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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a conventional
converter, FIG. 2 is a plan view showing a core used therein, and FIG. 3 is a partial view showing
an example of a converter according to the present invention. 1 is a perspective view similar to
FIG. 1, FIG. 4 is a plan view of a part thereof, and FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view showing an
example of a winding method to a bobbin which can be used for a converter according to the
present invention. FIG. 7 is a cross-sectional view showing a part of a bobbin and a connecting
portion according to another embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 7 is a cross-sectional
view showing an example of a winding method when using the bobbin shown in FIG. 1 and 2 are
magnetic cores, 4a and 4b are a pair of legs, 5 is a magnetic gap, 6a and 6b are bobbins,? a。
7b is a coil, 12 is a connection part, 11 is a lead wire part.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a special
construction of a magnetoelectric transducer suitable for use, for example, in a cartridge for a
record lure. A stereo cartridge as shown in FIG. 1 has been proposed. In other words, it has a Ushape as a whole, that is, no succession #! and a second magnetic core (2) of the same shape as
the magnetic core (1) of l, each of the cores (1) and (2) has a central portion (3) and its two
ridges in the same direction With a pair of legs (4m) and (4b) extending to the second (1)? 査 7
蚤 / 蚤 ・ 噂 5. . As shown in the figure, the central portion of the first core (1) (the outer side for
the third core, the inner side of the second core (2), and the inner side fitting recesses (1m) and
(2 Each of the cores (1) and (2) are mechanically connected to each other as shown in FIG. The
central portion (3) of the core (1) crosses the central portion (3) of the core (2) in a cross shape,
and a columnar magnetic gap is formed between the inner surfaces of the tips of each leg portion
<4m) (4b) 5) is made to be formed. (6a) and (6b) are coil bobbins combined on the legs (4a) of
the first core il + (4J), (7a) and (7b) are on these bobbins (6a) and (6b) The second core (2 (the
corresponding portion of this K is given the same reference numeral, and the description thereof
will be omitted. (8) is a cantilever, (9) is a stylus attached to its tip, (11) is a three-on-one
mounting this cantilever (8), and the force / teleber (8) is in this sleeve [stock] Although not
shown, the case (attached to the IQ via an elastic body, and a magnet is also attached to a part of
the canner lever (8). Husband of the shoulder of (2) △. 7, 7 'formed by the inner surface of the
husband and positioned in the circular columnar space (5). Also, the sleeve OQ is sized to be
inserted into the space (5). The coils (7a) and (7b) wound on the first core (11 (4a) and (4b)) are
connected in series with each other so that, for example, the left signal of the stereo signal is The
coils (7a) and (7b) wound on the legs (4J1) and (4b) of the second core (2) are connected in
series with one another, from which, for example, the right signal is extracted. It is supposed to
be Thus, although each of the coils 7aJ and 7b must be electrically connected to each other Y2, it
is necessary that the core shown in FIG. 1 actually accommodates the above-mentioned casing.
With the exception of the space (5), the entire body is molded with a filler material such as resin
and used, and since the diameter of the wire to be the coil C7a, 7b is as thin as about 35 #, this
mold Sometimes the connecting portion between the coils (7a) and (7b) (hereinafter referred to
as a lead am Ill tends to be broken easily.
