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[Detailed Description of the Invention] This invention relates to a capacitor type microphone VC,
and recently, as a matter of course, to improve its inner microphone, as a capacitor type
microphone, it is part of a miniaturization trend, and a supervisory increase @ l! A so-called inner
microphone is realized by running the circuit of h and so on into a microphone main body in a
conductive manner. Among the such inner miters, the publication IF 5 shows what has
conventionally been known as a substrate type. That is, first, the diaphragm assembly is made to
face the sound receiving hole 2 of the case 1. Here, the diaphragm assemblies 4 and 5 each have
a length of 411 and a gap between the ring 5 and the spacer 60! ! Next, fixed spacer 1 @ 10
having small holes 9 through damper 80 which will be described later on damper mount 8b of
frame 8 having -7 screwed into case 1 is inserted into spacer 6 It is put in contact with the taking
@ board 4 so as to be in contact with it. As a matter of course, at the opening of the frame 8 in
the manner described above, the seal 12 is formed cold by the seal-hardening plate # 11. Then,
the circuit element 13 of the present invention, which constitutes a vertical amplifier, is
accommodated in the '#t I printed printed circuit board 11 in the air tube 12. When there are
holes 1a and gt and damper mounts 8b1 and a damper 80 which are formed in the
corresponding portions of the case 1 and the frame 8, they have rumor-directivity, and when
they do not, they have directivity. The air chamber 12 is required to make the capacity change
due to the vibration f4 large, and the air chamber 12 is provided as a compensated volume
through the small holes 9.86 of the electrode 10 and the damper mounting base 8b during the
interval. By setting it, the capacity change obtained by removing the suppressing effect on the
shooting movement of the ringing plate 4 is made large. By the way, the above-mentioned boardshaped inner microphone has succeeded in its own way in terms of miniaturization, but in other
respects it is a gold metal to be improved in order to be as good as previous ones. There are
many. That is, the recent needs are not only in the point that M.sup.1 small bet, but also it is
pointing out the coexistence with the improvement of the cost performance taken away.
However, in the point of conventional items such as special characteristics-? and workability 1
price etc etc. 4 rounds which have not been considered on the day, and 4 kinds of requests such
as the upper layer were not obtained . That is, in the conventional one including the one shown in
FIG. 1, the diaphragm which is the heart # I evil and the holed steel plate of one solid wire, the
spacer is interposed on the space between the perforated metal electrodes. The so-called "edge
effect" because it is made to put on a moving plate. !
As a result, the ratio of effective ? 1 of the diaphragm and fixed electrode stack to be inhibited
during flat dark drive was low, and it was found that the distortion distortion problem was a
problem. And this is that when the fixed electrode is busy and expensive electrets are folded up,
there is a stagnation that can not use the charge effectively by using the charge, and so-called
paris or cross will occur due to the presence of the perforated part, and the space effect drive
The problem is that the capacity is low and the cost conversion efficiency is poor (even during U
and U electrodes in general) I have been connected. Furthermore, the cost increase due to the
presence of the spacer and the increase in the number of operation steps are problems, and there
is a gap between the brazing structure of the fixed electrode itself and the lead extraction thereof.
Since it is necessary to have a combination of horizontal holes I and case formed in order to
make it crest-directional, it is a bothersome female, and in this case it is a nineteenth element
which has a filter effect under the fixed electrode 113. Since the damper should be provided via
5-b5 '+ mid4-adhesive, the unevenness of the adhesive and the member of the damper (usually
paper and cloth) may cause the flatness of the inquiry ridge to vary. Because it becomes easy to
come back, it is easy to invite the unforeseen bond event such as the variation of $ and the
adsorption of the moving plate, and the unidirectionality is returned by the forceful structure. "At
90 @ phase stop, while the crab is required to cancel out the phase difference sound note!
