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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a back view of a speaker frame having a
mounting ear portion, FIG. 2 is a cutaway cross section of the mounting ear portion according to
its AA view, FIG. 3 is a back view of a buckle plate, Figure a. b is an explanatory view by a cross
section of the frame fixing device according to the present invention, FIG. 5 is a back view of the
frame fixing device in the BB view, and FIG. 6 is a sectional view of the mounting hole of the
buckle plate . 1.1 '...... mounting ears of the speaker frame, 2 "...... baffle plate, 3,3' ...... ribs of the
speaker frame, 4,4 '... · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Connection electrode, 5, 5 · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · speaker frame, 7, 7 '· · · · · · · mounting holes 11, 11' · · · · · · · Mounting cut groove, 14,
14 '· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · steel ball
holding plate , 23 ...... mounting lug receiving space, 24 ... ... steel balls, 27 ...... stopper 27 '......
elastic key, 28 ... ... Metal rings, 29 ..... Mounting nuts.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of an apparatus for attaching a speaker to a baffle plate. 0 A conventional speaker is used as a
buff on a plate. The screw was screwed into the flanged hole provided in the part. ・ Automating
the work and improving the efficiency. The heat of 〃 A (1) 必要 is needed h · · The ridge line
from the input side to Subi ☆, one by one worker into the input terminal metal of the speaker
with colored parallel cord However, there was some difficulty in keeping the wire connection
work, and there were some that caused a mistake. The present invention 唸 for the manual
operation of the speaker to the baffle plate, so that the work can be done only by the attachment,
and at the same time, the connection work from the input side to the speaker is simultaneously
installed to the speaker baffle plate. In order to explain the appendix f, which will be considered
to be possible, the following will be discussed. 1.1 'is a hooked ear for attaching the baffle plate 2
Hess beka & 4 pieces are provided in the present embodiment I11 @, and a lip 3.3' is formed
inwardly in cooperation with the mounting ear 1 Ru. 4.4 'is a speaker base electrode, and in
order to introduce a tinsel wire from a pois-cow l which has been inserted into the lip 3.3', the
large and small two of attaching the introduction hole 1.5 'and the speaker frame 6 to the baffle
plate 2 Mounting holes are formed including the respective holes between 8.7 'and 8', and the
electrodes of 4.4 'are formed so as not to have a straight line 2. 2) 1. Loudspeaker speaker frame
鑓 Generally made of die-cast (also used as a threat product), an insulating layer is formed on the
啼 boo and a thin steel foil electrode is adhesively formed on it 0 and introduction A split type
rubber wedge is generally inserted into the hole 5.5 'to ensure insulation, and the tin wire string
introduced for the pinch is soldered to the J: connection electrode 4.41, OS, tO is for high-pitched
sound Loudspeaker speaker mounting holes 11 and 11 'and caninite for the low-tone speaker
mounting opening The baffle side connection electrodes 14 and 14 'are provided between the
output ends 13 and 13' of 2 and the connection electrodes 17 and 17 'are provided between the
bass speaker attachment holes 15 and 15' and the output ends 16 and 1B '. . In the case where
the connecting electrode is such that thin film steel foil is formed as it is by adhesion when the
baffle 1 [2 has S edge property 4 and it has conductivity of a certain S edge. In the abovementioned attacking holes 11.11 'and 15, 15', a speaker frame having a brazed ear portion is
attached to a special frame fixing am described later. hand;;,. In order to easily mount in the +31
operation, a 7 frame fixing device for attaching the speaker frame 6 to the baffle 1 [2] will be
described as Ln & 6 next to the inward open groove.
The attachment cut grooves 11 and 11 ′ of the baffle plate 2 are attached to the attachment
holes 7 of the speaker frame 6. The ink corresponding to the end. As shown in FIG. 2, the 7 frame
fixing devices 1B and III 'are fixed to the baffle plate 2 with respect to the mounting holes 7.7'.
