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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view of a conventional cartridge device,
FIG. 2 is a side view of a cartridge device according to the present invention, FIG. 3 is a developed
view of a connector, and FIG. -It is sectional drawing in alignment with a TV line. 11 ... head shell,
12 ... connector, 12 a ... connection bin, 13 ... cartridge, 13 a ... output bin, 20 ... connection tool,
21 ... flexible substrate, 22 ...・ Conductive part, 22a ... through hole.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention of the invention relates to the
manufacture of a hard shell and more particularly to the improvement of the connection between
a shell, a head shell and a cartridge provided with the shell. The tone completer to be used by the
record player has a collar / twaite at one end with the bearing portion at the middle and a head
shell at the other end. The head shell is for mounting a cartridge that converts mechanical sound
signals carved on a record disc into electrical sound signals. \ -1- "", "'1' L =;" '/ If this cartridge is
attached to this shell, a mechanism is needed to electrically connect the two, so that the head
shell The head shell device is configured to include a connector so as to maintain connection with
the tone arm and also connect with the cartridge. The head shell device known in the prior art
comprises a connector 2 for attachment and connection to the tone arm at one end of the head
shell l, as schematically shown in the Wit 1 diagram. y The connection bin 2a is projected toward
the other end of the dossier, and the mounting seat / a of the cartridge 3 is formed at the other
end, and the mounting position of the cartridge is appropriately moved to move the over- ・ ・It
can be adjusted. The mold 3a is projected from the end of the cartridge 3 and the mold 73m and
the connector V are connected by lead wires. However, two bottles of 2 molds are prepared
corresponding to r + and -J of "L" rLJOH, and the connecting mold of connector 3 is also
corresponding to this mold 73a. Since there are four, it is troublesome to connect each bin with a
lead wire, but it is also very laborious to make sure that the other bin to be connected is not
wrong. In addition, the terminal chip a of the lead wire may be dulled from the output bin 33 or
the like, which causes various problems after connection. Therefore, the present invention is
intended to solve the problems of the head-shell device as described in MiJ. Therefore, instead of
the lead wire connecting the output bin and the connection peer of the connector, a conductive
portion is provided on the flexible substrate The present invention is characterized in that the
flexible substrate is connected to a solid. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention
will be described with reference to the attached drawings. First, in FIG. 2 and the following
figures, ll butterfly is shown, one end of which is provided with a connector 12 to the toe 7 arm,
and the other end of which is a mounting seat of the cartridge 13 // IIKfx, mounting seat / The
position of the cartridge 13 with respect to / & is selected so that it is possible to select over 8 /
The connector saw and the cartridge 13 each have a connection pin 2a1 and a mold 7 / 3a, and
the corresponding pins are electrically connected. In this connection, four independent
conductive parts-are provided on the flexible substrate l, and through holes 1 into which the
connection bins / Ja and the molds 7 / Ja are inserted in the two corridors of the respective
conductive parts- A connector J which is configured to be pierced through is also used. It has a
size corresponding to the diameter of the through hole-a4 connecting bit / 1, z, and the alminus
7 / 3a, and can be used to hold each pin by friction. Since the head-n-well apparatus according to
the present invention is configured as described above, the connector 2D is suitably bent
according to the internal space of the flexible base 2 / gold-hard shell 11 that is configured, and
the through hole -a of the conductive portion Ω Connect the vias 2 ms to the molds y / 3 ak to
electrically connect the cartridge 13 and the toe / arm. By appropriately moving the mounting
position t of the cartridge 3, in other words, even if the overhang is adjusted, the connection
between the above-mentioned bins can be reliably maintained with the kernel in which the 4curve of the flexible substrate 1 changes. Get down. As is apparent from the above description,
according to the Herd shell apparatus of the present invention, the flexible substrate has the
conductive & B in which the mold 7 of the cartridge and the wire-bond with the connector of the
tone arm are mutually etched. Since the connection is made with the configured connection tool,
there is an effect that there is no miswiring between the respective bins, and the connection and
layout IM operation is easy.
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