Because it was a summoned scheme, it was not a good directivity-hXq. This nineteenth, I'm going
to be a defect like an advanced skill Take a condenser-type microphone drunken inner
microphone in sl temple! In the case of a solid four neck, and in the case of the inner
microphone, it is strongly desired that its function be more organic. Therefore, the present
invention has been made to improve on the points as described above, and among the abovementioned conventional defects, the defects of the lead scattering structure of the snow pole are
simply and reliably removed. The purpose is to create a capacitor-type microphone that is good
by adding 7 to +7 W to make the medicine more organically insert #I ? ? ? ? as an inner
microphone. That is, in the feature edition of the present invention, of the electrodes of the
circuit element stored in the recess of the spray assembly, the lower surface of the fixed
electrode abuts on the bottom surface! The pole to the other one! The point is that the softness
has been reduced by 1 @% in comparison with the pole, and this makes it possible to simplify the
lead extraction of the fixed 1 fffi into a ? W. The following is a detailed description of the details
of the present invention. The details will be described in detail at the front desk of this inchmicrophone.
That is, in FIG. 2 (a), an aluminum calculation is performed in which the outer diameter is
approximately lO m and the outer diameter is approximately l0 m and the outer diameter is
approximately l0. The gold qq case is. Then, in the TiE portion of this case 1, the defibrillator
assembly is disposed opposite to the sound receiving hole 12. Here, the climax assembly L! Fit in
the inner part of the case 11! In the lower part of a gold-plated ring 14 to which a pneumatic
contact is taken, a supporting plate 15 made of a gold foil such as aluminum is previously
stretched to form a film of "-1". Also, in the case 11, the aforementioned diaphragm assembly L!
Multiple spacers rounding down the whole spacer into the river (Cyper case lyrical torture to the
case, tiger shell's frame 16WL and shooting plate 75 with a new letter D gap (eg 0.1 ml emblem)
and a firm WiIy Insulating glued casing L1 having one piece 16b of the single piece and the
question base 166 etc. is l'i! As shown in advance. It is embraced by the state god who fixed the i
+ Udo pole 17. Here, the fixed piece 16b of the hooked structure 'tree 1L-1 is the second: '21
(blIC sono one%-as shown by pulling out the empty side chamber and a hollow recess Mte; d
force! It has an elastic effect by being installed, and in the case of city water, a total of 4 pieces
are formed at intervals of 90 minutes in the furnace. And the elastic effect of the attachment
piece 16b of the mounting frame 16 which takes the river 9 to the pole 11! The fixed W pole 11
itself does not win the air vent, as in the conventional case, which is one that is strictly held on
the chorus 16Q using the IL. The market gear, which is useful between the e-electrode 12 and
the behavior tit1s. ? Although it is set by the beauty of height of gutter * 1gm and fitting -xge of
mounting structure 16 of the lens assembly, the spacer is not used to obtain a new character gap
as in the prior art by this j7. It is a thing. Furthermore, a vent hole 16e is formed at the bottom of
the mounting structure 16 described above in such a way as to communicate with the bottom of
the attachment structure J6d, that is, the air chamber.?, an unremarkable response element
which constitutes a pre-amplifier in the central part of a weir, such as a snowflake effect
transistor of an impedance conversion shell (F)! l) sst FE insertion and storage, recess 16f) and
FIIt Tf &) embedded in a manner similar to the latitudinal recess 16f:-------- A guide hole 16Fg is
formed to contact the iHe 'electrode Npy-I + N as a single contact. And, the body with skin L!
As shown in the figure (after the FBT 18 is embedded, the air vents 19 & corresponding to the air
vents 16 Inside the case 11 'C well-dressed with 9 pieces of sandwiching. In the case of this 1-, itype 1-, positioning is performed by having the concave portion 19 b to be aligned with the guide
pin x6hl proposed from the vE portion of the printing / laying cap 19 and the mounting bridge
16. In addition, the back 11 iflllll (protruding n le meP1 of the printing distribution plate 19 by
this nVc! It is soldered to lTJs) yv ? $ 1gd, 7-xngi [18sha, its patano 96. 19 ? ? l ?. After that,
the inner end q of the case 11 is narrowed to the inside @, and the inner microphone of the room
type S plate is completely cut if the capacitor type microphone is finished. At this point, it seems
that one part of the case 11 is narrowed inward, and electrical VCC is touched to the ground
(drug passing) panel 190 of the printed circuit board 19 as if it is tightened. . Thus, each part 4-:
/ 196.19d, 19m should be used as an external lead-out terminal. However, the above explanation
indicates me for obtaining ? -directivity, which is ▒, not In order to obtain directivity, the air
hole 16 of the mounting structure U at the 1111 section of the upper part, the damper 20, and
the air hole -1 ii '7 #' 19 & of the printing motion # 1'j may be omitted. . Thus, the condenona
microphone according to the above-described configuration is simply mounted on a fixed fixed
electric wire as in the prior art in the mounting structure of the imaging plate and the securing
electrode, which is a part of the core, as in the conventional example. A mounting structure
having a peripheral portion lGa for sandwiching an imaging plate assembly is having a
diaphragm 15 installed under the ring 14 without using a spacer, instead of using jl. A solid 911
f pole 17 smaller in diameter than the effective photographing part of the photographing moving
plate 15 is fitted to the vibrating plate 15 with a predetermined gap, with no holes in the 16
fixed pieces 16b and the chorus 166. It is a thing. By this, first, one constant electrode J7 is I!
