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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a route diagram showing the power generation
principle of the conventional pickup cartridge, FIG. 2A-C is a route diagram showing the power
generation principle of the pickup cartridge of the present invention, and FIG. It is the side view
which makes a part a section showing the concrete composition which shows one example. 1は
[Detailed description of the invention] Name of the leader of the Ming 14 pick-up cartrics 2-I4HA
wire-resistant brass 承 O 一端-one end (j タ ラ ス till! Through the force 7 C V par fumbar
blaming the IK-Pair 1 chair? Ho # f is constant, and a ア ユ ア は 方向 ッ チ 方向 方向 ll ll ll ll 卆
卆 卆 等! ? 411. The first D'-1 and etx44o the twentieth day of the 6th! Set up a pick-up
cartridge which is equipped with allfi 1st and 20th j-ta and calls from 2m power generation
system. Pick up a cartridge っ た a book @ a book J J I I ピ ッ ク ア ッ プ g g ブ ッ ク ブ ッ ク ブ
ッ ク especially book nibble 動 ブ ッ ク ブ ル − l mat mat 4 mat l mat mat mat mat. t'to Bick 7) 1
car in the car tulssl K show air 1 IO l ノ 早 櫃 櫃 櫃 姐 姐 姐 m 先 先 先 先 先 II II II II 1 1 1 1 / v /
(-(power O Profuse-Bar! Dane +1) 4 · Men, -1-? , -27 ← エ arrival Ekanochi V Bar ○ O Ik hand I
have been a member of a fi in the same manner. -The magnet is a damper (7) i′′tc J 會 and
fulcrum point 4), and the magnet is 5 tct n + which is superior to 5 F. The damper is a god at the
end of the U-shaped yoke q · In the case of an amacheche beater Madame sheep Nod θ on the F-,
a heat flux (5) +6) of 1'A is generated to generate a coil (one group force in the group (9J).
Because of the commonity of the power system, the cross-daughter of Zhao Yanneru suffers from
a drawback that is problematic. Therefore, in this study, let p be 1-Li-t-p-kook-e-gul and make a
place 1 # (-4 in 7 7 It's something you don't get used to, and you don't get crossdaughters. The
following four steps Ddii 4t Figs. 2 to 3 are executed. The second IN 4-(Q (I think that intimidate
the four works-69. The first Igl and the same -i & are exposed to the same Ik bond and IK bonds,
amr saving. $ 2m14 ~ (Q is a piece of chaffle J)-shows a structure, divided into 1-2 compared to
1-1 1 4 4 plate-like amateur casting) tAL ,, eye-夕 至 至 詐 詐 詐 一 東 東 \ \ \ \ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 第
第 第 第 (# 2 ̶), ̶ は ア マ ア マ ア マ 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 夕 ff f1
1 KK! −3? = T4 # L9) Ic motive power tjllllrJ + (Fig. 2 (4) belongs to the source).
The 2-nd arm indicates that the needle point 0 * is in the 41 / I state. A detailed description will
be given in detail with reference to FIG. Cantilever, one star of force 1 meter (lllfL). Amachusea
(8) is inserted in 龜 Ill of the force V bar, cough amacea is made with any J # fall such as crosshatching of 9 yen, cross, and so on. KJI f fLt Mada rate t and belong to the force V par L2 Jo
amache 7'a layer 中空 hollow a suit bar n one person. In the center hole of the storehouse stoveboss, Suspeno 7 yono ヮ 1 yer is a matchmaker, and in the center hole where the hole / RK is
drilled, the serge 7 jar yon ーThe one end is stopped and the chair is fixed to H / /, J through パ
ー y par <7), and the 勘 (勘 ホ ル ホ ル ホ ル 焉 焉 セ ッ ト セ ッ ト セ ッ ト セ ッ ト セ ッ ト セ
ッ ト セ ッ ト 膚 膚 膚 膚) , 1 lc Li 10 yoke, 1 t) t Lll t-Amana air) 繭 O 繭 KL + 11 m 1-1 (10 g)
(11 @) t 7 v + x 7 + a) f 2 years after being fixed to the holder area Let Lj (l t8) + 9Jt-14 common
cold-py @ o1 be placed in IIIj-Jl. In this way, Yota 4 (10 ·) and ILII (11-) are independently pruned
to an fan of Amécé to produce mjl [+ fz ha b) and call 8 (the @ power t # is to the field). Since the
above-mentioned storage is one channel, it is obvious that in the case of Ste V o m call 4 it is
necessary to have two S fears mentioned. Since the book 4 has the above-mentioned Oag
<configuration, the channel + 4 o cout stork is not produced, and the channel C gutsu shupuru 4
Saki tll L "-The J-4 powers of the paran 'tk @ A dovetail 8 / fan by making it independent Improve
the ratio of 4 and its practical snout gk is large-. 4 bad luck otrmIIL 唸 第 1 1 1 ビ ビ ビ 第 第 第
第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 第 Q 4-one. (4) オ j 6 亭 j t j j!
Fig. 01 is a noble 1III figure showing a four-body-at-a-girder-one-faced view showing 01 rows.
(Υ is a stylus, and ■ d cantilever + a) is an armchair 1. The number of groups (10 ·) is l-even. 貞
# @ # draft i brass out-people Japanese Columbia law gold company generation 1 ^ valve mass
affair Yamaguchi 4 @ beauty I work nine □ 58 four 1/1 G ::-1 ~ 0 (-9G Figure 1 ,-+ 0 → j 17 BAu)
→ to 1e 27 ·-123, ...: 40 ') /-Figure 2 Figure 1 call 1 j l 110 (12431 · 4 3)' ° · · · 56 first "I, L4,・
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