portion 12 itself which can be
performed can be performed in an extremely simple 1 m-place easily and in a short time, the
working time can be greatly shortened. This leads to a manufacturing cost> 0 reduction. 1 Attach
the support line 11 to the space 9 and require soldering at the same time, so it's not necessary to
limit the material of the amount of spae, and it is possible to use Al pipe and olk O1 type O small
material tll It will be connected with the 4F 4 & improvement of the Katricki. By making the
support 11 and the support pipe 7 and the support pipe 7 support uniform and uniform, it is
possible to cancel the variation of the cartridge 04I characteristics. The shape of the spacer 9 and
the mounting of the support lines 110 can also be shown by means of the support lines 11 with
the front spherical portion 12 as shown in FIGS. The one shown in FIG. 8 is provided with a
through hole at the bulging portion of the bottomed yellow spacer so that the support wire 11 is
inserted through this through hole, and the spherical portion 12 is housed inside the cylinder.
Fixed and mourning. In this case, since the length of the through hole can be shortened, the
adhesive can be injected into the through hole and abnormal resonance occurring between the
through hole and the support wire 11 can be prevented.
The s! What is shown in a is a synthetic resin that is molded and wrapped around the spherical
portion 11 and the spacer 32 is also O. Even if the round support Wa11 with the spherical
portion 12 is pulled in the direction of the arrow if it slips off from the third base to the first
base, it is possible to use a tapered base in the center hole to form a tapered base in the 10th.
The spherical part 12 is set to <1% of the above-mentioned taper rod using Ill! It is characterized
in that the supporting wire is fixed to the spacer 33 without using a filler 12 or the like. If a
method of forming a spherical portion on the support 9111 is used, it is possible to employ a
cartridge manufacturing plant as shown in FIG. That is, 11th m! As shown in FIG. 1 (7), the metal
wire 34 is cut into a predetermined length to form a spherical portion 36t-at one end as shown in
FIG. Next, as shown in FIG. 11 (as shown in FIG. 1, the other end of the metal wire 34 is passed
through the spacer 9 and the support pipe 7 from the other end of the metal wire 34 to form the
spherical portion 36 also. Next, as shown in FIG. 11 (in the manner of inclination, the spacer 9,
the support pipe 74 and the spherical portion 36. 36 are made to abut against each other).
Spherical part 36 ° 36 O! As mentioned above, l is predicted in advance as mentioned above,
and if cutting the metal wire s4 appropriately, if the length is set appropriately, FIG. 11 (space 9
and support pipe as in Eso case, there are nine cases to the left and right The support wire length
d between the two is naturally desired to be 1 long. This is mounted as 11 m (#) 0 to form a
cartridge. In this case, adjustment of the compression amount of the dan A-4 is carried out by
pulling the support pipe itself with an arrow mark i. According to this III construction 131,
uniformization of the product can be obtained. In the above embodiment, the spherical portion is
integrally formed at the end of the support wire 0, but the spherical portion may be separately
formed 2 '. For example, as shown in FIG. 1λ, the pole wire wire 8 is wound in a coiled manner
on the end of the support II, and the wound portion is soldered #! You get the line i by cheating.
In the above embodiment, a spherical portion is provided at the end of the support wire, and the
spherical portion is used as a locking portion to be engaged with the spacer. A locking part of the
shape is provided to lock to the spacer by this locking part, and in the above embodiment, the
vibrator fixed to the root of the cantilever 2 is disk-shaped! Although the movable magnet type
cartridge has been described as the gnet 3, the present invention is also applicable to other types
of cartridges such as a movable coil cage cartridge. As described above, the pickup cartridge
according to the present invention has the needle tip at one end and the disk-like vibrator K11
coaxially attached at the other end to the other end fixed to the large pipe cantilever and the
other end of the 14-acid cantilever From the bendable metal wire which is pulled out with nine
spaf K ends! !
A rod support wire is provided, and the other end of the support wire is configured to be
attached to the cylindrical body via a damper by a tension rod in the axial direction, and a locking
portion is formed at one end of the support wire And the mosquito locking portion is locked by
the above-mentioned space K, and the connection between the support line and the space is
performed. Since the connection between the support wire and the spacer can be easily and
uniformly displayed, variations in the characteristics of the cartridge are less likely to occur, and
the connection operation between the support wire and the spacer is simple without requiring
skill. And it is also O that can get the quiet effect that can be displayed cheaply.
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