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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an embodiment of the
present invention, a solar cell and a pair of eyeglasses mounted with a small radio, and FIG. 2 is a
cross-sectional view showing the configuration of the lens and the solar cell in the same glasses.
It is. 1: Frame, 2: Lens, 3: Small radio, 5, 7: Transparent 2 m '! Film, 6: amorphous silicon film.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to eyeglasses having
a small radio, a hearing aid and the like attached to a frame. Conventionally, as a product of this
type, an eyeglass supplement II device has been known in which a hearing aid and a battery are
incorporated in the eyeglasses, but due to the structural constraints that this must be as small
and light as possible The problem is that it is difficult for Zole to have a defect that causes a
failure due to the infiltration of sweat or rainwater, and is accompanied by the troublesomeness
of replacement due to battery exhaustion. This device eliminates the above-mentioned drawbacks
and aims to provide a reliable product with less unnecessary failure and less breakage of C pond.
According to this invention, the purpose of the upper d self is to form an amorphous silicon sun
ta + n 11 with the lens surface as a substrate, and drive it as a thick ′ ′ ri ′ source of the
kernel in the frame jJh It is achieved by installing a small radio equipment such as a small radio,
A-4. Hereinafter, the right of the present invention will be described based on the drawings. FIG.
41 is a perspective view of an eyeglasses mounted with a heavy battery and a small radio, which
is a -A permutation of this invention. In the figure, (l is an @-7-frame made of an insulating
material, a solar cell is formed on the lens 2 enclosed by this frame, a small radio receiver 3 is
attached to the frame 5, and the solar cell is It is connected to the. An earphone 4 is connected to
the output of the small radio receiver 3. The thick #I pond is also used as the lens 2 of the
glasses, and its configuration analysis is shown in FIG. 51 $ 2. A transparent conductive thin film
5 made of, for example, indium and tin oxide is covered on the surface A opposite to the light
receiving surface of the retard lens 2 surrounded by 7 frames 1 of the glasses, Amorphous silicon
thin film 62-) is deposited by force decomposition, and a transparent conductive thin film 7 is
further deposited on the surface. A photoelectric conversion active region is formed on the
amorphous silicon thin film 6 by, for example, N16 combination, and the generated photoelectric
current is taken out as transparent 4% m film 5.7 on both sides as an electrode and supplied to
the small radio receiver 3. . Amorphous silicon (1M16, 1 micron or less) thin film, which is
semitransparent to incident light 8 and has a high absorptivity in the ultraviolet light region, etc.
It has a filter effect on ultraviolet rice. -When using a solar cell as a power source to make a small
radio 141 unit side, it is difficult to attach it to the eye frame because the solar cell requires a
relatively large area, but the present invention According to the lens part, it is possible to cover a
sufficiently large area to construct a solar% pond.
Moreover, since the silicon thin film is grown by glow discharge decomposition of monosilane,
the surface of the lens can be used as a base on any curved surface, and it is also possible to
obtain an IjL eye. % -3-4, which is particularly effective for goggles with relatively large lens
parts. It is applicable to As described above, since the amorphous silicon thin film solar cell is
formed in the lens portion of the eye, the ultraviolet 11i! A power source can be obtained from
here, and small sound% devices such as radios, hearing aids, etc. that require replacement by
battery depletion can be driven while providing filter fruits in the area. In addition, it is possible
to provide a highly marketable product with a sense of sensitivity without causing a political
disorder due to the infiltration of the sound ◆ nourishment into a Tsurusou like compact and
infiltration of city water. Therefore, we aim for outdoor activities such as sports under bright sun
while using prev broadcasts, or various new applications such as ski classes while fighting finger
4) l instructions using goggles with a receiver attached be able to. 4 (3) Description of kinetic
rate Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a solar cell and a small radio mounted on one embodiment of
the present invention, and Fig. 2 is a lens and a thick lens in the same upper eyelid # Is a crosssectional view showing the composition of a prescription. 1, frame, 2 nilens, 3: small radio, \ -45.7: transparent conductive film, 6 niamorphous silicon film. Surrogate ρ-) l-1: Yamaguchi
bustling □ · 5- "! FIG. 1 4 "/ l 11 111 o. 4 / 〃 2 Fig. 2 □ 1 962, a finger "・ · ー ー"-ー コ (: 5. 4
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