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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a movable coil type
pickup cartridge according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIGS. 2 to 5 are
diagrams showing a procedure for connecting the lead wires to an output terminal. FIG. 6 is an
enlarged view of a portion where the lead wire is adhered by an adhesive. 3 ...... moving coil, 5 ......
lead, 4 ...... output terminal, 6 ...... liquid adhesive.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to means for fixing
very thin lead wires in an electrodynamic pick-up cart IJ Noshi, and its features are derived from
the mechanical-electrical conversion part By coating the mischievously ugly REIT 綜 with a liquid
adhesive in a liquid adhesive near the lead-out part, it prevents the tearing of the wire connecting
the lead wire to the output terminal. One is to prevent the co-image of the lead wire and the
accompanying noise during the reproduction of the record. Heretofore, in an electrodynamic
pick-up cartridge, 1-Z-g 67 closed when X-closed, 11 colors connect the pole terminal line
derived from the mechanical-electrical conversion part to the output terminal or connector In
some cases, a direct load was applied to the root of the lead wire and the wire was often broken.
Further, at the time of reproducing the record, since the lead wire is in a state of being easily
vibrated, noise may be generated due to the vibration in the resonating system and the magnetic
field. An object of the present invention is to prevent disconnection at the time of connecting a
lead wire to an output terminal, and to prevent resonance of the lead wire at the time of record
reproduction and generation of noise accompanying it. An embodiment of the present invention
will be described by taking a moving coil type pinotank cartridge as an example. FIG. 1 shows the
whole of a moving coil type pickup cartridge. The vibrating needle consisting of a cantilever 2
and a moving coil 3 etc. is connected to the exchange needle knob l, and a rotational damper and
suspension of tactility. Wires and vibrations are written by themselves and have a 2-1 bow. On
the rear side of the exchange needle knob 1, there are provided four output contacts 4, which are
connected from the movable coil 3 to a mischievous thin lead wire 5 connected thereto. The slit
wire 5 is bonded to the replacement needle knob 1 by a liquid adhesive 6 like, for example, a
scotch grip (registration curve @) near where it is led from the movable coil 3. The pickup output
is reduced in the number of contacts by being taken out directly from the output Mi child 4 of
the exchange it knob 1 without making the pickup cartridge body 7 unique. FIGS. 2 to 5 show
hands and scissors which are derived from the movable coil 3 and connect the gate 5 to the
output terminal 4. Using 8 syringes, make the viscous thinning 6 a little attached as close as
possible to the b "motion coil of the exchange needle knob 1 (Figs. 2 and 3) and Move the
mischievous thin leat wire 5 to the liquid adhesive 6 and stretch it to coat it (No. 43-! • After
1′R−j flat color drawing), the end of the lead wire 5 is twisted to the output terminal 4 and
attached to the output terminal 4 (FIG. 5).
The pressure-sensitive adhesive 6 is in a liquid state by the solvent, and has a predetermined
viscosity when the solvent is evaporated. When winding the lead wire 5 to the output terminal 4,
no force is directly applied to the movable coil 3 even if the lead wire is pulled, so there is no
possibility that the lead wire will be cut, and a portion adhered Even when force is applied, as
shown in FIG. 6, since the adhesive 6 is deformed, the lead wire is not cut at that portion.
Furthermore, since the lead wire is not adhered by the adhesive at the time of the record F) and
does not move, it is possible to clear up the noise generated by the copying operation in the rear
blade and magnetic field. By the way, although the above-mentioned laugh application fll has
been described by taking the moving coil type pink anoboker torisi as an example, this device is
used for a motionless sleep type pick-up cartridge in which a miserably thin lead wire carries
near a magnetic field. As described above, the electrodynamic pick-up cartographico 7 of this
proposal is exclusively used from the machine-electric conversion part, as described above. By
bonding a very thin lead wire to the pinotank cartridge by means of a liquid adhesive in the
vicinity of the exclusive part, disconnection at the time of connecting the lead wire to the output
terminal is prevented, and , It is possible to prevent the occurrence of resonance and
accompanying noise at the time of record reproduction. であるー
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