Since the diameter is made smaller than the effective imaging portion of the moving plate 15,
that is, the swing sleeve plate 15 does not get on the fixed electrode 11, the entire surface of the
VC sliding plate 15 is not affected by the conventional edge effect. Of the above, it is possible to
use only the portion which can be flatly driven as much as possible, so that the effective
utilization of the moving plate 15 and the securing electrode 11 is increased by l? ? toner 1j'Jr,
and the strain characteristic is extended. It is one to improve.
The material cost can be reduced due to the small f-number of the fixed electrode 11, and
particularly expensive electrets are effectively used at nine sites, and since there is nothing to be
in contact with the table fK at that time, It is efficient because it can stop the charge charge in the
part and contribute to the whole city equilibrium drive. Then, since a non-porous F # I electrode
can be used, there is no paris or warpage caused by the presence of a perforated portion as in
the prior art, and the grooving process is omitted, for example, only the original mold It is
common practice to improve the efficiency of the keg by further increasing the effective drive
capacity only in the non-perforated part. This is effective when using electrets, and is very
advantageous because it can maintain the uniformity of the surface balance. By the way, in this
case, the non-perforated fixed snow plate can be made as 1-that the fixing piece 16b fixing the
m9 'v pole 11 protrudes from inside the concave portion 111 + 1 which becomes the air rod.
This is because there is an air chamber, that is, a recessed portion 166 for removing the
suppressing effect on the image pickup movement of the diaphragm 15 even if the electrode 11
itself is not provided with a vent. And, the air chamber as the compensation volume is sufficiently
maintained by a recessed portion having a volume as shown in the figure. In summoning, it is
meaningless to make the volume of the air chamber larger than necessary, and it is not
preferable because it is a factor to write down the miniaturization, and it is not preferable
because the pit part 166 mentioned above from this prefecture I understand that 5 is awful. In
addition, since it is not necessary to use the spacer, it is possible to reduce the number of parts
and the number of operation steps accordingly. Then, it is convenient that #: an invalid address
amount, that is, a capacity which does not contribute to the driving of the first base plate is
eliminated to make only the really necessary effective capacity. In the case where the electret
fixed W pole is set to 4 in this case, it is effective because there is no electronic deterioration
caused by the spacer coming into contact with the electret table ff1VC. 2 knee 6-furthermore, the
field 911 II pole 17 is pinched by the fixing piece 76t) C that is ejected from the inside of the
recessed portion 16e of the ring structure at its opening side 1 (cough fixing piece (cough fixing
piece 16b KI KIS to have a sexual effect, it is necessary to raise the air chamber without getting
rid of the recessed part Jg (1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? There is a @ 1 point that it is
possible to be able to nationally wear q secure guards #ii in a rational and efficient manner.