In order to avoid the above-mentioned nine problems (ii), after -moulding, connect-接 続 of coils
(7m) and (7b) respectively (3)! Although it may be possible, it may be difficult to determine
which lead wire is for which coil, and it takes a certain amount of RK, and the lead wire may be
damaged after completion. Since it is easy to break this out, there is a drawback such as the need
for meticulous favor also in the handling after the bribe. This invention avoids the nine
drawbacks described above. In the following, the case where one example of the converter
according to the present invention is used for the cartridge will be described with reference to
the drawings. The same reference numerals are given to the corresponding parts to FIG. In this
invention, a connecting portion 0 for mechanically connecting these bobbins (6a) and (6b) is
provided, and the above-mentioned lead wire portion is placed along the connecting portion a'aK
and partially or entirely It is something to be fixed by friends. It is possible to form the
connecting part housing 2L hobin (six and six parts of (6b) in advance integrally with the first
rank, that is, without a required length, but of course these bobbins (6a) and ( (4) Shiba In this
case, the end of the connecting portion f13 is adhered to each of the seven rungs of the bobbins
(6a) and (6bJ) with a layering agent. Or each of the bobbins C6m, 6b) and the coupling portion
(the ends of the coupling portion 1z are engaged with each other to form holding portions,
respectively, and the respective bobbins 6a) (6b) and After manufacturing the connecting portion
a, they may be engaged with each other and connected. In the case where the connecting portion
az is integrally formed with the bobbin (6aJ (6b, l in advance, the cross section of the connecting
portion 121 can be made circular. In this case, winding of the coil (7a) (7J to the bobbin (6aJ (6b)
is performed as shown in FIG. 5), the pair of rotary shafts (13a) and (13b) vc each have the
bobbins (6a) and (6bJ). The pair of L rotary shafts (13M) and (13b) are rotated once at high
speed at the same rotation speed. First, for example, a coil (7aJ is wound around as usual on a
bobbin (6 straight) When finished, the pair of (b) rotating shafts (13aJ and (13b) are similarly
rotated at the same rotation speed and extremely low rotation speed, and the coil wire is held to
the other bobbin (6 force). The coil rim can be wound on the connection portion az by winding
(5), and then winding the coil (7b) on the bobbin 7 (6b) as usual. Well, coil (7aJ and (7bJ
seamlessly, bobbin 6a) it can be wound around and connected to the top and (6b).
In this manner, the lead wire portion αυ is wound on the connecting portion (13, and then the
lead wire Sα 後 に is fixed in advance to the connecting portion a2 by applying an adhesive or
the like to the connecting portion a2 before molding. Can. (14a) and (14b) are coils (7aJ
(reinforcement pieces for connecting the ends of 7bJ (reinforcement pieces similar to 121, are
integrally formed in advance with flanges of bobbins 6a and 6b), In this example, the end of the
coil (7aJ (7b)) is wound around them and led out to the outside. The two-dot chain line V of FIG.
4 or a mold part is shown. In this way, when winding on the bobbin is completed, the bobbin may
be inserted into the core 11 (the leg portion (4aJt4b) of the core 21). For this reason, in this
example, the leg portion (4aJ (4bJ is formed in a linear shape). The cross-sectional shape of the
connecting portion 0 is not limited to the circular shape described above, but may be formed in a
so-called axial shape (6) as shown in FIG. In this case, notches a9 for guiding the coil into the
hook-like connecting portion Q7J can be formed and placed on both sides of the connecting
portion aX5. And, in the case of using such a hook-like connecting part housing 2 as shown in
FIG. 7, a jig (cylinder) for winding a wire on a bobbin (6m) (6b,) ) Insert Qe into the cores (1) and
+2) from the space (5) formed by the cores (1) and (2), and rotate the cores (1) and (2) around
the axis riri The wire rod is first wound on a bobbin (6), and when this is finished, the wire rod is
wound around the hook-like surface of the connecting portion α 2 and the other bobbin ( 6b) By
winding the wire on the coil, it is possible to continuously coil around both bobbins 6a and 6b
without cutting the wire. In addition, it is preferable to be stored in the groove of the joint portion
of the 5t tn company dedicated to this, and to fix in advance with an adhesive as described above.
According to the present invention described above, the lead IiI portion Uυ is fixed in advance to
the connecting portion, and the both ends of the connecting portion a force are both bobbins
t6m) and (6b). Since it is mechanically connected to the part, there is no risk that it will be cut off
even when the hot water flows during molding after chewing, thereby facilitating the
manufacture of the entire cartridge and improving the product yield Etc. with a large standby.
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