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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a system diagram of a mixed circulation boiler,
FIG. 2 is a side view showing the structure of a boiler circulation pump motor unit having an
electromagnetic pick and up, and FIG. 3 is a view in FIG. I-1 is a sectional view, FIG. 4 is a
structural principle of an electromagnetic pickup, and FIG. 5 is a longitudinal sectional view of a
pickup device based on the present invention-embodiment. 7 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 7 · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Case ring 16, 16: 0 ring as a seal
material, 17: signal cable, 19: gap adjustment nut, 20: through hole of pressure casing, 21: large
diameter screw, 22 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 23 · · · tightening screw, g · · · gap, W · · · seal welds
[Detailed description of the invention] The present invention is superior to the improvement of
the electromagnetic pick-up device used under high age, such as being accommodated in the
king car casing and detecting the rotational speed of the six rotating body from outside. It is
intended that the reliability λ is high so that it can be used safely under the child, and
additionally, the installation of the device and the adjustment of the pickup gap can be easily
performed by the customer. (2) The magnetic pick-up device according to the present invention
is adopted for detecting the rotational speed of the boiler circulation pump motor attached to the
boiler Kll at about mixed OII as described below, for example. That is, as shown in Fig. 1, the
water pipe line of the mixed circulation boiler combined with one performance with the forced DI
ring boiler is S1. In the figure, 1 is a feed pump connected to the condenser, 2 is an air / water
drum, 3 is It is a furnace part. In the down pipe 4 between the air and water drum 2 and the
evaporation pipe in the furnace 3, a boiler circulation / pump S is installed. The pump 5 is
configured as a pump motor unit as shown in FIG. 2 and the bon planner 6 is connected to the
motor 7. The pump liner 6 and the motor 7 are integrally housed in a pressure casing 8 which is
integrally formed as a pressure tight seal structure, because the water line pressure of the boiler
is as high as -200 to 3 ooKpycxa ". In this case, the inside of the pressure casing 8 is in pressure
communication with the boiler wooden tube and is filled with high pressure water, and the motor
7 is a single submersible motor, and the filling water is used as a lubricant for each bearing and a
coolant for the motor. n1 A cooling circulation (3) is made between the cooling heat exchanger
not shown. In addition, it is carried out by the impeller provided on the motor shaft for
circulating water in the machine. As is well known, depending on the load condition of the abovedescribed mixing and circulation boiler, the pump 5 is powered by a motor in the forced
circulation boiler operation area! Drive to feed boiler water. -At 10K, cut off from the motor 7ri
power supply in the purchase flow boiler operation area. The boiler water is circulated by the
feed water pump in the boiler water line 4 so as to drive the water wheel without load at all. As a
result, when the amount of through-flow through of the boiler decreases and the pump 50
rotation degree becomes equal to or less than the lower limit speed, the impeller rotational speed
of the motor 7 also decreases and it becomes impossible to supply water to each bearing surface.
For this reason, there is a possibility that the bearing may be seized and broken, and therefore,
when the rotational speed of the bongo becomes lower than the lower limit N, it is necessary to
immediately put the motor 7 into 11 sources and control its operation to increase the rotational
degree. In order to carry out the above-mentioned operation control, it is necessary to constantly
detect and monitor the rotational speed of the motor 7. It is conceivable to employ an
electromagnetic picker (4) 9 9 as described below as this rotational speed detection means.
It is known to the electromagnetic pickup itself, and its principle is as shown in FIG. That is, the
detection coil 10 is wound around the outer periphery of the permanent magnet 9, and one stone
9 is placed opposite to the magnetic material detection ml [11 of the -j rolling rod with a slight
gap g therebetween. In this state, when the output gear 11 is rotated as shown by the arrow A,
the magnetic flux crossing the detection coil 10 becomes haired in accordance with the
movement of the row of teeth 11M of the gear 11. A pulsating voltage is produced between the
output terminals of the detection coil 10. Accordingly, the frequency of the output snow pressure
or the count speed of the pulses can be used to detect the rotational speed of the supply gear IL
and the rotational speed of the rotating body. If this electromagnetic pick-up is applied to the
pump 5 of FIG. 2 to detect the -J rotation speed, a tooth row is formed as shown in FIG. 3 in the
outer peripheral area of the thrust runner 2 in the in-machine thrust bearing. Then, the detection
unit 13 which is a magnetic gear gear and is an assembly of the magnet 9 and the coil IO is
installed inside from the outside with the pressure casing 8 being ijA. Incidentally, it is preferable
that the recessed space of the outer peripheral tooth row in the thrust runner (5) tongue 12 be
filled with the non-magnetic material 14 and be configured as a disc-shaped thrust runner with
less fluid resistance. However, the electromagnetic pickups conventionally commercially
available and used in various fields are constructed by housing the magnet 9 and the detection
coil 10 in a simple pickup casing, and this commercial product is shown in FIG. It is not possible
for the rotating body to be housed in the pressure casing under Takada force and to be used in
conjunction with the running boiler circulation pump because the structure is resistant to the
high pressure of 200 to 300 な い-and is not well constructed. In other words, B11 b, Circulation,
Ab is applicable, Ya, Ei 1, 2 7 P ', Snow is a tI # field structure, and the extended boiler circulation
pump has a sealed structure. Therefore, it is possible to attach the pick-up, hold it in place,
remove it at the time of inspection from the outside of the casing, and further check the gap p
between the detection station and the magnet during installation. The requirement is that it can
be done from the outside. The present invention satisfies each of the above requirements and is
safe and reliable against high pressure as an electromagnetic pickup used under high pressure,
without detecting the speed of the rotating body housed in the pressure casing. It is an object of
the present invention to provide an advantageous pick-up device which is obtained and
additionally fitted and fitted with a cap which is easier to shine than the outside of the pressure
casing. Hereinafter, the configuration of the present invention will be described in detail based on
the illustrated embodiment-1.