Since the air chamber is not formed immediately below the inter-electrode, the air not restricted
by the W pole length electrically equivalent to the electrode of the M electrode is excluded. It can
be instigated by Ry ? ryu, and it is possible that it is possible to take charge of the improvement
of transformation at Saki t / -1. Furthermore, the capacitor type by the above-mentioned
scolding! In order to obtain unidirectionality, the icrophone can kill the injection hole in the case
and frame as before, and no fixed dampers are provided on the bottom of the fixed gutter. The
printed wiring board 190 air holes Ji9 & 1% I! Provided corresponding to the air holes 8116 @ b
in the direction of the weft and the air holes 16 и и which are provided in communication with the
recessed portion 16d to be the air chamber. In this case, the da / par 20 is sandwiched. Since it is
not necessary to form an injection hole in the case 11 by this, it is possible to deduct the
processed JjI, and at the same time the need for alignment with the horizontal hole to be
reshaped into a frame is simple and automated. It is easily possible. ?? Since it is possible to
qualitatively cancel the 180 ░ phase ? source, better uni-directional ? can be obtained. Since
the paper is also sunk by the printed wiring # 1x9i at the bottom of the damper 20 ? mounting
16 16, the cost can be reduced by making the equal coating agent necessary, and automation can
be easily achieved. Also, since this does not compensate for the influence of the peace on the 9 '#
pole as it was in the past, there is a variation in the senses of the senses and the casual thing of
@L wearing of the shin plate 1 In this case, a guy 4- [1 nidobin 16h which is provided in a
protruding manner on the bottom of the mounting case 16 by fitting the recess 19b of the
printing shoe plate 19 in this case] Forced to be brazed to the bottom of spare time structure-in a
situation where it is ordered by removing the position when you crimp the 10 buttocks of case
11 so as to take a regular attachment It is arranged. By this, electricity! @The adhesion deviation
of pattern J9e of the stone monument 19, 1911-<Storth #, mounting mass is convenient because
it will be closed in advance so that one pore 16 и will be closed. is there. That is, it is a positive
thing to obtain good single one-directionality without variation. By the way, the above-mentioned
FBTllj in 7F, the main part of the main part is insulted into the hole part of the main bodyrecessed part 16fKl: E is killed as human being, and the source @ ? 18g passes through the
guide hole 16g and secures The back side of the electrode 1r is electrically insulted. For this
reason, the gate electrode 1117sg of F1?18 is the drain electrode 111'l of the ? or the source!
Compared with s18-, it has a resilient effect so as to be more flexible, and 1- (1-j) is addicted to
one that is repelled by the nose surface of the first electrode 17. That is, without this further
concern, a pigeon can not be obtained which can not obtain an emotional contact between the
gate electrode 18 and the fixed electrode 11. In addition, drain electrode 1116 and source
voltage [! JJ- is printing closed! ! Because it is soldered to its, and it is also used as an external
lead-out terminal depending on the pigeons, it is more convenient to be as strong as umbrella.
That is, it is necessary to form an electrode structure of one eye 18 used for this type of wedgeshaped substrate shape so as to distinguish between high voltage and low energy. WXB ? ?
according to such a request 9 F pertaining to the features of this invention! ! ! This example
illustrates TJJ, and the (&) figure is intended to give flexibility to the gate electrode iag in the
source snow tIi 1811 and the drain electrode 7J (with a line, a run, and a runaway material to 1).
By bending the gate 'ql H 418 tz to the waveform, (b) 1 zo is better by increasing the penetration
when it is brought into contact with the back surface of the intermediate electrode 17 as in (a) 1
?Contact has been obtained. 642 and 7 can also be made easy to make the equiaxes with the
special electrode of the inter-housing electrode 11 q easily by using the gate v1j 18 g which pays
more money. Since it is not necessary to cut the lath, soldering, and wart agent, it is possible to
reduce the number of man-hours to improve the cost reduction and the yield. In this case, the
IPMT 111 in this case is Ii! Since the FIIiAVC-shaped concave portion 1 tzt is added so as to have
one thousand people, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of the undesirable umbrella of the
so-called leak 1 in the normal case. Is the body of the F1?18 generally rectangular in shape? In
response to this, there is a tendency for the sound leakage to occur in a different manner
depending on the size of the spread of the scale 16 of the recess 16f of the 9th frame 16
corresponding to this. . This is more likely to be promoted if the mounting structure U is springformed by molding, since it is necessary to taper the project of the recess 11jf mold removal
umbrella, and in some cases, it is possible to use a pair of PWTI 11 Can not be press-fit into the
recess Jiff, so it is difficult to press it 5) ?C?, if the spit-shape is rectangular when it is
automated, it needs positioning at the time of press-fit, so automation It becomes nine troubles.
