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Detail Cao 1, Name of Invention
In the case of the parallel vinyl type which is conventionally used in the case of the coating layer
3, the coating layer 3 and the detailed description of the invention, in the case of the parallel
vinyl type which is conventionally used, these are reduced and the sound quality is deteriorated.
As a cause of this in the water bundle, an inductive blade type occurring at 1 between two
parallel lines can be considered. Glass Conductor This inductance is cancelled, and there is one
shown in FIG. 1 as a speaker-co-patented demand for obtaining a good rising sound by means of
a short-circuit. 407-EndPage: This is formed so that four 30-line bundles of vinyl wire can be
made into a bundle of 30 in 0.18 lead wires in a vinyl outer cover 1 and two diagonal directions
are mutually set. C4 and conventional parallel vinyl wires that can be used in parallel, and by
thus connecting, it is possible to cancel the magnetic flanks generated in the current circuit and
to obtain a cord with less inductance However, although the counter electromotive force is
largely eliminated and the self-inductance is low as compared with the case of using two
separately, it is necessary to reduce the distance between the lines in order to make it more
effective. Therefore, it has been attempted in the past to reduce the distance between the lines
and to pair the two (7) so as not to affect the outside, but when considering the structure as a
speaker cord, Performance is also limited. It is a cord formed in a thin style using a large number
of twin twists that solved this point. But this code is also code 4i! There are limits to keeping the
impedance low as much as possible. In the present invention, the special impedance of the code
is 8! In comparison with the conventional code. It is intended to provide a low impedance
speaker cord which can be maintained at a value close to 2 and which can be operated under the
good condition of a purely resistive load. Next, an embodiment of the cord of the present
invention will be described with reference to FIG. 2 and FIG. 3. In the drawing, 5 denotes a single
coat insulation layer 6 such as polyurethane resin or double coat insulation of polyamide resin /
polyurethane resin. In the same manner as described above, a positive conductor formed by
coating the layer 7 is, for example, coated with a single-layered insulating layer 9 made of
polyurethane resin, or double coated insulating layer 10t of a polyamide resin / polyurethane
resin, etc. And the color of the single-layer insulating layer 6 or the double-film insulating layer 7
of the positive conductor 5 is, for example, green, the single-layer insulating layer 9t of the
negative conductor 8 is the color of the double-film insulating layer 10 Pre-recording color
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 119 The mechanical theory of the speaker cord Fig. 2
shows the creation of the speaker fist cord of the present invention Fig. 3 (A) # 'i Structure
explanation of the plus conductor in the present invention speaker cord Fig. 3 (E) ・ ・ ・ The
Minubika Code is a minus foliage. In the figure, 5 Nibras conductors 6:-Heavy coating insulating
layer 7: Double coating insulating layer 8: Minus conductor 9 double coating insulating layer 10:
Double coating insulating layer% Permit movement Toko special tS Co., Ltd. Agent Shigegami
Inoue 1st cause opening, Fig. 409-EndPage: 3
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