In the fifth point I, 15 is a nonmagnetic metal material, such as F! It is a pickup casing which is a
bottomed container of a pressure resistant structure having a thick enough thickness dimension
using stainless steel of a symbol 5U8304. A circumferential groove is formed in the center of the
outer periphery of the casing 15 and a 0 ring 16 as a sealing means is inserted, and a one-way
force incorporates the output signal cable 17 of the magnet 9, calibration coil IQ and coil IO. It is
molded integrally with the molding resin 18. The magnet 9 and the casing 15 are seal-welded as
indicated by the reference symbol W at the C1M projecting portion by sticking out through the
front end of the magnetic head magnet 9 (D tip 111111 n'r- / 150 front 1 [iJi part f page ing.
Further, an external thread is cut in the rear outer peripheral area of the pickup casing 15, and a
gap-alignment nut 19 larger in diameter than the Qc casing 15 is inserted (7). Meanwhile,
pressure casing 8 is used. A through hole 20 for inserting the cup casing 15 is opened, and an
outer peripheral area of the pressure casing 8 is continuous with the through hole 20, that is, in
the rear area of the through hole 2o. Screw holes 21 are formed. Reference numeral 22 denotes a
stepped portion at the boundary between the through hole 20 and the screw hole 21. In the
mounted state shown in the figure, the nut 19 is pushed to the step 22 and screwed into the
screw hole 21 to cut an external thread around the circumference of the screw ± tightening
screw 23 pushes the pickup casing 15 forward to the pressure casing 8 It is fixed. The following
is a sequence of mounting the pickup device of the upper F configuration to the pressure casing
8 as follows. First, with the nut 19 sufficiently loosened, the pickup casing 15 is pushed into the
through hole 20 with a screw which the tip end of the magnet 9 abuts against the outer surface
of the thrust runner 2. Next, screw in until the nail H9 is in close contact with the step 1122, and
then pull out the casing-5. In this state, the gap g is zero. Next, screw in the nut 19 forward until
the gap g reaches the specified value (8), and lock the screw-in position with the double nut.
Under this condition, the casing 15 is again fitted into the through hole 20 and fixed by the
tightening screw 23. The gap g is set as small as possible without increasing the risk of the thrust
runner 2 touching the magnet 9 during operation so as to enhance the detection sensitivity. As
described above, the pickup casing 15 has a pressure-resistant structure and the magnet 9 is
seal-welded to the casing 15 in the pickup device t installed in a barrel through the pressure
casing 8.
Therefore, a high reliability in the pressure casing 8 can be tolerated and a highly reliable pickup
device is obtained. Further, the magnet 9 and the detection coil 10 can be mounted to the pickup
casing 15 with the built-in housing by the operation from the outside, and the gap adjustment
between the detection gear and the magnet can be performed. Therefore, maintenance and
inspection of the pickup device are simplified. This is particularly resistant to E! This is extremely
advantageous when applying a collection (9) / application at a place where the hand can not be
inserted into the pressure casing after assembly, such as a boiler circulation pump in which a
motor which is a rotating body is accommodated in a sealed casing. According to the present
invention, according to the present invention, according to the present invention, it can be
installed safely even under high pressure with pressure proof mechanism, and rotational speed
detection can be detected, and additionally, installation, removal in maintenance and inspection,
2) The gap adjustment can be easily obtained by operating the electromagnetic pickup device of
the first one which operates easily from the outside of the earth casing.
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