For this reason, it is possible to prevent in advance that the flatness of the Tonami grazing
characteristics caused by the sound leakage is inhibited, and one thousand is easy '1p II!
The mounting tank difference of T18 is desired ff'L. The fourth column indicates the installation
error of FFITIJ, which is to be divided into one column, and in this case, the shape of FljITJII itself
is formed in the shape of a cone a (? -C boundary circle), and the small diameter portion ( The m
layer is made by piping the gate WI Ktt Hg to q and the source WIiJgs and the drain city 11 J &
+1 to the large diameter part ?. And, the recess 16f white holiday of the defeated body 'is also a
quasi-formal Fl! ! It is a form of 'rfJ's corresponding tapered land. This makes it possible for you
to be stationed regardless of the size of each party, and it is possible to dance completely by
preventing the sound leakage, so that you can have a more peaceful Zhou Lily number stricter
Because there is no need for positioning at the time of press-fitting, both automatic umbrellas are
extremely 11ILH! It is convenient because the concave portion 16f is tapered in advance also in
the case of molding the force-added structures with each other. Therefore, according to the
invention described above, according to the invention, the assembly element 5 'is accommodated
in the recess of the electrical assembly! By forming the gastrostomy, which is in contact with the
lower surface of the snow pole, of the temples with softness compared to the other ones, the
conventional 11-wt cost 11 In addition to being able to cool off the defects of the tank in a
simple j and q in a definite letter, it is strictly organically less than ? as an inner microphone; s 4
better capacitor-type microphones that can be inserted ? 4 # It will be a monument. 4, M clearcut light 111 Figure 1 shows a conventional cony-type y1F-type microphone [@, Fig. 3 (?, (C
shows a cross-sectional view of one embodiment of a capacitor-type microphone according to the
present invention The figure and a partial cutaway f figure of the bulging part, its figure f (Fig. 8
(a), ?) l) shows an example of ? of the F ? in Fig. 1 EP 1 ? 11iV 1 and its n Partially cut off
weight cut off ff1V figure that illustrates the mounting condition, 41 Wage is one manager (FE !?
9 is a partially cut away vr surface showing a resistance 4 and a chrysanthemum. 11 ...... case, 12
ииииии ? sound hole, XS ииииии sew A seven Njinpuri 4 ... ring, 15 ...... shooting ??, 1g -и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 16b и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и 16f L и и и и и и и recessed part (air Room), 16 иииииииии Vent, 1 g! .......... Impedance ? 4 I recovery
element) PK? % 1 g C 1 ииииии Gate 'w pole, l J d ииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Source и 911 @, x ииииииииииииии IE $ IF, 19
m иии River, air vent, 19b иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Dampers;
Outgoing agent attorney Suzue Fukihiko 03492 Fig. Cabl & 813 II ? Fig. 2 (a) II 14157.1. 12 (b)
? 6a 169, magnetic field \ "16 e" и 6 h 9 b Fig. 18 s 20! (A) (b) 18 g 18 g "Fig. 1 ? ░ N и ? ?
89 \ + 8 d, 851 918 d 18 d 93 = C ? 789 149 1 A agent Takeshi Suzue) :, ?, -14 system 5,
inventory of attached documents (?) Letter of attorney) 2-hundred ? J ?) 1) (2) Specification
(3) Drawing 1 ? 7 ? (,-, + 41 Ii book 1 additional copy 6 6 applicants other than the above,
utility model applicant, proxy Person (1) inventor Kanagami prefecture Yokohama-shi, Isogo-ku
@ 88, Ayako-cho Tokyo Shibaura Electric Building Co., Ltd. company acoustic factory Uchiha 1)
Hiroto same place Masami Kobayashi (S) Agent address Toranomon 1-chome 26 Minato-ku,
Tokyo Number 5 No. 17 Mori Building Ha Lower) Name (5743) Patent Attorney Takeo Miki ? ?
n ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?4 (6881) Patent Attorneys-Katagaki 1 ', 117
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