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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a top view of the main part of a conventional
MM-type cartridge, FIG. 2 shows an embodiment of a monaural cartridge according to the
present invention, a is its front view, b is its upper surface 3 and FIG. 4 are for explaining the
pickup coil, FIG. 4 is for explaining the cartridge of FIG. 2, and FIG. 5 is a front view for
explaining the cartridge for stereo according to the present invention. Show. 5.12 ... Magnet, 51,
5 ° ... End face, 6, 9 ... Cantilever, 7.11 ... Pickup coil 7,. 7. ... winding part.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to a barbed magnet (MM)
cartridge. A conventional MM type car) IJ Noji has a magnet 2 in which a magnet 2 integrally
attached to the base of a cantilever 1 is wound as shown by 1-74;) '-' 41 'shown in FIG. In a pole
piece 4 made of material, for example, it is disposed vibratably about an ideal vibration center
point A. An output signal is taken out from the pickup coil 3 due to a change in magnetic flux in
the magnetic circuit of the pole piece 4 due to the deflection of the magnet 2 following the
deflection of the cantilever 1 from the solid line position to the dotted line. Such a conventional
one has the disadvantage that the reproduction characteristics are largely influenced by the
magnetic characteristics of the magnetic material, since the pole piece 4 of the magnetic material
is included in the signal reproduction circuit. The present invention eliminates such a
conventional drawback gold. The NIM type cart l) / will be described in detail according to the
drawings below. FIG. 2 shows one embodiment of a car for monaural according to the present
invention) IJ Noji, and an N pole on one end face 51. In addition, the substantially cylindrical
magnet 5 having 84 at the other end 1fIi 52 is integrally attached to the root of the cantilever -6
in the same direction as that of the force / chill -6 2-2 For example, during ideal vibration,
vibration is arranged centering around point A and the pickup coil 7 is fixedly arranged close to
the magnet 5. The pick-up coil 7 is deposited on a thin substrate 71 as shown in FIG. 3), for
example, a flat coil 9 of a required number of flat coils wound substantially in the same plane as
shown in FIG. 3 (a). It is formed by 7 ° and 72 indicate a pair of lead wires. As shown in FIG. 4,
the pickup coil 7 has one winding portion 73 of the pair of winding portions 73 and 74 forming
the sides ad and bc facing the coil 70 on the N pole side of the magnet 5 and the other winding.
In the magnet 5 such that the magnetic field direction (indicated by arrows x and x ') of the
magnet on the S pole side of the wire 74 is substantially orthogonal to the magnetic field
direction x and x' at a position substantially orthogonal to the axial direction of the magnet 5 It is
fixedly arranged in proximity. Therefore, the amount of magnetic flux interlinking with the
winding portions 73 and 74 of the pickup coil 7 increases at one side and decreases at the other
side by taking the y direction of the cantilever 6 by the trace of the sound groove 8 of the
recording board. A current 3- in the opposite direction flows through 74, which is taken out from
the lead 72, 7 ° as an output signal. When the present invention is applied to a cartritz for
stereo, as shown in FIG. 5, the force / the relationship of 45 ° -45 ° with respect to the axial
direction Z-2 of the needle IO attached to the tip of the lever 9 The pickup coil IIL for the left
channel and the pickup IIR for the right channel may be fixed relative to the magnet 12.
Furthermore, a larger output signal can be taken out by opposingly arranging a pair of coils 11L
and 11'L and 11R and 11'R for each channel in the relationship of 180 degrees. Although the
pickup coil is a single layer in the above-mentioned embodiment V, it is possible to obtain an
extremely thin flat one even if it is formed in multiple layers by vapor deposition, and if it is used,
a larger output signal can be taken out It is possible. In addition, the above-mentioned cylindrical
magnet includes a disk-shaped magnet. According to the present invention as described above, it
is possible to remove from the regeneration circuit the pole piece which has been regarded as a
non-combustible part in the [1 type cartridge 4-], and therefore the design and ability of the
cartridge having good regeneration characteristics Car) The weight and size of IJ Noji can be
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