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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional
microphone device, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the microphone
device according to the present invention, and FIGS. It is a longitudinal cross-sectional view
which shows the modification of the 2nd support body of FIG. 21 ииииии Microphone unit, 22 ииииии
First support ', 23 ииииии Second support, 231a. 231b и и и и и и insulator, 232a, 232b ииииии inner
conductor, 233a, 233b ииииии outer conductor, 230a. 230b иииииии Tube.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a microphone
device which is used freely in expansion and contraction. 2. Description of the Related Art There
is known a microphone device which is used in a freely expanding and contracting manner,
which is configured as shown in FIG. That is, a plurality of coaxially arranged double-layered
supports of two telescopic bodies which can be freely connected by connecting a plurality of
tubes in the shape of a node on the back outer periphery and the inner periphery of the
microphone unit 1 respectively. The 12 ░ 13 is set. In the case of No. 1-1; -1, the support on the
outer peripheral side is a shield that doubles as an earth line, and the support 13 on the inner
peripheral side is a signal line. They are expanded and contracted to move the microphone unit 1
closer or farther away. By the way, such a microphone device is not particularly problematic as
long as only one signal system is used for tube handling, but for example, when dealing with a
signal system for stereo use, it will be an open topic. That is, in this case, the support must be
formed into a triple structure as a whole of a single character correction gate, which is very
difficult in terms of both structure and manufacturing. Therefore, the present invention has been
made in view of the above points, and the support for making the microphone unit extendable
has a triple structure, and the two-signal system or a plurality of more signal systems as needed
is advanced. It is an object of the present invention to provide a very good microphone device
that can be realized, and hence can be structurally simple and easy to manufacture. An
embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the
drawings. That is, as shown in FIG. 2, on the outer periphery of the back surface of the
microphone unit 2 is provided a first support 22 composed of an expandable body in which a
plurality of tubes are connected in a node-like manner to be expandable. The first support 22 is a
shield that doubles as an earth line. Further, on the back side inner periphery of the microphone
unit 2 and in the above-described first support 22, the inner conductors 232 and 231 b and the
outer conductors 233 a and 233 b are formed with the insulator 2 Jla * 2 J2 b ? inward and
outward respectively. The second support 23 is an expandable body that can be expanded and
contracted by bending a plurality of the tubular bodies 230a and 230b into a U shape so as to
engage the joints thereof and joining them in a node shape Provided. The inner conductors 232a
and 232b and the outer conductors 233a and 233b in the second support body are widths for a
stereo system having two signal systems) i or an east channel line. According to the above
configuration, the microphone, ?knit 21?ft? and the first support 22 provided on the outer
peripheral side in the same manner as in the prior art, with the support of the coaxial structure
that supports telescopically and doubles as a conductor line. And the second support 23 on the
inner periphery is the insulator 231h despite the double structure having the second support 23
on the inner periphery side provided in the first support 22. , 231b, and the outer conductor
233a 233b, which can handle two signal systems. Therefore, in order to obtain the same function
both in terms of structure and manufacturing. It can be made very simple-compared to the one
that must be triple-structured.
FIG. 3 (&) shows a modification 511 of the second support 23. The conductor 2J2 'is divided into
two parts by interposing an insulator 231'f at the center of a metal tube 230'. , 2J3 'is formed so
as to be able to handle 1.2 signal system gold, and the same figure)), the pipe body 230 is
covered with an insulator 231, and This is a book in which a conductor 2321.233 'is embedded
in one part .quadrature. So that two signal systems can be handled. [FIG. 4] FIG. 4 is another
modification of the second support 23. The first conductor 4 is formed on the entire outer
periphery of the tubular body 230 formed by the rim 23; By separating two 6'-2 parts into the inplant and forming the second and third -L и body 42.4J, it is made to be able to handle the third
and fourth series. is there. And by expanding this, it can be easily done if necessary by using
more than one number system. Therefore, as described above, according to the present
invention, the support of the conductor line which makes the microphone unit extendable and
retractable is a two-signal system or a six-or-more-multiple system, as well as a seven-system
structure. It is possible to handle the signal system of l, and it is possible to provide a microphone
device which is easy to manufacture and can easily be used as a V-speaker device. In addition,
this consideration is not limited to the affirmation and the fl-i of the embodiment shown, and it
goes without saying that various modifications may be made without departing from the scope of
the present invention. is there.
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