19 is fixed to the baffle plate 2 with its mounting pieces III, 19 'in its metallic treatment, such
that one of the mounting pieces 11' is in contact with a portion of the II hard electrode 14, 14 '
20 is a cover for closing the mounting groove 11 when the speaker frame 6 is attached to the
baffle plate 2. A spring 21 is built in the inside of a cylindrical cap having a weir 20 'and is
always sprung upward. Then, as shown in the drawing, the collar 20 'is sprung to the lower part
of the baffle lj2 and the lower part of the steel ball holding plate 22 described later so that the
top of the cover 20 becomes the same image as the baffle @ 2 m. (4) To keep the plate in
pressure contact with the plate: (4) Continued 41L in the mounting groove 11 of the baffle l1f2
and space 23 in the baffle plate 2 oC Fig. 6) Mounting ear 1 is 4th To be in the position shown in
the figure, metal collecting ball holding 1 [22 baffle 1! Fix one on the lower surface of i2 and
position the ball 24 for positioning at the position of the mounting hole c large when the
mounting ear 1 of the speaker frame is attached firmly to the baffle @ 2th. Help. The steel ball 24
is always sprung upward by a spring 25 provided below the holding plate 22, and when the ear
portion 1 of the speaker frame 6 is attached to the baffle plate 2, the steel ball 24 jumps into the
brazing hole 7. Is localized and inked. At this time, a positioning steel ball may be further jumped
in by spring repulsion corresponding to the mounting hole (small) 8. The rock 2B is a metal
spring receiver. 27 is a stopper having an elastic projection 27 '. Then, the speaker 7 frame 6 is
for stopping when the Rame 6 is inserted into the space 23 of the baffle 1 [black] ・ As
mentioned above, the speaker having the electrode on the back of the speaker frame 15) The
mounting ears 1.1 'of the frame B are mounted on the covers 20, 20' of the frame fixing device
18, III 'and pressed against the spring 21, along the slope provided above the space 23 When the
rotary attachment is made, the small hole 8.8 'provided continuously in the mounting hole 7.7' of
the mounting ear 1 contacts the steel ball 24 and advances to the next mounting hole 7 under
the feel like a talik , The steel ball 24 is pushed up by the spring 25 In order to stop the rotation
of the speaker frame 6, the tip of the self-attaching earlobe 1 contacts with the elastic piece 27 of
the stopper 27 so as to resist, thus the speaker 7 lame 6 Is fixed to the mounting opening 9 of
the speaker. At this time, the circuit is connected to the speaker side electrode 4.
Holding plate 22, steel balls 24. ばね25. Spring receiving! 6. Outer casing 19, baffle plate
2. In order to remove the speaker 7 frame 6 which will be formed with the electrode 14 next to
the baffle plate 2, the mounting ear portion 1.1 ′ is a projection 27 of the stopper 21 in order to
press the top of the cover 20. 'T sugar-, 16) and the bombardment, it is rotationally moved
toward the cover 20, and comes to the top of the cover 20 + and comes out of the hole 11 with a
spring by the spring of the spring 21, and a baffle The holding with the board 2 is released. The
embodiment 1bl is a case where a stamped frame is attached to a baffle plate, and the electrode
4 is similarly formed on the lip face through the insulating layer as in the above-mentioned
embodiment. Then, a mounting hole is provided on the outer edge of the frame, and a prestaining metal ring 28 is inserted in the hole at the time of mounting, and one layer thereof is
brought into contact with the 7 lam side electrode 4. When the mounting bolt 29 is screwed
through the mounting hole and the mounting hole 30 of the baffle plate below the mounting hole
30 and into the sleeping nut 31 which is Jl divided into the baffle plate 2, the speaker is mounted
on the baffle 14. @I Integrated nut 31, mounting bolt 29. Metal ring 28. It is formed via the
electrode 4Vt. The present invention forms an electrode section on the 7th surface of Sbie Kaenit
whose one end is connected to the input end of the speaker, and on the surface of the plate on
the surface of Sbie 1 '(7). When the speaker unit is attached to the baffle plate, the other end of
the electrode portion formed on the frame is in contact with the electrode portion formed on the
baffle plate. Since the speaker frame circuit is formed from the input side at the same time the
mounting of the speaker unit to the baffle plate is completed, the speaker is soldered to the lead
wire as before after the speaker is attached to the baffle plate. It will not require any manual
work such as putting on. In addition, the length of the wiring lead wire is shorter than that of the
conventional wiring lead wire, and generation of unnecessary capacitance and inductance caused
by the lead wire can be suppressed. Since the job is completed only by inserting and rotating in
the frame fixing device of the board, no jig is required for job making, and it takes a little skill
and it is 41n6 so that the reverse polarity completely eliminated by the speaker attachment is
completely eliminated And it eliminates the need for miswiring work after the speaker is
attached, so that the mis-distribution 3 (81; gable wire can be reduced and the number of
working man-hours significantly reduced and quality assurance assured). I can do it.
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